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Azerbaijan, officially the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a country in the Transcaucasian region, situated at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe.


No way people how is this 100th. This MUST be the 1st. Which country made the war? Which country president starts the war by twitter (laugh out loud)? Which "republic" has NEVER had presidential elections and the crown goes from father to his son?... Well just give up already... your only worth is oil & it's running out! Azerbaijan you're running out! It's time to say GOODBYE! - Fan_of_Good_Music

This so-called "country" needs to be at least in top 10 along with Turkey and other artificially developed terrorist states. Country, that falsifies histories of ancient indigenous Nations claiming it's "their" and worships axe murderers as "heroes". When oil ends, there won't be Azerbaijan anymore.

I have lived in Azerbaijan and people there are actually nice. They do not think they are the best country just because they won the Eurovision in 2011 and don't think that they are the richest. They actually like America and other countries. So please stop telling lies

They think they are like the U.S. they are so arrogant and think they are better than others. They regard themselves as Europeans, though Azerbaijan is 100% Asian country. And they also think they are the bet music country in the world, just because they won the Eurovision Song Contest 1 time

I'm from Azerbaijan and have lived there. We understand that we aren't the richest country in the world and have never thought that we are the best and own everything. People are actually nice but there are still some not as nice people I have meet there. Even though I'm from Azerbaijan I admit that sometimes people can ba a little rude and I apologize. No country can be perfect and I'm sry if you think Azerbaijan is terrible. I will still always try to respect other people's opinions though.

The worst country with stolen culture, without human rights. All the nation are killers and they are without souls. They want to have a good reputation but they have nothing good. All the country is under the rule of dictators and mafia. They think they can buy everything with their oil and gas. NEVER VISIT THERE, IT'S EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

The people are egotistical and uneducated, the government is extremely corrupt and their military is weak. This country is essentially a worse copy of Turkey.

It's truly the worst! The most corrupted, the least free, disgusting, with no culture, with stupid government, idiot political opinions. They are really the most hated country and nation of the world!

This isn't a bad country I come from here and just because they hosted the summer Olympics doesn't mean their bad.

Azerbaijan never started any wars. Azerbaijan is a country of culture; music, theatre, opera; Azerbaijan has one of the highest literacy rates in the world despite being only 20 yrs old.

A country filled with corruption.
The only thing they're good at is making axe-murderers national heroes.

They think they're great because they have some petrol stations in Switzerland...

I am of Azeri origin and love Azeris, but the country seems to have forgotten it is established because Iran lost a war to Russia and Russia detached the entire land from Iran. Instead, they have named the Azeri part of Iran, much bigger and much more populous than the country of Azerbaijan, South Azerbaijan to indicate that it. Too, should be detached from Iran. This is not good. They cannot make identity for themselves at the price of the identity of other countries.

I hate you guys who hate this. I come from their and it's not wrong to like a country that hosted the summer Olympics

No body no this country as a country...

I hate some of their people's behaviour.

. You HAVE NOT hosted the Olympics. Please stop saying you have, you're just making yourselves looks stupid. You hosted the European Games, a new tournament that has had hardly any coverage outside of Azerbaijanm. NOBODY CARES. Plus Azerbiajan was the only country who WANTED to host them. I'm sure that if a country which is actually in Europe made a bid they would have been awarded the games over Azerbiajan. Most Azerbaijanis seem to be blind or oblivious to the fact that Azerbiajan is corrupt. They think they're the best thing since sliced bread and refuse point blank to accept that their country has problems, MAJOR problems. This hellhole deserves a MUCH higher ranking.

Azerbaijan do not like killing they actually think murdere is bad. They only try to support their country and I'm sure if any country was on their place they would have done the same!

So sad how they want to make them important with lies...

Typical uneducated stupid Armenians talking about fake bull about Azerbaijan. No one thinks Americans are poor, no one claims we've the best government. But yes, most people think Azerbaijan is the best country in the world for them, because they love their motherland. And we can hold olympics in the near future, because we've money and good infrastructure for it. Just because your country are very poor, your people don't like their own country and try to escape there don't make us the same. Don't be that jealous, do your own business. And finally, do not forget that we'll back to our homeland "Qarabağ". You can't live in others' lands anymore. Because you always betrayed them with your dirty and shameful acts.

One of the worst countries ever created,no history,no culture

They steal and call others thiefs, they massacre and tell others they are agressors, they opress and tell others to be democratic they are hypocrites! They kill their own people to blame others, ecen today they have been proven to be one of the most corrupted coutries! Their media if #1 in spreading fantasies and lies lol

Country of dumb lying sheep and genocide makers like their brothers - Anatolian turks. Armenians kicked their weak asses protecting their historic land of ARTSAKH.