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41 How Bratty And Catty Stole America's Presidential System (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)
42 The pacifist ending credits

This made me cry. 11 minutes of pure joy. Just seeing the characters so happy on the surface, it's so heartwarming. - Bramblestar

43 Mettaton crossdressing and singing a love song

I was laughing so hard that I was crying!

I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot during this part, Mettaton is just too funny sometimes. And he... kinda looked good in the dress

That scene's a reference to the opera scene in Final Fantasy VI - izayaorihara

44 Being forced to literally flee from Undyne in order to spare her
45 Dating Papyrus

It was defiantly one of the funniest moments in Undertale. - PeachyBlast

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46 Sans' Whoopie-Cushion-In-The-Hand Prank
47 Stacking 30 hot dogs on top of your head

Well ACTUALLY, you can only have 29 stacked on your head. (Sorry )

48 The revelation of what EXP and LOVE actually stand for
49 Meeting Snowdrake's mother
50 Undyne melting
51 Meeting Alphys
52 Flirting with an airplane
53 True Pacifist Ending

It was so amazing

54 Flowey crashes the game

I seriously didn't see this coming the first time I made it here.

55 Erasing the entire world
56 One-hit KO on Mettaton NEO
57 Word search puzzle
58 Mad Dummy's boss fight


59 Papyrus' boss fight

I got teary-eyed when he died, no shame admitting it.

60 Asgore's boss fight
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1. Saving everyone in the final battle against Asriel, including Asriel himself
2. Sans' boss fight
3. Mettaton transforms into Mettaton EX
1. Sans' boss fight
2. Naming your character John Cena
3. Toriel baking you a pie in the Pacifist ending



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