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21 Shinee Shinee

Most adorable looking guys in the world and each has their own talent, making their group one of the most famous Boy gorups in the whole asia and lots of other countries too.

They are all hot and talented! Taemin and Key are really cute!

Shinee new album odd is like awesome especially view. I am telling you listen to it you wont regret, I promise. I was a fan of one direction. My friend who is obsessed from kpop made me listen to shinee view. From then on I am obsessed with kpop. Just try view.

I'm American and I want more K-pop! these boys are so talented!

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22 Big Bang

Probably the hippest boyband in the world right now.

Big bang is so strong and fierce and their songs are the most addictive in the whole wide world.

Best of the best. so good, so talented, I just love Big Bang. Very talented. Again, look to Seoul for incredible talent. Not Hollywood.

Never seen a group more talented than BIGBANG, they are legends!

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23 New Kids On the Block New Kids On the Block New Kids on the Block is an American boy band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band currently consists of brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood.

New kids on the block is awesome and irreplaceable... I love new kids on the block

Like any if the above bands are better? I think not.

Block head since '87! Gotta love them: Danny, Donny, Joe, Jon, Jordan!

I love nkotb love ethan

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24 Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 are defiantly not 21 they are quite good actually. Better than one direction that's sure. I love Michael Jackson he's the best if you go on to top ten male singers I can prove it.

They are just a classic that is one of the best bands ever! Including two famous people today. Michael and Randy Jackson

Justice here... this should be at the top.

This is UNFAIR Justice should be made, The Jackson 5 are way better than that One Direction
People consider this, Unfair that the band that introduced the legendary Michael Jackson is 24

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25 Infinite

They are just one of the most hardworking idols I've ever seen. They love their fans a lot. I don't know what to say just once u get know them for real u won't be able to leave them fandom. I JUST LOVE THEM! And I really want them to get the attention the deserve for their hard work and talents.

I loVe INfinite forever!

Go infinite!

Because even that they're famous they're still act just a normal people even they're off or on stage, AND if they're in front of anyone they're friendly/Kind/Respectful even they are IDOL (i'm just being honest I am not theire real fan but I'm coming there )

They're just the most awesome group out there. Too underrated and wish more people could see how amazing and beautiful their songs and dances are.

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26 Super Junior M

We never will leave super junior we'll always with you

Super junior the best of the world no one like them!

The best of the best SUPER JUNIOR


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Only if we include all FIVE original members...

TVXQ are definitely the most popular Group

2 or 3 or 5, it doesn't matter

The best boyband in the world of all the time. Just Max & U-Know

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28 IM5

I have loved them ever since Disney dudes especially Dalton I cried when he left but Fly Away Heros is AMAZING too

I got to see the in person... and when I saw Will I forgot how to speak English... before that I had tripped in front of Dana... if that wasn't bad enough Cole saw and pointed it out to me and 5 other fan girls

I really hope they get bigger and go on tour again

Ever since I've discovered them, I can't get enough of them. Their songs are amazing - especially Superman and Everything About you - and they're funny and they are so talented and they always make time for their fans. They're just that awesome. I love them so much!

Im5 is a great band some of the music they do is different than the music you would typically hear from a boy band they are all extremely talented in there own ways and are all hilarious and very nice especially Dalton if you have not already listen to there song superman it is great.

I'm obsessed with there song 'Touchdown Dance' Dana is from the same place I am and sheared the same birthday as me. Also Cole is a Leftie like me. I LOVE AND MISS IM5! 😭💜 once a Fiver always a Fiver.

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They are brought boy bands back in 2008 and I can't believe how underrated they are

Jls are splitting up in December at least I have all there singles ill be listening to them all day all night every day every night

They have some good music and they make me happy when I hear there voices

П�� I used to be obsessed with Jls! 😍Xxxx

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30 Boyfriend

They are also a cute Korean band!

They are cute

I love boyfriend,especially the twins..

They are like angels on earth. They are the citest

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31 2PM 2PM

They are gorgeous and talented

They so talented!

If you waych they show you can not help but fall for at least one of the cute dorks! So I recommend watch idol army season 3!

I really really really love 2PM. The BEST band ever! I love Nichkhun's voice. He's really good at singing. I love the moves of Wooyoung. He's a very good dancer. And Taecyeon, he's a very good rapper. I LOVE THEM ALL!

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32 4 Count

Hello? I can't BELIEVE no one put up 4 count. They are the best! There's Ben, Aaron, Kieran, and Adam (sonny) They should definitely. Be on this list

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33 The Naked Brothers Band The Naked Brothers Band

I used to love them so much especially nat

34 B2K B2K B2K was an American R&B boy band that was active from 1998 to 2004. In 1998, the group was formed by American record producer Chris Stokes. V 1 Comment
35 New Edition

I'm not sure if 44 is the order it was placed in, but no other group has the longevity and brotherhood. Not sure why NE is so far down on the list

New Edition and the Jackson 5, you can't get any better than that. CLASSIC

44 that's crazy... If the other groups split up. Would they have any sucess close to NE?

36 Five Five

Number one boy band of the 90s

Kings of Asia

37 Justice Crew

They are simply amazing! I always thought that a dance squad can't sing but I was proven wrong when I first listened to their massive hit 'Everybody'. These guys are talented singers, rappers, as well as plain perfect dance skills.

Justice Crew what is there to say other then they are the most amazing people on the earth. I love every song they have mad, and I have been to most of their concerts evne when they performed at the 2013 jamboree in queensland. I love them so much! LOVE YOU GUYS

They are the best and are awesome singers

These guys are just awesome cause their so enthusiastic in there videos and it's all unexplainable😂

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38 Rixton

They are good role models for future bands

The best ever should be in the top ten

They are a very talented band

I love there music

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Best Korean band. Nice songs, nice stage presence and nice personalities...

One of the best boy bands in Korea. They sing well!

I really like this band. Keep it up my boys

Band got talent

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40 SS501

Kim hyun joong your voice is perfect. I like the songs of this boy band.

I love kim hyun joong..

Perfect voices. I love thire songs.

Love like this is the best song.

the best

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