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61 Ascendead Master - Versailles

A solo like this can only come from Hizaki and Teru. - tenthsage

62 Fracture - King Crimson

I've been learning this song for months now, and I think it's the real hardest song ever. Not only is it super complex, it's also a test in precision, speed, intelligence, and stamina. It's 11 minutes of torturing your fingers, as well as your brain.

Unrelenting and fairly tuneless to boot. This will test your cross-picking abilities to the maximum if your hand doesn't cramp up before the end.

So insanely hard to play. The fact that this is not in the top ten shows just how little most people on here know about playing guitar...

Yes. It's hardest than everything else on this list.

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63 Ocean - John Butler

This song is one of the most technically difficult songs in terms of tempo, speed and accuracy for hitting individual hammer-ons, string bends etc. It would take an absolutely godly player to every come close to replicating john's talent in this song

By far the hardest song to duplicate. No question this song done by John Butler is the greatest feat accomplished on a guitar. Check the studio version done in the year 2012

This is the toughest song I ever heard... IT just blows my mind away even if it is played in 11-string Acoustic Guitar... Please listen to this song! John Butler Rocks!

HOW THE HELL WAS THIS BEATEN BY BRAIN STEW?! You're all out of your damn minds.

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64 Sudden Death - Megadeth

When it's too hard for even for Mustaine to play live, you must know that something is going' on. Intro is pretty much a definition of a impossible-to-play guitar solo.

It would be difficult to perform mustaine's parts much less broderick's parts. Good luck with this one.

65 Miles of Machines - Jeff Loomis

I'm sorry, but I 100% fail to see how master of puppets or one are more difficult than the first thirty seconds of this song. And seriously, by about 35 seconds in Jeff has used most of the arpeggio shapes out there. If you want to learn arpeggios, finding a tab for this will do you more good than an actual lesson on arpeggios! And also, how many other songs do you find that utilise a seven-string arpeggio? - Nevermore

What?!? I've seen Justin Bieber, Queen Guns n' Roses and so forth on the list... Don't make me laugh! Just listen to this song to understand what does it mean the word "impossible"!

Haha no. 59, what kind of joke is this. This the hardest song I have ever tried to play, even harder than Animals as leaders stuff (which isn't on here either). It's bloody ridiculous and is harder than even the dance of eternity.

The only truly difficult song to play in this list is in position 59 LMAO

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66 Paranoid Android - Radiohead

Try it. I dare you.

This is challenging to learn on the guitar.

I find the solo difficult.


67 Tornado of Souls - Megadeth

Really, why is this here. It should at least make top 30. Thunderstruck, thunderstruck, it's so easy. Why is thunder struck in the top 20 while this is up here. This is an awesome song that does not deserve to be up here.

Not an eruption but at least 2 of Marty's solos deserve to be on top10

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68 No Boundaries - Michael Angelo Batio

Very fast easily a top 10 clearly not to many guitarists took part in this poll

69 One Note Song - Tenacious D

Pure genius. not to mention the thought process put into this song. I heard they spent 2 years making only this song

This one is a hell to play.
The whole bending is just like pure irreality!
Not to mention the speed and picking techniques used.

I've spent years on this...

Recreacting the tone on the guitar alone would take years of persistance. Not even mentioning the main riff

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70 Speed Metal Symphony - Cacophony

Listen to this and you will know. A piece of art that goes twice the speed of light!

Really fast and incredible notes on both guitars.

It is really hard to compose a original, emotional and really musical piece with lightning speed, but my heroes have done it! :)
My favorite part is the slow one in about 2-4mins I don't remember

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71 Perpetual Burn - Jason Becker

I can't believe this isn't higher on the list, and I'm even more shocked it's currently behind stuff like crazy train. If you think crazy train is harder than this, you've obviously never heard this one. Check it out people and vote!

There's a reason it's named Perpetual Burn, aside from getting the notes correct (which believe me is close to impossible), the speed, accuracy, phrasing, feel and stamina required to play this should make this number one.

A Blink 182 song has more votes? What? This song is just ridiculous, no way around it. It's just so difficult, it should easily make top 5. Jason Becker himself had to take 4 years to be able to play it cleanly.

Incredible. This should be at top 3. Insane skills by a teenager.

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72 Brain Stew - Green Day

You're kidding right? That was the first song I learned as a kid. Its all power chords and finger work. You just need to get the tempo down and you have a song.

I see why people put this here. The song itself isn't hard, the aesthetic is. The distortion of the guitar makes it harder to play perfectly

One Of The First Songs I Ever Learned - BeatlesFan1964

The riff of this song is very good. And also very easy. - zxm

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73 Southern Belle - Elliott Smith

Not only is the finger picking unrelenting the speed of the chord changes is something else. Proof you don't have to be a metal shredder to difficult.

Try playing it. You'll see

74 Anastasia - Slash

Intro and solos are really challenging

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75 Tears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine

Are you guys crazy?! You put Justin Bieber on 7! Justin Bieber! What the hell is wrong with you?!

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76 All the Small Things - Blink-182

How is this on the list. It's so easy it took me less then an hour to learn this song anyone who thinks this is hard clearly has it mixed up with eruption-van Halen

I'm 16 and I've been playing guitar for 24 years and this is one of the hardest songs I've ever played

I learned this song in about an hour. its not hard guys. Don't get me wrong I love blink but this song is easy

This shouldn't be on here

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77 Caprici Di Diablo - Yngwie Malmsteen

There is no comments. Just try to play it.

This should be in the top 10 and not at #187. - Metal_Treasure

Just listen to it. My God.

This song is friggen Impossible! I would not put it in the top 5 but definitely in the top 10

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78 Blackened - Metallica

Totally amazing

I'm not voting this to get the number one position on this list, but gots to be there, all the downpicking and the changes around the neck are insane! Plus that its pretty fast, and the solo is pretty hard too!

Learning this song now, it is so hard. I started at 80bpm and I am up to 140bpm baring in mind this song at its highest point is played at 192 I think! It is insane!

79 Fight Fire with Fire - Metallica

I clearly underestimated this song, I thought this song is fingerpicking but when 40 secs is done, You need to strum fast, and when I just finished the intro riff, my hand was starting to hurt

Kirk even stated that this was the hardest song for him to play.

80 Let There Be Rock (If You Want Blood Version) - AC/DC

Go listen to this solo it is amazing and as being a guitar player and learning this solo it was harder for me to learn this solo than learn eruption by Eddie van Halen. AC/DC is a real rock band Van hale is just a pop band

No comment end solo just stupidly hard...

This needs to be higher it is so hard to play I can barley play it

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