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I think WRLD will get more popular. He is continuously making more songs.

Cover art always good and music is always awesome

"By Design" is a good progress for WRLD

I love everything he puts out! there'ssuch a fun atmosphere to his songs. Current favorites are Echo, Awake, Break the Silence and Little too Close

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42 Karma Fields

This artists makes completely unique tracks, Build the Cities, Skyline, and it's debut LP, New Age | Dark Age is very unique and stunning. You'll love this artist, trust me!

43 Hyper Potions

He is a great new Future Bass artist and I hope he shines later in his music career

New song and I love it

Easily the best Future Bass out there! 100% deserves a top 10 spot

I love all of Hyper Potion's songs <3
They need to be higher :3

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44 Grabbitz

Grabbitz deserves to be at the top because he has such a unique style, can do the "impossible" with music, and always releases something different. His trapish-based style is something not seen everyday. His songs are always so well-received by the fans for a reason. I say he can do the impossible because he can somehow take orchestral instruments and combine it with hardcore trap in one song, which reasonably seems like a challenge to do. If you haven't check it out yet, his Friends EP is worth hearing because it is outstanding because every song in it flows nicely through and tells a story through lyrics and the music itself. Not to mention, he has such a great singing voice and can put any of his own vocals in his music. He deserves to be at the top.

The first monstercat album I listened to was 014, and then later 025, recommended to me by a friend. I haven't been in the fandom that long, but the first song that really stood out to me and that I listened to on repeat was "Way Too Deep," which you all probably already know is a grabbitz song. To this day, he's still my favorite artist.

Why isn't Grabbitz in the top ten? His music is amazing!

He has so much skill when creating complex patterns. Just take friends for example and imagine how he designed that.

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45 Obsidia

Outside the box best obsidia song ever

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46 San Holo

San Holo is an amazing and makes great trap based music. So good.

San Holo is the god of everything. Just like his music

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47 Nigel Good

Amazing new artist, deserves to be in the top 10.

Brilliant music, one of my favorite artists right now along with Laszlo.

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48 Slushii
49 TwoThirds

Amazing artist, with a lot of creativity and is well know for many songs!

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51 7 Minutes Dead

7 Minutes Dead (7MD) has one of the coolest Monstercat artist names. He is so unique with his music, each track sounds so different, but he still keeps his aspect on creativity. 7MD is to say the least a really unique, creative, and awesome artist. He also has a really astounding background that most of you should check up on. I would love to meet him in real life because he is an inspiration to me.

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52 Kasbo

Kasbo isn't like the Future Bass legend or anything, but he might as well be the new Grant Bowtie.

53 Draper

His beautiful synths he uses in "On You", "Inertia" and "Pressure" are just fantastic and creative. Draper has been with Monstercat for a long time and I hope he never leaves

Dude he has changed so much he went from ghost town to All I see. I personally love his glitch hop

The Perspective EP was great. Some of the best I have ever listened to

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54 Dzeko & Torres

Dzeko And Torres!, There One Of The Best House Producers Of Monstercat :D These Guys NEED To Be at least At The Top 10 - TheGreatIdeaXD

55 Trivecta

Trance god, what else can you say?

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57 Eminence

Eminence makes great music and is very underrated.

58 Soulero

I wish he would release more, loved seconds away

60 Richard Caddock

Mostly known for his vocals and appearing in other songs such as Echo and Orbit by WRLD. But with his new release with Hyper Potions titled Distance strikes a chord with many people who are in a Long Distance Relationship or has a family member who is far away and they miss terribly. It's a song that connects people. A song to bridge oceans and continents. His style is very upbeat and can lift the hearts of many. If he continues making music, he will rise fast in the ranks.

Richard Caddock easily has the most unique voice out of all the singers from Monstercat.

Penta-Collab makes your head banging several times (Monstercat 5 Year Anniversary "Break The Silence" as the main vocals).

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