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121 Adam Young (Owl City) Adam Young (Owl City) Adam Randal Young is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for creating the synthpop/electronica project Owl City. Other important projects he has taken part of are Sky Sailing, Port Blue, Swimming With Dolphins, Seagull Orchestra and Adam Young Scores.
122 Ascend the Hill
123 The Color

Born in winkler Manitoba my favorite album is the one sure thing should definitely be over eighth or over there awesome!

124 Jin Au-Yeung

My favorite rapper, he personifies the Lord's grace and how much faith can change a person for the better

125 Tree63
126 Theocracy Theocracy Theocracy is a Christian progressive power metal band founded in 2002 by Matt Smith of Athens, Georgia.

Best band literally ever. - Psi

127 Carman

I'm surprised he wasn't on this list. He's made great Christian songs with regards to almost every genre out there: rock, hip hop, country, pop and more. I wouldn't say he's number one just that he deserves to at least be on the list. - keybearer021

128 Kirk Franklin Kirk Franklin

This surprises me considering how big he is in the Christian community. Seriously, if you're a Christian don't act like you don't know who he is. Odds are even if you don't recognize the name you've heard a few of his songs in church or on the radio etc. - keybearer021

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