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281 The Ketchup Song (Aserejé) - Las Ketchup

Everything from the lyrics to the singer's voices to the overall meaning of the song is extremely annoying! Besides from being annoying, this song is one of the catchiest songs ever recorded. You might listen to this song one day and then it will pop up in your head randomly the next day forcing you to watch the video which by the way doesn't even really have to do with ketchup at all. The worst part is that this song was so popular back in 2002 that it set some records over in Europe! Very annoying song altogether!

Actually, I wonder why this song is very booming.

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282 Domino - Jessie J

Why is this song on here it is quite good and not annoying

283 Happy - Pharrell Williams

Seriously. So repetitive, so annoying, so artificial. it's trying way too hard to make you feel something, and its overall just a pointless, tedious song of annoyingness. I used to love that bubbly happy feeling until you crammed it into our ears through the radio and all over the place. Yay. HAPPY.

It's a decent track, It becomes unbearable if you hear this song everyday.

Seriously radio, stop playing this song

Hate it, it sucks, doesn't deserve to exist, and is always playing on the radio! - Goatworlds

This is so irritating and overplayed! This is super overrated and people love this when they should be hating it.

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284 Milkshake - Kelis

This song is exposed garbage.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" She should be enshrined in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame for those quality lyrics! (NOT! )

285 Wandering Star - Lee Marvin

His voice sounds like an office worker that can't sing - Liam31idents

286 Take It Off - Ke$ha

They should start one of these lists for "Worst Kesha Songs of All Time", but unfortunately every song in her catalog would be on the list! I often ask myself, who in her family or inner circle lied to her and told her she can sing?

287 Tiny Bubbles - Don Ho
288 Chinese Food - Alison Gold

How is this #211? It needs to be a lot higher on the list! The video was deemed racist by some, and the song is annoying! Seriously, we already had the Gummy Bear song...WHY DO WE NEED ANOTHER ANNOYING FOOD SONG?!

Oh dear... please do not encourage this

289 Versace - Migos
290 WOP - J. Dash

I actually like this song. But this song is annoying to most people.

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291 Hampster Dance - Hampton the Hampster

Its adorable the first time I heard it. Then you realize how annoying it is if your playing this song in a surround sound stereo in full blast

To be honest I really like this song. But it gets annoying after a while.

There was a time were we were actually dumb enough to like this song,luckily we don't anymore

292 My N***a - YG

I actually like Young Jeezy. But Lil Wayne must be pissed

293 Type of Way - Rich Homie Quan
294 Started from the Bottom - Drake

I haven't listened to rap since high school and the thing back then that was a no-no for rappers was to not cross over into R&B and this guy seems to break that rule.

295 Ready or Not - Bridgit Mendler V 1 Comment
296 Diddley Dee - Diddley Cartoons

It sounds like If you have sex with me right now ill have sex with you right now, and we will...each other all night long.

297 Bubble Butt - Major Lazer
298 Booty - Jennifer Lopez

The only thing good that ever came from this song was the video! And even with that, was it really worth having to listen to this crap for 3 minutes?

Jennifer Lopez is a better dancer then singing. That's just in my honest opinion.

299 Now - Paramore

Why is this song here? Its amazing!

300 Team - Lorde V 1 Comment
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