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21 Seasonal Feathers

This is a very emotional song,Len is human that married a crane (Rin) but he didn't know that she is a crane.The first thing that they told you that the two met in a snowy day like today(in the story) and soon the setting change into the season after winter and Rin was out singing with the birds then Len said "you have a nice voice" and the Rin asks "If I no longer have this voice would you still love me? " And he answers"Of course" with a warm smile.The next thing that happen that it turn into summer and they told that Len collapsed on the mountain and being the poor couple they couldn't afford the money for his medicine and so Rin started to pluck her feathers and made a cloth with it until her fingers got scarred and when she's treating Len he noticed but didn't say anything about it but he said "you have beautiful fingers" and Rin asks again "If I no longer have these fingers would you still love me? " And Len answers " of course" ...more

One of the saddest Vocaloid songs I have heard in my life. I bawled my eyes out (not literally) for the next ten replays (which is a record).

Is it weird that I am hearing the song now and crying? I mean I listen to it everyday and I always cry! I was pretty emotional by the end of the song. The feeling of losing someone close to you is a very familier feeling to me and this song help me embrace it all. I love it!

What the Hell? 21st? This song is so sad, it MUST be on the 1st place!

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22 Little Mermaid - Megurine Luka

Its just so sad! It follows the original version of the little mermaid and pulls off the mood so well! The lyrics were lovely! And the way it was sung was just wonderfully tragic! I just love it!

I thought that that everything would be fine but then I heard, I listened, to the very end of the song. I cried. I wonder though, if their were someone, mermaid or not, that still sings for their loved one? Even if they can't hear them, they still do?

This is barely sad. It's beautiful of course. It's amazing and it fits the story really well. It follows the original story more than the Disney version. So don't get me wrong, I love the song. But it never made me sad.

I cried so much!

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23 Lie by Megurine Luka

I believe most of these songs you just need to experience for yourself to really hear the music right. Maybe some people don't understand, but I do. I feel the struggle all over again in this song, being torn apart by one particular person. That's what makes this song one of my most favorites.

This song is so sad. Especially if you watch the music video. There's so much emotion in Luka's voice and this song will surely make you cry. I personally love this song even though it's so sad and makes me cry every time I listen to it.

Damn straight depressing I mean she keeps it in that she loves someone but is scared to reveal it and she wants to try to forget thinking what it will be like if the one she loves is "in the arms of someone who loves you like I do" and the way she sings it is sad

"I don't want you, I don't need you, it doesn't matter." what a saddening song

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24 Just Be Friends by Megurine Luka

Very very bittersweet. Shows perfectly that some things aren't meant to be but sometimes it's for the best. This song broke my heart in every way possible the more I listened to it and understood it. The saddest Luka Megurine song for me.

The music is so good that I listen to it quite often, I don't know Japanese, so when I remember what the lyrics are about, I just get depressed. Every. Time.

This song is just.. I love the beat and tune so much, but every time I hear it al I can think of is a relationship that didn't bring anything but pain.

3 of the most saddest words in a relationship. " We can just be friends right? " FRIENDZONED HAH!

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25 The Lost One's Weeping - Kagamine Rin

This song explains how a young boy is so pressured to do well in his education that he cannot remember his past dreams and who he used to be, and thinks the only one to blame for this is himself. He contemplates whether or not living like this continuously is the right thing to do, and when the time where he can grow up and escape from it all will come. But he doesn't know what it truly means to grow up or if its even worth it anymore, because if he doesn't find a way to succeed in school his life won't matter anyway.

The Lost One's Weeping is about a boy who feels like giving up because he knows nothing about himself. He says he wants to grow up, but he doesn't know what growing up is, and will never know because he has no one to tell him; then when he realizes that he isn't a child anymore because he's lost everything he's ever dreamed, he mourns the fact that he cannot get his childhood back.

I feel this is probably one of the most depressing vocaloid songs out there, besides INSANITY and ROLLING GIRL. Its about a boy who loses his whole identity because he is so focused on his studies, I feel like we could all relate to this.

This is sadder than any other vocaloid songs in this list.
There... I said that

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26 Witch Hunt

The tune is catchy but the meaning is depressing. It really frustrating and depressing when the person you love doesn't believe you anymore and is one of the people who sentences you to death. - samputen

This isn't sad or depressing but hey if you guys think it is then so be it

I love this song, but never really understood the meaning behind it.

This is a 5 in my list

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27 Anime PV: Reboot

This was the first depressing Vocaloid song I ever saw, and it was the middle of the day when I saw it, so I was scared someone would walk in on me and find me crying. One of the next songs (Hatsune Miku-Crier) really didn't help lift my spirits. But I love both these songs nonetheless!

This song mad me burst into tears...
It makes you realise the true meaning friendship, and how it can never break.
It breaks some things though... Like my heart :'(

Friendship never dies, even when you die. That's the meaning of friendship. This song took that and pretty much made everyone cry simultaneously...

I cried, I cried a lot. Especially listening to the English version. AND watching the PV. Now I can't listen to it without crying

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28 Sigh Rin Kagamine

So Rin was depressed in the beginning, sighing all the time and not knowing what to do with herself. An angel, which was Len, reached his hands out for her to give her a nice time. Rin grasped onto his hands then in her world everything was black with yellow flowers growing around. Angel Len would give her things like teddy bears, flower pots, and many more. One day she was taking care of the flowers when she noticed her world was crumbling down. She saw a vision of some sort that showed Len in a hospital bed, and he had a cloth over his face to show that he was dead. I'm sure that this vision could be when he died before he became an angel, but that's in my opinion. Anyway, so she felt her world breaking and crumbling till it exploded to show only white. This part shows that she opened her eyes finally, and now having to see the real world instead of her own world. She cries out, wanting someone to hold her, and what appeared was Len's angel behind her, hugging her from behind but ...more

Poured in tears when len died

This is also illustrated by Suzunosuke ans composed by Hitoshizuku
It started with Rin sighing, then she starts to wander why she was always sighing
Until one day...

29 Sayoko - Hatsune Miku

This should really be higher up there because unlike some others like Servant of Evil this is REAL. This is a perfect depiction of how it can feel to be suffering depression and wanting to kill yourself . This is a song that many people can relate to because it's based on real emotions that many people feel, and anyone has the possibility to feel.

This is the most depressing song to me because it's so real. What's talked about in the song could happen to any of us, many of us have suffered through it, or some people have even been taken by the same feelings heard in the song. Scary and depressing.

This song made me remember wishes and feelings I'd buried long ago. I'd probably cried effortlessly, yet harder than I ever could have in a long time.

A very powerful song that deserves a higher ranking.

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30 Campanella

So extremely sad. It made me cry like a baby. I love it

I love the song but I have to agree, it is quite depressing...

31 Hirari Hirari

Really sad song! I tried really hard to cry but I couldn't help to put a depressing face

It's just so sad, It's full of emotion and even the lyrics were so soft and beautiful

If you just pay really close attention to the words it has a very deep meaning ;-;.

One of Miku's saddest song

32 Megpoid Gumi - Wrinkle

It's a story of a wife having her first and her last love died because of aging and he dies first, and at the husband funeral they promise to each other to smile when one of them died first, and they did it

Wrinkle is definitely one of the sweetest songs I've come across. You gotta love it.

33 A Faint Wish Rin and Len

This is related with Risoukyou and New Millenuim, the series is basically an infinite loophole

34 15 Years Pursuing a Cute Boy

Miku wrote all these poems for a boy that died 15 years ago so she could take them with her to "heaven" when she died. The boy wrote her a letter before he died, saying not to open it until 15 years later.

Miku gets hit by a train and loses all her memories, except for the one about her love. She doesn't remember his death. She only remembers she loves him.

So for a few more years she writes poems for him and throws them into his house.

Another year, Miku is hit by a train again. She wakes up in a hospital bed, and it all comes back to her, causing her to break down into tears.

She races out of the hospital and looks for the place the boy buried the letter. She finds it and keeps it.

Well, what can I say? It made me cry. People say it's stalkerish, but I say it's touching.

The first time I heard this song, it was in a NaruMitsu fan video. By the end of it, I was in tears. A person losing somebody they love is sad, but for fifteen years afterward still trying to accept that they're gone? That's absolutely tragic. That kind of love is hard to find. How can people call this stalkerish? I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Listening to it, I thought it was cute originally, but close to the ending when the person realizes the one they love is dead, I couldn't stop crying. If you can imagine what that person must have been feeling at the moment of this realization, then you're probably crying too.

My god. Imagine you love someone. You write poems everyday for this person for fifteen years straight yet that person does not reply. Then you realize, that person you loved died when you first started writing poems for them. I bawled like an infant at the ending.

At first I thought that this would be a sweet love song. And then it's revealed that the boy was dead all along and that he will never be able to read the letters.I had a feels attack afterwards.

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35 Reboot

This song always makes me cry! Seeing such a strong bond be broken by ICE CREAM! Two angry young girls! To see the girl who seemed to be in the background the whole time go and pick up the golden start and sadly, get hit by a car. It was heartbreaking! Seeing Luka and Miku at the end made me sob. - Pandagod

This is literally one of the saddest songs ever!

Spoiler alert:

What do you think! There is crying and death!

This song was so sad. At the end of the song I was crying like a baby

When Miku grabbed Luka's hand when she tried to run away, made me cry so hard.
Anyway the video made me cry. That's that - RainbowArtist191

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36 Dark Woods Circus

This song instantly reminded me of American horror story and how people are sometimes born deformed and then get put in a circus and get turned into fools. The point where people beg to be killed is also a depressing thought since that proves you are giving up on life. The fact you want to die is depressing on its own since that means you've hit rock bottom. Totally depressing.

This song is incredibly sad, especially when you think of all the pain the characters went through, locked in their cages. Having once been normal, and having people gasp and stare at your current disfigurement while all the while you beg for death? I find that more depressing than scary.

Believe it or not, this song is not only depressing, but it's a true story. Not only something that happened in the best, but the overall idea of this "fun circus" is still occurring all over.

You can ACTUALLY hear the pain in their voices. It almost made me cry. I kept on praying to God to let the children who experienced these gruesome things rest in Heaven. They deserve it

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37 Endless Wedge

I first hear about Soundless Voice through the game project diva 2 and when I listened to it it killed me. I soon figured out about proof of life and that also killed me. Although recently I figured out about the third and final song to it called Endless Wedge and holy tostadas I cried an ocean. THE FEELZ -

It's just a trip down Memory Lane, heading to the Falls of Feels. It's just beautiful.

The threequel to Soundless Voice...
About how Len moved on after Rin's death.. Oh god... When he.. Just... Man, the feels is there! WATCH IT! NAAAww!

38 My True Self: Hatsune Miku

This song, you'd just have to hear this song. It's so heartbreaking and I know we all have the feeling Miku has in this song at one point or another. Especially for everyone on the face of the Earth! We can't go through life saying that we've never felt inadequate, like there's no reason for us to be on this planet. If we disappeared, no one would notice or even care for that matter! We push people away even though we're so desperately lonely. We hate ourselves for the stupidest reasons, and I know exactly how that is. If someone walks by laughing we just assume that they're laughing about us. Our heart yells for help and we just ignore it, trying to be tough. I don't know about you, but I need someone to find me.

When the opening lyrics to a song are "Why is my heart tired from crying? Why do I hate myself so much? " You know It's going to be a hard one to top in terms of depressing lyrics. I've never heard the original Miku version myself, but KAITO's version had me crying for days.

Word for word I felt the song related to what I feel inside and how I am. Wanting to be loved the way you are. Wishing someone, anyone would see though your tough act and stay beside you.

I cried

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39 Daughter of White

This and the counterpart (Wooden Girl) made me cry. And I can't kinda relate because I've been discriminated against because of my race. And not only that. She had no friends. Her parents died and she was adopted. She took care of a little bird but the bird flew away. She found a girl and took care of her and they were friends. She was abused. Her adoptive mother died. Her and her friend left town. She fell in love with her friend and had to watch her get married to another. But before she and her confessed their love to each other, but it wouldn't be accepted. She became an alcoholic. Then was the first to find her friend in a well, taking her last breath. She watched everyone from her village be killed. She had to flee and befriended a girl, soon to realize that the girl killed her love. She goes to kill the girl and is stopped by a ghost! If that life isn't already sad enough, she was suffering from major depression and some suicidal thoughts. So, this is definitely the saddest!

For me, this was the most depressing song in the Evils series. First of all, Clarisse is shunned because of her hair. HER HAIR. That's just prejudice and haircolorism. Don't say prejudice isn't depressing at all. Then after she finally gets one friend (Michaela), that's taken away along with everyone she knows. She has only Michaela and everyone else hates her, yet says that's all she needs. She wants to be social but can't. Then, when she finally finds someone else (Rilianne) that can accept her, that someone just happens to be the one who killed Michaela. I really don't see how this isn't the most depressing song ever.

I cry every time I listen to this song. It's catchy but it's sad at the same time. I mean Haku was an outcast and when she finally found a friend, the friend died. Haku forever

Maan, those green-haired freaks were racists... I feel bad for Clarith (Haku). And SPOILER ALERT! Riliane (Rin) killed Clarith's only friend, Michaela (Miku). And yes, Riliane was the princess that Allen (Len) tried to protect! He actually tried to protect that prick! I just triggered some Len fangirls. don't reply saying "STPO HATIGN ON ELN" or "That's actually incorrect <blah blah>"

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40 Can't I Even Dream

A song that stays with you for a really long time. A song that someone would sing when they feel like they are left behind alone. The aura of the piece is depressing yet somewhat pleasing...

Besides the actually lyrics being depressing, the piano keys you into a feeling of loneliness. I don't actually find many vocaloid song depressing, but this tops the list.

About Miku chasing after her prince charming but never reaching him.

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