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Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and stage actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 2.5 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.


This guy should be #1 Those eyses, those lips, those thighs, gonna stop there BUT Ladies if you ever get a chance to see him in person RUN don't Walk because I will be right behind you! Seriously he is PERFECTION!

Just LOOK at him, and you see the most beautiful man ever created to walk this earth! And, his voice will soothe your soul, like an angel singing in your ear!

Very good looking however his behavior in public lately has been horrible. He is more into gay rights and being in clubs acting flamboyant than he is in producing serious material. As much as I loved him from AI and afterward, bought his CD's etc... I feel he will not be heard from much anymore. I know this will upset some hard core lambert fans. But trust me I was hard core to the point my family thought I lost it! He will continue to perform here and there, get some front man gigs but think he fame will be overseas and not in America.

Adam's voice is awesome! He can sing just about song and make it seem effortless, smooth and seamless, full of emotion. He invites into his life or covers a song as if it was his own. I am so looking forward to Adam's new album, Trespassing, March,2012.

Adam Lambert is beautiful, gorgeous, kind, generous, insanely talented, courageous, unique, stylish, creative, and has one in a hundred million voice. I think that made him the most desirable male singer.

Adam has the vocal ability to outshine a number of these singers. For he isn't just a "singer" but a "performer". He has it all - the looks (drop dead gorgeous), the vocals and the stage presence that can capture anyone's heart!

He is gorgeous, sexy, mega talented, honest, sincere, articulate, and genuinely loves and appreciates his fans! From the first time I saw his beautiful face and heard him sing, I was hooked! There are a lot of good looking male singers out there I'm sure... I just haven't really noticed, especially, once I saw this gem of a man. His voice is as captivating and beautiful as he is. He is definitely more entertaining to watch than anyone I have ever seen since Elvis! And after listening to his many interviews from around the world, I am convinced that this guy is the whole package.

He has an unbelieveable voice. I still cannot remember the fantastic performance that he did in American idol until now. Ie is so clear that when I recall it, I usually cannot control my tear's falling. The most unforgettable song in my mind is outlaws of love. I will remember the attractive sightseeing forever. He is the best idol in my heart. No one can take the place of him. He give me the confidence and power. HE IS THE MOST DESIRABLE MALE SINGER IN THE WORLD.

If your a fan of Freddie then you should defanetly love Adam because they both sing alto, he sang for QUEEN. One of the best bands there will ever be. This guy has the Talent the looks to keep you coming back for more. He has a great sense of style, I love it when he wears make up super sexy (or w/out) eather way you won't be able to keep your eyes or ears off (hands) off him. Super amazing/ incredable vocals.

The most beautiful, charming, sexiest man in the world. He has amazing eyes and perfect style. But his best quality is his unbelievable voice. Adam Lambert is what "absolute perfection" means.

Adam Lambert is one of the best, if not THE BEST singer I've ever heard! That guy can blow like nobody else! He should be up there with the likes of Freddie and Plant.

All the lists here are some kind of joke. I suggest making a list of the most stupid lists ever. Anyway, whenever I get the chance to express my admiration for Adam, I just can't resist.

He is really good singer, I love him so much, One of the greatest voices ever, he is the best singer of the world! He is so HOOT

The most incredible living artist I've ever seen in my twenty years, and the first person who makes me have a strong desire to listen to music again, to buy albums, to go to the concerts, to enjoy the wonderful world on the other side

Adam is the best! He has a magical voice and beautiful face and eyes!
He is also cute and lovely! And I think haters of him have to think more! Who can hate this beautiful and sexy man?

Adam as the best male vocals I have ever heard he can sing anything from opera to dance music he is also a great performer and showman.

He is the best singer in the word, adam lambert an angel was brought down from heaven.
I'm so proud of adam and I'm also proud to tell everyone adam are my idol, I love him. I'm a glambert because he is the reason why I'm staying strong and why I never stop dreaming adam made me who iam today...

Adam Lambert has one of the greatest voices of our generation. He's also gorgeous, hot and sexy!

Adam Lambert is it for me! Super hansom and a voice from out of this world! Not sure what I did before I discovered him but not a day goes by that I'm not listening to his music, looking at pictures of him or planning my next trip to see one of his concerts. Haven't missed one yet! He is the whole package!

Adam is one of the most talented singer on "this time", have a amazing voice, great style, unique personality and is a beautiful man!
It�'s not a product! It's really a singer... He deserve to be #1

Adam Lambert is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.
He has a heart of gold which he has shown time and again by supporting
Several charities. Oh and he can sang!

Best male voice I've heard.
Good looks to boot.
Theatricality to the max.
Funny as any comedian.

Adam is super sexy! I love the way he moves. His eyes are to die for and his hair would make anyone jealous.

Adam Lambert is the most beautiful singer in the world I have ever known, attractive look and pure soul, he is also the best singer in the world with powerful unparalleled voice. He is definitely my most desirable male singer of the world!

By far THE best singer, sweet, charming, and gorgeous to look at, too! Does lots for charity is an extra plus in my book!