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181 High Skool (Epik High)
182 Akdong Musicians Stans (Akdong Musicians)
183 Jewels (Jacob Latimore)

They are very creative and know they're boundaries no there not as crazy as the other fan bases but once you talk crap about him there going off on you

184 Jetsetters (Diggy Simmons)

They are crazy at times but there also creative and supportive towards their idol and his decisions
Jetsetters rule

Wow, I do not like a single artist on this list, except meybe coldplay and the beatles, and even then their not my favorite - RecklessGreed

185 Hello! Project Wotas

They constantly hate on the 48 groups when all they wanted to do is to finish what H! P started.

186 Hottest (2PM) V 2 Comments
187 X (X-Japan)

X Japan fans can be annoying sometimes but the band is not annoying at all. It's a great band (I'm a fan myself, I should know). But it's the older fans (I'm still 15). They always say stuff like "YOUNGSTERS WILL NEVER KNOW GOOD MUSIC" or "ANYTHING COMPARED TO X IS CRAPPY". They're a great band and legendary in the Visual kei world, but some fans are so elitists.

There aren't many X Japan fans (Weird considering they're a great band) and most of them are quite calm.

188 SM Stans
189 Green Day

Green Day has a very awesome diverse fan base. Not like directioners

Is it ironic we're called idiots

... Green Day fans are awesome and very calm and it is a very diverse fanbase like the other person said. I'm proud of the fandom - soulpunk

I like their music, and their fanbase.

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190 Frozen Fans

I will say this. I was a fan of the movie, I am excited for Frozen 2, but I have some issues with some of these die hard Frozen fans. (I don't consider myself to be quite that big of a fan :)). I know that most of these die hard fans are little girls, but still. Every single one of them acts like Frozen is the only and best movie ever. Which it is not. There are countless other Disney movies that are just as good, but because they didn't have one annoyingly popular song in them, they are deemed "forgettable", "mediocre". I have watched Frozen several times now, and the only thing that excites me about the movie anymore is looking for hidden Disney Easter eggs. Still a fan of the movie though. Although it may not seem like it, this is still one of my favourite Disney movies. I just have a problem with the die hard fans. Deal with it

I liked it and I'm not a fangirl, but then it became an overrated cliché and I stopped liking it because we do not need to hear Let It Go 900 duodecillion times though once it becomes less overrated then maybe I'll enjoy it again, but for the time being I am not the person who's in the in-Frozen zone.

191 The Vamps

They're annoying as hell. A YouTuber called JustGreg made a video of reasons why he hates TheVamps, but the video is obviously a joke! Anyways they send him death threaths. Also, when I'm listening VAMPS (not The Vamps), at least 10 'The Vamps' things appear on Google.

192 Paramore Fans

Paramore fans are actually very chill and open-minded (well most of them are). - xxpizzasrlifexx

They never insult someone who dislikes Paramore (like beliebers do) and they don't hate on fresh fans (like sceletons <<21 pilots old fan base do). But they glorify Hayley like BeyHives glorify Beyonce. no one else has such talent/feeling like Paramore members and Hayley sings EVERYTHING better than the original singer. Paramore members aren't the only one talented, Hayley Williams is no goddes. The fandome is friendly (it deosn't deserve to be high on the list) but often immature. It gets anoying..

193 The Victims (The Killers)
194 Radiohead Elitists

Not trying to sound pretentious, but most Radiohead fans, like myself, are mature, intelligent, and open-minded individuals who adore most styles of music. If I hear a negative comment about the band or Thom Yorke, I don't start a war of words.

Lol go away radiohead rules and the fans are usually pretty open, to be honest...all the radiohead fans I know listen to a ton of different types of other music, the same cannot be said for many classic rock fans

195 Imagine Dragons Fans

Uh... No. Just no. As far as I know, am concerned, or care, Imagine Dragon fans are normal human beings and not really a fandom. - okcnaline

We haven't done anything that I know about that is rude snobby or anything of that matter we also don't bash other artists
Also I'm the only person I know that's of my age (12) that knows who they r I'm so sick of only hearing " I really like the song radioactive mostly because it's overplayed there r better imagine dragons songs out there

Wow you're 12 yrs old and you like Imagine Dragons? Wow you're so special. Tell me more about how unique you are for liking an overrated band.

196 Gwar

This band is more lesser known ( I think) but EVERYone of their fans I've met are metal elitists acting like their band is the real deal and every other music genre is trash
to be honest its kinda like juggalos in metal form but less extreme

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197 Devotees/Nameless Followers/Ghouls/Ghoulettes (Ghost)

I love this band, but the fan base is so obsessive and embarrassing, I don't even like to admit I'm a fan anymore.

198 K-Rino Fans
199 Böhse Onkelz fans
200 Musers (Muse)

Whoever put this has no idea how chill Musers really are. They have many inside jokes, like a lot too, and their music tastes range from classical music to classic rock. They are all in general very kind people. Love, a Muser (muse are my boys)

Really? - ThePwoperMuser101

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