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41 Praying Mantis

Often hated and misunderstood by anyone who hates insects or thinks they're scary or disgusting, when the fact that a mantis can be a very cool bug. Like the bat and spider, a mantis is also helpful in eating harmful insects.

42 Honey Badgers

It is believed that they are the meanest animals in the world, yet they are starting to get a positive portrayal in fiction thanks to the "Honey Badger Don't Care" meme and (bleh) The Lion Guard's character, Bunga. I have nothing against the animal itself but I hate Bunga and the whole Lion Guard/Lion King franchise itself. (Bunga is so annoying! ) I find it unfair that a mean old honey badger gets a positive portrayal in the media than nicer animals such as vultures, jackals and *gasp* hyenas.

43 Horses

One annoying stereotype about horses and ponies is that they're often portrayed as toys that only little girls can play with. All ages and both genders should like horses if they want to, and long before vehicles were invented, people used horses as a way of transport back in the old days. Horses and ponies can also be aggressive and even dangerous if treated wrong or in a bad mood. Ponies as girl toys? My butt. Thankfully, My Little Pony appeals to all ages and both genders now, but I still think it's unfair for a guy to be bullied just because he liked My Little Pony or horses in general. You don't see girls being bullied for liking stereotypical guy toys or things the last time I checked...

44 Ferrets Ferrets The ferret is the domesticated form of the European polecat, a mammal belonging to the same genus as the weasel, Mustela of the family Mustelidae.

Not to mention that the black-footed ferret was once an endangered species that was almost extinct in the wild, but was saved by conservation groups (Yay! ). It also doesn't help that even not as viewed negatively as weasels, ferrets still get a bad reputation from the same weasel-haters.

They are often stereotyped that they're aggressive rat-like creatures but they're related to the weasel family (Mustelinae) not rodents! once trained they're the most cutest and sweetest creature of all and if they are aggressive its because of poor handling or neglect if you don't train your dog to behave your going to have of problems but once trained they can become a loving family pet same goes for ferrets. - StarPitfan

I own a ferret and I have never met an animal more gentle, kind, tame, and playful. My ferret has never done anything aggressive. They are some of the best pets hands down. They are absolutely adorable and highly intelligent. They're cuddly and very, very playful. They are not rodents; they are actually extremely capable predators related to weasels; mustelids of the genus mustela. They can learn tricks. They are lively and interactive. They will sleep in your shirt and lay like a baby in your arms. They will play with cat toys and go through tunnels and chase their owners. Ferrets are astounding pets.

45 Wasps Wasps

A wasp went into my English (American: Literacy) classroom at the date 3rd October. All the other students was running around in panic, the teacher was watching it and trying to calm the class down while being like 'meh', and I was just staying sat at my seat watching the wasp and studying how it was behaving (whilst imagining that the wasp would be most panicked in the entire class because of the sight of giant mass-killing animals running around). I wasn't scared at all, but I was interested and fascinated instead.

I was about to get my notebook out and write what I was seeing from the wasp when the teacher's back was turned. Just at the second I got my notebook partly out, my teacher ended up being forced to kill the wasp to shut the class up and to make them continue with their work. I feel deep pity for the teacher having to do that. :'( - LemonComputer

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46 Aye-aye Aye-aye The aye-aye is a lemur, a strepsirrhine primate native to Madagascar that combines rodent-like teeth that perpetually grow and a special thin middle finger.

Why do people think they are bad luck? They are not! - Cartoonfan202

47 Cattle Cattle
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