Sophia Grace and Rosie


I don't like Sophia very much at all, but I can't say the same for Rosie. Where Sophia is off in Hollywood, having fun, spending money, and ultimately not taking her education very seriously at all, Rosie is focusing on her school work like a girl her age should be. She even said in one of her recent videos that her education is her top priority right now, though that doesn't stop her from hoping for a record deal. It's a good balance between real-world education and youthful dreaming. I, personally, think that Rosie's attitude in that aspect is much better than Sophia's. She is humble, but very talented. Even if she doesn't get a record deal (and I sincerely doubt she won't), she still has the knowledge she gained from school to fall back to. The same can't be said for Sophia, however, who appears to be taking her fame and fortune for granted. All in all, it honestly feels like Rosie is just a better person than Sophia in general. - Cutiemshi

First of all rosie she never speaks and that fatty Sophia thinks that shes so talented and in my opinion shes a big fat hippo, and she speaks fast enough that you can't make up what shes saying she can't even sing. Her voice is way too loud and uneven she tries too hard to just hit a decent note I mean my dog can sing way better than HER

Sophia needs to get her teeth done and start sinning actually good. Rosie is fine I have no problem with her. Sophia thinks that she is the princess, when actually most girls are actually talented and look like princesses. She is obviously a spoiled brat that is very full of herself. She shouldn't even getting the special treatment when their are kids out their that can do much better. I wish Ellen could have NOT put them on the big screen, because she has no talent, and their are kids that are better with YouTube videos that could be stars for something, and not some cover of rap songs.

All's I'm going to say is that I wish I was born as lucky as these two. Seriously, they have no talent. They just some how happened to become famous. So I take it back about wanting to be as lucky as them. They are overrated little spoiled brats. I'll will not like them unless they do something worthwhile. But I don't think they can. Once they get past ten, they'll be a dirt sandwich. So be prepared you talentless girls.

I love Rosie. She so sweet and ardorable, but on the other hand; Sophia is the worst. She is also takes the all spot-light for Rosie, and is just a Nick Minaj wannabe. Poor Rosie is always in the background watching and always living in Sophia's shadow. I can just tell Rosie wants more spot-light and a time to shine, but Sophia just ruins it and takes it all. I can even tell Nicky Minaj is trying to pay more attention to Rosie, but Sophia always has to nuzzle her nose into everything. I just want Rosie to have spot-light, and I think people will stop hating Sophia if she just backs off of Rosie and give the attention to her.

They can't sing. They are only "famous" because Ellen adores them. There are so many other children out there who can actually sing.

I totally agree, Sophia Grace steals all the attention. Just like when they meet a celebrity, Sophia Grace takes up all the time, not giving Rosie much interaction. Sophia is not all that cute either. Rosie is definitely the cutest (she's my favorite by the way). Now, I love them, but I have somethings to rant about. It's just MY opinion.

Sophia is like 10 ( I know, right?! ) every time I look at their video ' girls just wanna have fun' I vomit. PLEASE stop doing the cutesy act! I know your only kids but...

Rosie's sweet but Sophia is beyond annoying.

I think Sophia is annoying I mean I am pretty sure there are other people In the world that are the same age and much more talented. Rosie doesn't do much so I don't have a problem with her.

Rosie is way better than Sophia and Sophia is a spoiled annoying little brat.

Nothing against them but feel bad for Rosie considering Sophia Grace gets all the attention.

Nicki Minaj is way too inappropriate for girls their age.

They suck! I have no problem with Rosie, but Sophia Grace thinks she can sing, but her voice hurts my ears.

Her parents are milking as much money as possible off this poor, ugly child because they know she could never score a husband with that face.

There awful Sophia is 11 and acts and dresses like 4 and can't sing.

Guys stop these girls are just young yeah they like princesses and all that stuff but they are just little kids and experiencing life and they are not 5 or 6 Sophia Grace is 11 and Rosie is 8 they are still young even I'm still into that stuff not all of it and I'm 12

I never even heard of them.. But it seems that people are awfully jealous of them because they're celebrities at such a young age. - LemonComputer

They're so stupid and fatso's. Good luck getting married 'cause you'll never find love. Also they don't deserve to be famous because they're little. Their parents must be ashamed.

Yes I thought I was the only one that thought they are overrated brats!

Chubby littles girls with no talent. Ellen has to stop doing this.

Yeah they are pretending their like grown ups when they're not with their little selves.

Why should they meet all these famous people? It's like saying if I put a video on YouTube, I'm better than everyone. ANYONE CAN DO IT SO THEY ARE WORTHLESS. Hope they get cancer and die so we can live happily. People must regret meeting them.

People shouldn't take pity of them just because of their age its all about pure talent

She's so annoying. I'm sorry, but every time I see her on T.V. I am tortured. She's cute and young so I want to be happy for her, but she's not even that good of a singer and her personality makes me want to break the screen into a million pieces. Good for her she can hit those pitchy high notes. So can I. So can a lot of people. Maybe we're all just jealous of a kid? I don't know.