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41 Half Alive - Secondhand Serenade
42 Open Fields of Grace - Jackie Evancho

Jackie begins this song gently, but she painstakingly builds the emotion until her voice is soaring. It's a song about losing a loved one, but trying to maintain hope for the future. - BobG

43 Stan - Eminem
44 Echoes - Pink Floyd

Come on kids, look past the last 10 years. In 1971, these four men from Britain turned "Nothing" into a 23-minute epic that bottles up every emotion imaginable�" loss, love, heartbreak, loneliness, existentialism, you name it�"thanks to Waters's lyrics and Gilmour's guitars. 23 minutes go by way too fast when listening to this song (if you want to call it that; "experience" seems to fit better). You want drama? Jump back to Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody) or Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven). You want the most dramatic song ever? Echoes. Musical mastery and palpable emotion, in a package that belies its release date.

45 Innuendo - Queen
46 In the Hall of the Mountain King - Edvard Grieg
47 Tui Hou - Jay Chou
48 Watch Over You - Alter Bridge
49 Into the Silence - Robbie Williams
50 Don't Let Me Go - Raign

Amazing song for an amazing scene. That haunting, beautiful voice won't leave my head.

51 Kiss the Rain - Yiruma V 1 Comment
52 Am I Supposed to Apologize? - Maria Mena
53 Rise - Skillet

The end of the song is most dramatic. It's kinda scary though.

54 Take Me to Church - Hozier
55 Try It On - Interpol

Just as dramatic as "How to Save a Life" if not more

56 Hanging Tree - Hunger Games

Even though I don't like the movie version, the hanging tree is a beautiful song!

Sad and quiet, but an overall beautiful song

57 Gortoz a Ran - Denez Prigent
58 Cambodia - Kim Wilde
59 Dark Lady - Cher
60 My Immortal - Evanescence

So dramatic, yet so sad, amazing song.

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