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Albania is a southeastern European country that is slightly larger than Maryland and near Montenegro, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, and Greece. The capital is a city called Tirana. Some other major cities in Albania are Durrës, Elbasan, Vlorë, and Shkodër. Albania gained its independence in 1912. more.


worthless country with people who really care about crime fight and with a great self esteem and nothing else. I was engaged to an Albanian and I was forced to be "married" all his family. I was taught to look directly inside someone's heart and not their nationality neither their money. Thus they looked straight forward to underestimate me under the second year of our relationship. They forced me to be the cleaner of them. I was suffocated and fighting with depression so I couldn't see that I was killing myself slowly. The only thing they wanted to me is to find a high end payment job so I can provide them money. I was begging for love and my fiance was just pretending. I had serious health problems I was crying for help just even to move his glass of water in the kitchen.They are raised with no respect against women. They think women are not equal to men but their mothers. Their voice have only one tone LOUD and this is it. They considered to be the smartest prettiest ...more

I have visited Albania many times and therefore met a bunch of Albanian people. My advise is: never trust them. Even those who are pretending to be your friends are in the end trying to benefit of you. Albanian people are very uncivilized, racist and superficial. Women use makeup like they were wearing a masque and thinks that looks good. Men and women just talk about money and bully people about their looks. A nice car seems to be more important than food. They are proud people with nothing to be proud of.

Cancer of Europe they have big birthrate and they are going to other countries and live there and then they said that's their land through history bla bla... Separatists

They can go wherever they want loads of other nationalists live in different countries - Kiarakola

Thieves, criminals, drug dealers and not friendly at all.
Bad people, most of them.

Organ thieves, simply as that. They do all kinds of criminal activity but organ stealing is one of the worst in the world.

You are so mean to people in Albania have you ever met them or even talked to them because it seems to me that you just want to follow the crowd. Wherever you come from there are bad people it doesn't mean that everyone in the world is perfect. - Kiarakola

We visit Albania summer 2014, Albania is beautiful, the Girls are sexy, the people was helpful, Beautiful churches, 200000 Albanian convert to Christianity every year, leaving Islam, we Love Albanians

I can not understand some of the envious opinions, but all must be allowed to speak they mind.

Albania. It isn't that bad but seriously why this place 48? Albania does have crime, like any other country, but people over-react to it so much. It's like Albania has 1 murder every single day. More like 1 murder a year, but now let's talk about poverty. Albania has poverty. Like any other country, however, poverty rate is getting lower by the years, and Albania has the 4th most employment rate in the Balkans. There are almost no mafia groups in Albania. You can go to other countries for that. Albania isn't a xenophobic country. We are welcoming to tourists, and most of us aren't rude to one another. The literacy rate in Albania is 99.8 for Males, 99.3 for Females, we rank 37th in Life Expectancy, and 13th in Happy Planet Index. My question is, how does this add up to 48? - EhhhBarca

I got couple of Albanian friends and they are really good people, they care and they are honest... sometimes.

They are the definition of a human/virus

Albanians had all the rights that Serbians had in Kosovo, they could go to school, live and work there just like any other person. Then they became the bigger ethnic population and chose to unjustly burn all our churches down, kill innocent families, and take away our rights. I'm from Serbia and yet I can't visit Kosovo (rightfully Serbian land) without difficulty. So they can speak their language, have their religion and live easily while the people of Serbia can't do the same? What these people do is insanely primitive as well as unlawful. A country full of mostly uneducated, corrupt people...

I think this is full of nationalism and inaccurate information about a country with most welcomeing culture! Yeah there are criminals in Albania! Aren't they in every contry? And yeah there are Albanians organized crime gangs out in Europe and usa! So are other countrys gangs as well! But you can not put the hard working citizen and thus criminals in the same category and call it Albania!
And when it comes to Serbia lover stop killing people just because they belong to another race! Isn't that enough 100's of thousands in Bosnia and thousands in Kosovo? You shut be a shame of your self! - robroj79

Traitors to Christians most of them turned Muslims, they are like disease in Serbia, Macedonia...

Worst country ever. Criminals and stealers. Enough said

When it comes to Albania just one word comes up: UGLY

They produce like hamsters and spread all over Europe just to steal countries and claim it as their own. Unbelievably primitive people...

The worst of the human race all gathered up=Albania, the most discussing, drug, lung, and God knows what dealers

Racist bigots who think they're entitled to something. Blame every country for their own mistakes.

Stupid, drug trafficking narco pimps with no brains.

Sorry for my bad English. I am Serbian, from Kosovo and was born there and used to live there with my family very long time ago. We had house there. I know there is bad and good in all countries but its horrible, my friend was killed. She was innocent and just passing the street, some Albanian kids attacked. I will never forget the day I heard it. Now I don't dare to go to Kosovo, it is very hard for Serbians to enter, they can't enter like normal people. Albanians are making so much problems, Kosovo leaders are all Albanian criminals helped by Americans! Its Serbian land but we can't go there without problems, ridiculous! Stealing land, history, everything.. Primitive nation.

Have never learned the concept of waste management.

I hate Albania because they think they can take over the balkan, all they do is they claim land that they don't rightfully own.

Spreading all over the Balkans! Go back to your country!

I visit Albania and Montenrgro. Albanians was very nice people,

All country have good and bad people. ( USA have BUSH) Albania have DUSHI)

Italy have DON TOTO. Spain HAVE ZZZ, Germany HAD Hitler Nazi, Japan HAVE DON MINI PENIS.

Not Nr.61, I think Top 10, especially Albanians from Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia. They steal not only a in Western European countries, and bring money to Albania. They steal in Albania and steal other histories etc. Not to mention ethnic cleanings in the Word War 1 and 2 (Nazi SS Skanderbeg).

Lots of nationalist people that can't take any critic. Albanians always know better about every country / everything else even though they live in / came from one of the worst countries in europe. Also really disliked in Switzerland and Austria from what I've heard as a German. Also don't understand why that counrty is in NATO because its one of those countries that live on the edge with almost every of their surrounding countries and also has a lot of ideologies like a " greater Albania ".