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Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. ...read more.


They seem to be polite, but always hide their wicked mind. Never trust Japanese!

I agree. after living in Japan for 3 years and graduating from a Japanese university. I can say the Japanese are close minded people who always think their culture is the best. Never trust a Japanese. They're polite. I'll give them that. but if you're a foreigner living in Japan expect ti get discriminated. You wont see it at first but after a while you will feel the discrimination. Except if your Caucasian and a female. Then Japanese men will be kind to you because deep down Japanese men are perverts who think women are subordinates not equal. To summarize the Japanese are polite but racial discriminating people. Never trust a Japanese.

Stupid non-educated American? I'm Indonesian and I hate Japanese folks. When people say they hate Japan, others quickly assumes they are American. For me Japanese cultures destroyed my country more than the American cultures, or Korean cultures. They are just plain stupid.

Indeed they tend to be racist sometimes though I am an Indian and my view of the Japanese so far has been very good considering our old cultural ties to that region and our exchanges in the contemporary times. They are respectful of our culture Hinduism and Buddhism so we feel it is only good to reciprocate that gesture

What the hoax of Japan.. Look that Japan.. 2ch, Japanese the extreme right website made up S. Korea ranked 1... Gorgeous japan

Japan has done terrible things like the NAZI of Germany. They have done cruel torturing and experiments to the Asian countries. They even forcefully took the people to make them a prostitute.

And you know what they say? The Asian countries should thank and hail Japan. Because Asia has developed because of Japan. Ridiculous, you say? It is true. And even recently they have been so full of hope for another imperialism, and are trying to take over the land of Russia, China, and Korea. They are asking for war through countless insults without a proper apology.

The thing that vexes me most is how they always act the same.
1. Try to do something illegal/bad/morally wrong to another country.
2. All the Japanese internet users post insults and fake information about that another country.

Normally, a country with the 3rd highest GDP wouldn't do that. They should be ashamed of themselves, and learn from other countries. Or else, soon, oh very soon.. All the Asian ...more

Lol you should know they say they develop country like Korea and Taiwan and Taiwan really thank them but Korea doesn't seem like Taiwan understand better dude ==

Its not like Japan is the only country that did horrible things in the the past.. Stop blaming them

Japan- declared war on nearby countries, massacred their people, destroy their culture, captured their women in force to make them sex slave for Japanese army. Also, think this 'Japanese occupation' made occupied countries 'modernized' and still worshiping war criminals.

they always says all this things they've done to be fake, even though there are many solid evidence exists. There's even their government document for this, but they still deny to admit this all thing.

dokdo was taken by them during Japanese occupation. Before that time, it was undisputable korean island. Even Japanese maps, historical documents prove it.
but during 'Japanese occupation', japan takes dokdo by force.
so, what Japanese insisting is regaining there former 'World War II' province.

think this : if Nazis saying this sort of things in Germany, what would gonna happen?
japan does same things now.

That was 50 years ago. And no ones complaining about Germany are they? - Nayan2003

Japan needs to learn from Germany and apologize for what they have done to the world during WWII. They are teaching wrong histories to their kids, which could lead to another chaos later on. Admit, Apologize and Learn from what you have done rather than trying to hide the truths.

You think if your mother got killed and then the murderer paid you 1 trillion dollars, you would still be happy? If you even thought of yes, you are not sane. Of course, they need to apologize. A heartfelt apology is worth more than money, your greed knows no bounds. think before you write such idiotic comments.

Apologise... ? Is the millions paid as compensation to the Chinese and the Korean Government not enough? The Japanese peoples taxed that go towards foreign governments for actions taken almost 70 years ago? Is that not enough? Despite the current generation having NOTHING to do with the past?

Japan is a country which causes the break of world's peace.
Since the World War II up to present, Japan has been causing wars in many countries.
As well as that, Japan is claiming that senkaku Island (belongs to China), Dokdo (belongs to South Korea), and Kuril Island (belongs to Russia).
There is no clear evidence which Japan can claim rights to these islands.
Especially with Dokdo, there are numerous evidence which shows that the island belongs to South Korea. (Including the map that was made by Japanese, it is labeled as Dokdo, not Dakeshima).
Japan, out of the sudden, claiming ownership of these islands. These incidents are current events and Japan, by claiming rights of three islands which belong to three different countries, sounds like a lie, deception, and untruthful.

Japan also uses poor countries to gain their power. With their money, they bribe poor countries in return of money and educational support.

This lying and barbaric country ...more

I gave this a thumbs-up because everything you say is accurate; however, I still don't understand eating dogs, whether it's done by the Koreans, the Japanese, or the Chinese. In my opinion, certain animals should not be used as food. Domestic dogs and cats are only two of those types of animals. Eating feral animals is different. Then again, that could just be my western mindset talking.

They nasty, base, dirty, underhand, lowdown.
This Rank is cheated by them as well

The second world war say two evils: Germany in Europe and Japan in Asia.

Now, in this 21st century, those two evil countries took different paths.

Germany have come out honest and clear with their sincere regret and apologies to those who were aggrieved by their false and wrong militaristic actions. Holocaust, extreme racism and their wrongful political belief. Even today, German descendants are made to learn first and foremost about their past mistakes, and strive still to correct their fathers' and grandfathers' wrongdoings. It is also a criminal liability to do anything associated with (let alone speak of) Nazism. Most recently, German national football team visited Auschwitz in memory of those who died during Holocaust. There is hardly no doubt in their attitude that Germany is a decent country, shown in their respectful actions in the aftermath of the second world war.

Let's look at Japan. Today, Japanese history textbooks at schools completely fabricate ...more

Why this country exist?

You should know that the Japan Empire killed about one billion Asian people in World War II.

And they enforced about one million Korean and Chinese women to Sex-Slave.

They also did a medical experiment on a living body, so called Maruta.

They are more despicable than the Nazis.

But even they haven't done any sincere apology to Asian people and country which they killed and destroyed.

Most Asian people (except Taiwan) hate Japan and Japanese, especially Korean and Chinese.

It is a matter of course to loath Japanese, if you are a human being.

Japan needs to seek his revenge or will never be happy. It is the only one who can solve the problem of Korea. One Korea, the Korean Empire.

Listen. Japaneses.
Have you seen the pictures you Japanese had done in the past, there is a guy on his knee tied both hands behind with his cut head in the air by straw cutter, push in struggling people in the deep water with lond stick, put his foot on the belly of pregnant girls, Japanesse soldirs' sex slaves..

This is the the truth of Japanese.
I feel furious on this picture even I saw and heard something like that so many times. We Korean have tried to forget the sad and disgrace history, we tried to forget the painful memories to heal ourselves.

But why? What for you Japanese guys make us in boiling with anger, if you guys are in your mind your King and premier must accept their sin and make apology, isn't that the very little duty of offender for the savageness?

Japanese premier is still insisting there is no evidence of compulsory sex slaves during World War2 and their Parliament adopted the resolution " Korea occupied illegally the Dokdo, ...more

Japanese, So called as two-faced people, who they are. Well not all of them have such an awful reputation but a few act like they're very polite in every move when they face foreigners or people not belong to them, seems like they show some respects and smile for real. However they don't. It's pretty common when you work with them or getting closer, their polite gesture is just mass-manufactured by their culture, and being suppressed by that, their hatred and envy to foreign people grows in not good ways. If you meet them more than usual, you can see they're a just dagger in front of your eyes, just blocked by their fragile smile face.

So what's their problem?

From their beginning of Meiji Restoration, It started. They were, and they're still really eager to feel like they're one of an European, Westerner. So they're good at act like decent people, but inside of that their basic mind is suffered from an inferiority complex. Though that only shows when their folks ...more

I agree with this post completely. I have lived in Japan for three and I can say the Japanese are pretentious people. They will be polite at first but silently they're discriminating against you if you are a foreigner. Only blond or beautiful women are respected by Japanese men because they are perverts and they will say or do anything to have sex with foreign women. Wish I could break their tiny pretentious necks.

I think Korea is better than Japan Korea have many popular and good people. Especially Korea have KDJ teacher NO president, this two people made Korea more powerful and realize democracy. But this President Lee destroy Korea, he made 4 rivers he spends money in a crazy way. And he decide to disposal Incheon Airport. Anyway I don't like Japan and Ilbe.

The comments under the South Korea item have gone too far.
They are completely different to what we know. The Japanese empire have
Planned to conquer the entire Asia and the Pacific rim, and they've actually tried it.

1876, when the Japanese army was preparing for war,
The Japanese government and some Koreans(not the government) have signed in an agreement that Korea allows extraterritorial rights to the Japanese.

Since Korea had no power at that time, The Japanese military have actually
CONTROLLED the Korean Kingdom whole. After 33years, The Japanese military assimilated Korea in to Japan(1919).

Nobody wants to lose their country-

The Japanese have annihilated Korea and ruled until 1945, when the WWII ended. The Japanese people have to agree with this.

Furthermore, we had no power to assault Japan, or the Japanese.
Actually, THEY HAVE ASSAULTED US. They stole everything from ...more

They have denied a shadowy historical truth... It's brutality... :(

They are denying what they have done to other countries during the WW2. When the movie, Pearl Harbor came out, Japan blocked the movie to play in their country. They developed extremely quickly after the ww2 because the 6.25 Korean War. Japanese were produced weapons and selling to other countries to earn money. Thus, they became one of the wealthiest countries.
Furthermore, the most problem in Japan is any educated Japanese do not know the cruel part of their history. They know when the war started and ended, and that is all.
They killed tremendous random people, and Japanese used human bodies as medical experimental. One of their experimental is Japanese forced to make a woman to pregnant and shoot sulfuric acid on her alive body. Moreover, Japanese doctor (I believe) were observing how she dies and her baby. There is so many different stories exist (it is not a fiction).
Moreover, I heard a story about how Japanese treated Korean and Chinese queens after Japanese won. ...more

Don't know why Japan is placed here... Why is it NOT the United States. The US is among the WORST countries in the world and I'm an American. Go figure!

I know there are so many haters here from the third world, because of the history thought at school by their brain washey government in their country where there's no much rights for free speech. Unlikely, Japan is one of the few country in the world often helping other countries with efficient ODA funding since 1956. Or maybe sounds more familiar to hear it"miracle"or"people's power"as a propaganda from some governments to encourage its people. As a matter of fact, many underdeveloping countries in Asia such as China, South Korea, south eastern countries are benefited to develop their nation by Japan's funding. Not only money sake, Japan is very innovative country that the most tecnology are not only copied but many Japanese company helped to transfer their tecnology to its neighbours. And it worked, no matter how big your hatred is.

In 60-70', because the technology Japanese own was not good, their product was seen as worse quality, just like how we see China products nowadays. By the time Japanese was wanted to own better technology, they had planted huge amount of commercial and tech spies in America and stolen great deal of technologies from American firms, then develop their version. That's why they are now so technologically advanced.

I am a huge fan of Japan.
Hey viewers, do you see all the bandwagons from Koreans.

How pathetic!

Thank you whoever posted this, I am Japanese and I was just getting really upset reading these bad comments about Japan. I admit that Japan had done wrong things in the past, but there are still many other countries that did worse things than Japan. Every country has a good side, though, so no matter how much you hate a country, you should always also try to look at that country's good side at the same time.

They seem to be nice at first, but what they think inside is completely different.

They believe that all other races, China, Korea, Philippine, India, Oceania, and more are all inferior compared to the Japanese, and as you know, invaded them, killed them savagely, and treated them horribly, during the World War II era.

They did countless terrible things during this time, as much as, or even more than the Germans, however, there is no physical evidence found YET, because they got rid of most of them, because China, Korea, and other lands they have conquered weren't physically invaded back by the Allies soldiers, just their mainland, the 4 island they currently possess, and other few islands they had were attacked and invaded by the Allies soldiers. Meaning, as they surrendered to the Allies after Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, and they were to retreat from the lands they conquered, Korea, China, etc, they had time to get rid of ALL the monster like things they have ...more

Well first of all, they do not admit what they have done for decades. They insist that Dokdo is their island and The East Sea should be named The Sea of Japan which both makes non sense and unsubstantiated.

Though South Korea has shown tons of evidence with China, recently, the new Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, seems to deny all the things they've done to South Korea and pays respect to the wrong side. Sinzo Abe is indirectly showing his political view through his constant visit to the memorial event for those who had started the war. This shows that he doesn't think that the wars should have not happened and also does not think that they, Japan, did the wrong thing at all.

Although historical evidences show the correct answer for this nonstopable fight between South Korea and Japan, Japan constantly denies the history and distorted the history and teaches their students. They have ruined South Korea's cultural assets, they killed tons of people during their era ruling ...more

They are fighting with Korea, Russia, and China about the "land" problems... Well, the 2 sided aspect of Japan is shown right there.. While they just argue over Korea that Dokdo is theirs, they try to talk and persuade Russia and China since those two countries are the stronger ones. Well I don't know why they're fighting so much with other countries about the land.. Maybe they just want to expand their country!

From 1910 to 1945(when Japan lost WW2), Japanese government controlled Korea under the name of Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty, however they not only controlled Korea, they treated Koreans as slaves and tortured ones who were trying to protect their own country from being sucked up by Japan.

Koreans still have bad feelings about Japan because of this bad history, however Japanese government is not admitting their act and just tries to slander Korea.. They even argued that Kimchi (Korea's traditional food) is theirs and now they're arguing that Dokdo is ...more

What he sad is all true and the guy who said "shut up you plastic face KOREAN" Why don't you shut up you noob - Jayyu

Most of this list looks to be created by, and added to by a bunch of illiterate and unintelligent people. What a joke - some country's are awful - yes, but it is more often than not the government and their national history that are the problem, not the people. The only country on this list that should be on it is the U.S.

Learn to read and write better, get a good education, then finally, have an opinion when you know what your talking about.

I assume English is your first and last language but you don't know how to use ('s. ) I hope you take your own advice and learn to write. These people seem to know more than just talking smack. Most countries or should I say "country's" would be worse off without America. Especially the ones who hate them. US.A. like it or not. It is the thread that keeps the world together

Japan is the country of cruelty, nastiness and indifference. Their politeness is only on surface but truly these people are nasty. On every level of this society they are superficial, bullying the weak and worshiping the strong ones. They are coward, unable to face authority, unable to express individual opinion. They follow the popular people and they bully the ones showing weakness, they oppress those who can't defend themselves. They spend all their time in their work without being productive and gossip continuously. Even their friendship is based on backbiting. They are Racist in the most primitive way. I am European, I studied my masters there and I have never witness so much indecency in a country. They are nice and polite on surface with tourists but once one lives with them they are worst than rats. They don't have respect for personal work, steal ideas in the work environment, have no problem to humiliate the ones that are unpopular... They really are disgusting! I used to ...more

Japan truly is a xenophobic and selfish country. Japanese people, except few enlightened, are still in the dream of imperialism in 1900s. Most of them just want to watch the world burn under their feet. Their desire towards the imperialism is perfectly shown in their attitude about their military flag. In 1900s, with the flag waving in front of them, killed innocent civilians just for their pleasure--Japanese soldiers were definitely sadists--and raped thousands of housewives in Nan Jing. Not only in China, but in Korea, they murdered the queen at the time and raped her dead body. In order to get rid of all the evidence, they burned the body. Japanese soldiers were insane, and Americans, if you know the attack of Pearl Harbor, you know they are crazy. Whole country was crazy and their heads were filled with nonsensical, horrible propaganda. I mean, if they are not insane, how could they throw their bodies--Kamikaze--after the war is ended? Finally, in 1945, Japan lost the war. ...more

They are spreading rumors world widely such as "Korea is claiming some of cultures such as Confucius or Tofu". It is, however, intentionally made by Japanese to disparaging Korea. They do not care it is true or false, they just want to make someone fun just like they are outcast someone during child. Even really ignoring and manipulating history is them, not Korean. They denying their war crimes and even they worshiping war criminals while Germans honoring victims.

Arrogance is not a word for Koreans, it is for Japanese. This word clearly shows what Japanese thinks when a little country overcome their dark age and finally overrun their country. They felt fear when their economy and culture is collapsed so they decided to make a virtual enemies just like their Otaku culture. They started lies to make others believe it but now, they are believing their own lies. This is called mythomania in psychological definition.

Why Japanese hates Korea so much? Answer is ...more