Most Annoying Video Game Enemies

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1 Falcons: Ninja Gaiden

Well, DUH. Of course it was gonna be number 1! One trip through 6-2 should tell you why.

2 Cliff Racers: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Sweet Criminy Christmas I utterly despise these things with a flaming passing! They are the most infuriating enemies I've ever seen and any video game! The Eliminators from Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen and the Wraiths from White Knight Chronicles II came close to being the worst, but the Cliff Racers just won by a beak. Listing off all the aspects of these travesties is almost like instructions on how to make the most annoying enemy in video game history. While the Cliff Racers aren't nearly as hard to kill as the DD Eliminators or WKC Wraiths, in fact I hate fighting a single Eliminator or Wraith more than a single Cliff Racer as the former two have way more health, strength and cheaper tactics and moves, but the Cliff Racers have other ways to make up for that. For starters: the fact that the Cliff Racers always fly above you makes them very difficult to attack with melee weapons, you'll just keep trying to hit them only to miss almost every swing you make, it basically looks and ...more - Virtualman

I can't believe no one has put these guys on this list yet! Anyways these things are easily the most annoying enemies in video games ever, and for several good reasons. First off: They may not have a lot of health but they fly almost completely out of reach of your melee weapons, making it very hard to kill them, and they take forever to kill with arrows. They also do massive damage to you and they can gang-attack you like no other enemy can. Can you even imagin being LITERALLY surrounded by hoards of flying reptiles that you can barely hit while they keep mercilessly stabbing you? Speaking of "hoards" they also respawn infinitely, so even if you manage to kill a large group of Cliffracers and you feel proud of yourself-BAM, More show up! Escaping is also useless because they will follow you for very long distances. And if that's not bad enough, GET THIS: they aren't found in just one area, or two, or even four, they are everywhere in the game. No matter where you go you will always ...more

3 Creepers: Minecraft

Although your buildings rarely get blown up by these things, they are still extremely annoying. They stick around during the day, forcing you to be cautious at all times, especially in cramped spaces, and in caves they are the worst enemy to face. The only threat more dangerous than a creeper in the caves is a horde of skeletons, but those are far less common, and creepers take away health far quicker. They are the reason I constantly look over my shoulder whenever I'm in a complicated tunnel system.

Hiss Hiss... Boom You Died it is that easy to R.I.P

The worst thing about these guys are that you can't hear them at all unless you hit them or they start fizzing up. - aarond9010

Oh... Boy oh boy... SO MUCH TO COVER!
Creepers are very annoying for many reasons. One is because they explode and trample your homes. What MAN?! /
Another reason is because they destroy blocks and make your biome look ugly. Correct me if I'm wrong?
I bet you'd have more. We all just hate them.

4 Zubat: Pokemon Zubat, known in Japan as Zubat, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Gee I hope I find a zubat in this cave said NO ONE EVER

Dang it keeps confusing my pokemon. - TheGoldenRifle

A 9000 zubats in my game

3 pokemon that act like one. They are pretty annoying because;
1. Walking in grass, there's a chance Rattata appears.
2. In caves, it's Zubat
3. Surfing, tentacool appears.
They are very annoying when you going somehwere. You're going to a place you need to and then the pokemon 'Mind if I interrupt? '

5 Cursor: I Wanna Be The Boshy
6 Eliminators: Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

There was some stiff competition on who is the most annoying enemy from Dragon's Dogma but we have our winner - or loser? I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE these sledgehammer wielding brutes in minotaur armor! They're beyond nasty and they've killed me more times than any other enemy or boss in Dragon's Dogma and are the bane of my existence! They are incredibly strong and attack by charging you and swinging their sledgehammers around in a frenzy, blocking is useless as they will go right through your defenses and send you flying, and if you're near a cliff when this happens (which they often appear next to) then I'll see you at the bottom in a game over screen! Dodging is the best method to avoid getting knocked down but good luck dodging something four times your size. And do you have any idea how infuriating it is to be tossed around like a rag doll again and again by these a-holes without being able to get back up?! If you get knocked down you better get up before the Eliminator pins you ...more - Virtualman

7 Urgle: Realm of the Mad God
8 Wraiths: White Knight Chronicles II
9 Werewolf: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
10 Pursuit Cop: Mirror's Edge

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11 Large-Mouthed Fish: Rayman
12 Malboros: Final Fantasy Series

These things have high HP and will use a move called bad breath on you. Imagine trying to take out Godzilla if you were a poisoned confused sleeping frog.

"What's your favorite status effect? Mine is all."
*uses bad breath* - aarond9010

13 Nanite Mass: The Surge
14 Ghast: Minecraft

We all hate them. They are making very annoying sounds and the hardest part is you have to hit there fire charge back at them, and they easily dodge. EASILY.

Their easy to beat.

Although, I do enjoy a game of Ghast Tennis. - aarond9010

I HATE these pricks!

15 Cazadores - Fallout New Vegas

These nasty bugs are one big thing you should watch out for. They are big, fast and deadly. Only thing you can do to weaken them is to cripple the wings. But that is not all! They can poison you! So it is a good idea to have anti-venom, or the poison kills you, fast. Examples of named ones are the Legendary Cazadore and Specimen 73 in Old World Blues DLC. So do steer clear of them. They will be the bane of your existence. They're already mine.

16 Balloon Boy: Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Yeah, he's pretty annoying. He laughs at you and steal your batteries.

Annoying little brat. He just can't keep his damn mouth shut!

This should be like number 5

17 Like-Likes: The Legend of Zelda Series

I hate being eaten by these guys! - aarond90

18 Chainsaw Man: Resident Evil Series

Their hard to take down and kill you with ease. - egnomac

He cheats, he scores!

19 Fire Imps: Conker's Bad Fur Day

They are pricks. Pricks. They make fun of Conker, and they always shoot these giant red balls at you. What man.

20 Fireballs: Donkey Kong

These guys sometimes made it impossible to finish the 4th stage mainly because they block your path and annoyingly box you in. - egnomac

I hate theses guys the most for some reason they're really smart and always get in my way. - egnomac

21 Lakitu: Mario Series

They piss me off so much. There is almost no way to avoid them and they throw spiky creatures at you.

Evil incarnate. - VesperLord

22 Headcrab: Half-Life

These face humpers are not too dangerous, except for the poisonous one that TRIES TO REDUCE YOUR HEALTH TO 1% and when you get hit by those, watch out for the fast ones, they will take advantage to kill you instantly

For short: Poison Headcrab + Fast Headcrab or others = INSTANT DEATH

The only way to avoid 'em is to shoot it with a shotgun or a magnum, do not worry you'll now when they will attack when they emit a monkey screech or a pvz imp scream.

More annoying in half-life 1 try it

23 Arkeyan Sheild Juggernauts - Skylanders Giants
24 Giant Tortoise: Terraria
25 Koopa: Mario Bros.

They are annoying because once you kill them their shell goes everywhere and they are hard to catch. They also kill you easily with there shells gliding everywhere.

26 Metroid: Metroids

Yes, we all hate them. Many reasons are there. One is because they take SO much health down when they brainsuck on you. Another reason is because they can hold you and fly around with you and this is bad because- they bring you down to lava sometimes. It's also hard because you need a freezing gun to be able to kill them in the easiest way and when you respawn after they have killed you- you respawn with ONLY 30 energy!

27 Hammer Bros: Super Mario Bros.

Needs to be higher... oops, I just lost my mushroom to that turtle again. - computerfan0

Should be in the top ten

The Fire And Ice Bros Are Even More Dangerous

How are Koopas and Goombas above this one? - Martinglez

28 Papa Pigs: Angry Birds

They are those fat pigs with mustaches. They are a bit hard because some of the certain birds cannot kill him fully in one shot. Papa pigs are always usually built in steel or ice made towers, which makes EVEN more difficult.

29 Metroids: Metroid Series
30 Giant Knights: Sonic and the Black Knight
31 Space Pirate: Metroid Series

Seriously, it's incredibly annoying when they come in multiples and they're all shooting at you at once in a game where you can only focus on one enemy at a time. They are responsible for about 90% of my deaths in Metroid Prime!

32 Floor Master: The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
33 Big Eye: Mega Man
34 Hunter: Resident Evil
35 Medusa Heads: Castlevania

People got killed by those gersh dern hedz and they are really annoying so yeah I have not seen one yet but there versions that petrify you but in hod they are called gold medusas wow that was so long I am done posting now

They float up and down while coming at you, making it difficult to jump over or walk underneath them. Until you get past them, they will just keep spawning and coming at you, and the time in between spawns is only about one or two seconds.

These things so much raging.

36 Elite Soldier: Half-Life 2
37 Lava Bubble: Mario Series
38 Hellhounds - Dragon's Dogma

I looked up what people mostly consider what in the most annoying enemy in Dragon's Dogma and the Hellhound was the winner (or loser? ) Anyways its easy to see why people hate them so much. first off: they are just like Wolves and Direwolves by being in groups of 5 to 8, running around in circles around you and your Pawns and constantly jumping in to bite you, except that they are WORSE! They are twice as fast and have far more health than Direwolves, it is very hard to hit them or even stagger them both because of their speed and that they are more sturdy and they do heavy damage to you, even when you are high leveled. And it gets worse: unlike Wolves and Direwolves they can constantly spit fireballs at you that take a lot of stamina to block and can easily stagger you in the process which will leave you wide open for another one (dodging will help a lot (if you can)), and if they knock you down which they can easily do: they will latch onto you and instead of staying in place like ...more

The reason I hate using pawns! Pawns waste my healing items, don't save you, or are too busy getting killed by them as well.

(Same guy who posted the other comment about Hellhounds) Plus: not only are they super fast, great at dodging your attacks, spam fireballs and drag you away from your teammates. But there have been numerous times when I was focusing on one Hellhound, and a few other Hellhounds either jumped at me or shot me with one of their fireballs, who - by the way - were completely off screen, so in other words: they cheap shotted me (which I could not see coming at all) they knocked me down and then proceeded to drag me away and do sufficient damage. Did I also mention that they each take forever to kill? I'm serious: each Hellhound took about 15 hits from my Dragon's Dogma Sword before I was finally able to kill them. And remember when I said that Hellhounds attack in groups? Well it gets worse. Throughout 95% of Hellhound encounters, they gang-attack you with other enemies, usually strong (and cheap) ones. Heck, My first encounter with Hellhounds in Post-Game ("Post-Dragon" is more ...more - Virtualman

I can not even begin to tell you how many times these b******* killed me, resulting in game over sequences.

Here's the kicker: I died more times than princess peach is captured in a Mario game. ARGH, STUPID!

39 Enemy Pyros: Team Fortress 2

Particularly if you're a Spy. - xandermartin98

40 Gatherer: Amnesia

These things are horrifying!

They are like any other enemy in this game, Amnesia, but they make loud noises that scare the F**k out of me and then next thing you know you look behind you and they just kill you.

41 Stalker: Dead Space 2
42 Bullet Bills: Mario Series
43 Spiders: Penumbra: Overture
44 Wallmaster: Zelda Series

Go away from the game for a while? WALLMASTER! Now you get to restart the dungeon!

These guys scared the heck outta me when I played Ocarina of Time!
When I got Ocarina of Time 3D this was my reaction:
"Oh, I'm in that one room where the boss key is"
*scary noise and shadow appears under Link*
"OH NO! OH HECK NO! NOT THESE GUYS! " - aarond9010

45 Splicers: BioShock 1 & 2
46 Snipers - First-Person Shooters

The most annoying sniper enemies in video games are the hateful sniper jackals. They can one shot you, from the hip, without even scoping and you don't even get a warning shot. Once they find you, you're dead. Not to mention they respawn up to twelve times. Meaning you have to get masterful accuracy twelve times in a row. That isn't fun. It is just annoying. They do sometimes miss but it is as often as the total solar eclipse. - MasterBeef

I hate these!

47 Y.E.T.I. - Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
48 Stalker Guardians: The Legend Of Zelda - Breath Of The Wild
49 Boo: Mario

Not necessarily an enemy, but they are a bit annoying, in some games they do attack you and they are EVERYWHERE.

50 Rasklapanje: Resident Evil 6
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