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Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), also known as action real-time strategy (ARTS) or Hero Brawler, is a sub-genre of the real-time strategy (RTS) genre of video games, in which often two teams of players compete with each other in discrete games, with each player controlling a single character through an RTS-style interface.

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1 League of Legends League of Legends Product Image

I started playing LoL year 2015 And I like it very much! I wonder why moonton need to copy the champs in League!

Why I prefer League to Dota?
- It has a fun atmosphere, while Dota is very gloomy, dark and serious.
- League champions are modern and cool, Dota heroes are ancient and barbaric.
- This is personal experience, but I've found both communities equally bad (or good).
- More than one game mode.
- New champion every 4 months.
- URF, Poro, One for All, etc.
- Riot's music team is greatly underrated.
- LoL's YouTube Channel is beautiful. Gameplay videos, teasers, cinematics, music. It's all great.

I love Dota too, this is just why I like LoL better

I think league of legends is the best moba

Right now the most played online game. Great gameplay, amazing graphics. Breathtaking game mechanics

2 Defense of the Ancients 2

This game is the most advanced game between all the moba games it has great graphics great map and the most importing the equality between the heroes unlike other moba games

Dota 2, or Defense of the Ancients 2, is the sequel to the originator of the MOBA Genre. Like all MOBA games, in Dota 2 you will control your hero along with 4 allies to take out the enemy team on the opposite end of the map. The graphics in Dota 2 are probably the best of the entire genre, with a great attention to detail in both the scenery and the sounds. The champions in Dota 2 are all very unique and none play like the next.

Not voting this may cause:
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LOL installation

DotA 2 is basically a harder version and more improved of League. For me it's quite not as fun, but it definitely deserves number 1 or 2.

3 Smite Smite Product Image

This game is harder to get into than other mobas because it is genuinely a much harder game. However, it is also much more rewarding. You not only partake in a more intense and entertaining experience with greater gameplay depth, you learn about the mythology of other cultures to some degree and won't be flamed at by every single player you group with. Just tell them your new, listen to what they say, and try your best and you will gradually come to learn and love the best moba on the market. Many players from other mobas try the game looking for faults. They give up mainly because the game is too difficult for them. I will say straight up, if you are a passive gamer like many of them, your start in smite will be rough. If you want to be active or are willing to try to learn the game and actually do stuff in the game you play (how innovative), try smite. After that initial hump, it is honestly the best moba on the market.

Way better than league of legends

Not the best moba but it is a great game, I only play arena. But its very fun, but in my opinion laugh out loud is the best.

This game honestly diverges from the normal moba path, it's constantly changing and evolving with the introduction of new gods items and patches, it's easily my favorite one.

4 Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm Product Image

The good: Far easier learning curve, and no need to waste effort last hitting minions, which really isn't much of a skill requirement anyways. Less toxic community than any moba I've played (of course, there is still toxicity, it's a moba). Wide variety of maps, which certain heroes excel at meaning that no hero will be left never being played (like in LoL). Also a wide variety of team compositions that can succeed, unlike certain games where you will see the same general composition every match.

Also shorter matches so you can play more games, or if you only have half an hour, you can be sure you'll finish a game in time.

Only real con, which makes the game faster to learn, so can also be a pro, is that there is no item shop which means characters are less customizable.

Of all the MOBAs out there, HotS is amongst those with the most money and development put into it (since it's Blizzard). It's really fun, fast-paced, and has an exciting competitive scene. While many people consider it to be for filthy casuals, there is a lot of strategy and depth in it hidden behind a simple format. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Great community, really fun heroes with unique abilities. More team based than the others, not so much flaming, not so addictive.

It's a unique game of moba industry. I have great fun to play it. It is not being bored because of its amazing tactics and graphics.

5 Heroes of Newerth Heroes of Newerth Product Image

Heroes of Newerth is a quite popular free to play MOBA that is heavily inspired by the original DotA. HoN is extremely competitive and has one of the most community oriented players around. The best players have put in the hours and have learned to not only play each and every character, but how to use them in conjunction with their teammates.

Best moba ever!

6 Vainglory

Damn, I can't believe the graphics are so good it feels like your watching a movie...

Also cross-platform without performance issues. What do you need more?

This game is still growing so I am sure that someday, it will take lol's place as number 1 MOBA.

This game is good enough for pic and console, the graphics are great, and the game mechanics are really fun

7 Bloodline Champions

I love the game, although I'm a bit biased as I was one of it's developers

Bloodline Champions offers a more simplified take on the classic MOBA game. In Bloodline Champions there is no leveling of characters and no equipment or loot. There are also no minions or creeps to distract you, just straight up battling between characters. Bloodline Champions is a great MOBA for begginers and veterens looking for a chance of pace.

8 Prime World Prime World Product Image

Awesome but Russians took over :(

Prime World is a very unique Moba that makes it a fun game to play. The most interesting part of it is that there are a lot of building and getting resources involved like Starcraft. And then, you have the Moba game play that gives you the PvP aspect.

9 Infinite Crisis Infinite Crisis Product Image

I like the game but hate the company that creates it. It has promiss but Turbine is going to make it into another pay to win zinga gamme like lotro and ddo. it is really a shame they aloowed them to create it over someone else. they as a company are the most notorious for bugs and stuff. The game had potential to e the best of its kind but Turbine blew it

Infinite Crisis brings the DC Universe to life with a MOBA inspired game that is simple to learn but provides all the depth that you want to see in a massively multiplayer online battle arena game. With characters like the Joker, Cyborg, Batman, Catwoman, Flash, Wonder Woman and so many others it’s a great nostalgic experience for DC fans but there are still enough of the more well-known characters that it doesn’t turn away people who aren’t as familiar with the DC universe.

10 Airmech Airmech Product Image

AirMech is a free to play mech-focused MOBA that is inspired by an old RTS game called Herzog Zwei. In AirMech you will lead an airborne mech that can transform into a walking murder machine at any moment. Your mech is outfitted with guns, rockets, lasers and shields and patrols a uniquely colorful battlefield looking for opponents and their bases.

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11 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Probably isn't the best MOBA out there but it's got me hooked like crazy and even though there are a few OP characters, it's still worth playing. The only thing that spoils the game are trash teammates

Best moba and future big moba game and being top 1 in the world

This game made me love games from the MOBA genre! Love Mobile Legends

One of the excellent one among the MOBA games

12 Dota 2

What you thought Valve was only good at making FPS games? Hell no!

the best

13 Garena Arena of Valor

Its like lol nice graphics

Nice game unexplainable

Its It's fun on nintendo switch

So much event

14 Paragon Paragon Product Image

The community is a serious issue, but once you get a certain level of skill and learn to be a good person (haha) this game becomes one if not the best MOBA, with a promising future, great gameplay, not hard to understand, and thought it's still a open beta, it's damn great and everyone should give it a try. Special now as of v42.

The game is amazing, the third person perspective really allowed the art team to shine because it's a beautiful game with really interesting heroes and great gameplay!

Best MOBA of all time scratched by an incompetent developer. Sad.

Best moba I've ever played

15 Heroes of Order & Chaos

best game

16 Defense of the Ancients

The game that popularized MOBA is 19th on this list. You wouldn't have LoL without Dota.

17 Dawngate

Dawngate will be focused on an incredibly rich lore with a very detailed environment. The game will be a unique play on a fantasy-themed MOBA game that is built from the ground up. The game will have a more natural, easy-to-learn progression along with a better interface and multiple objectives.

The only Moba that had more of a focus on story and created some of my favorite characters. I miss it so much... Hope to see something like it again

18 SmashMuck Champions

SmashMuck Champions is a free online arena game that seperates itself from many in the MOBA genre by offering a bit of a twist on traditional gameplay modes and settings. The characters in SmashMuck Champions are far from typical, they have dinosaurs, robots, dragons, blobs and lots of others.

19 Deadbreed

Deadbreed is a brand new free to play MOBA game from an independent Swedish development team. Deadbreed hopes to bring a darker take on the MOBA genre with unprecedented hero customizeability and additional RPG gameplay elements not seen in today's MOBAs.

20 Super Monday Night Combat Super Monday Night Combat Product Image

Super Monday Night Combat (SMNC) is a free to play MOBA game that utilises a third person shooter perspective. The game is one of the few MOBA shooters and has proven very successful amongst gamers. If you love your shooters and want a new multiplayer online battle arena experience then the free to play Super Monday Night Combat should be at the top of your list.

21 Battlerite

I just love the fast paced intense battles it offers. I especially like Ashka and Taya

22 Overwatch Overwatch Product Image
23 Strife Strife Product Image

Strife is a brand new free to play MOBA game from S2 Games. Strife is being classified as the first second-generation MOBA. Well, they hope to eliminate many of the frustrating elements common to the genre, making it easier to get into and have fun.

24 Adventure Time Battle Party

so fun! 1

25 Supernova
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