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The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.


Pinoys are stupid and proud for nothing. Always argue with nonsense for no reason on the net even among themselves. Always deny or refuse to admit they were wrong or poor or backwards compared to others yet put the blame on others, refuse to admit anything bad about their country. They behave like arrogant beggars, jealous of their neighbours yet take for granted when people help them. Their so called "freedom of speech" produce irresponsible morons whom they call journalist who report more of their personal opinion rather than the real news.

I always read this irresponsible and ignorant comments from our neighbors that "Filipinos are jealous of their neighbors", jealous of what? We Filipinos don't even think of our neighbors as our competitor nor are we familiar or aware of their successes. We compete with ourselves and we never gauge or success to the so called successes of our neighbors. - dalematian

Most Filipinos that I met, both in person or on the internet, are generally rude, short minded, and aggressive. One of the most distinctive character of a typical Filipino is bragging how superior their country is, most of them feels that they were born in the best country in the world. They are extremely fanatic about their national identity. It makes us wonder, will Philippines be the next Nazi if they have the power?

I hate to say this, but I somehow agree with you. But that's because most of the people you met are mostly low life, or perhaps from the countryside. There are a few humble people who do more and say less. One of them is the world champion Manny Pacman. I met him once, and I can absolutely say, he's a very humble, down-to-earth guy... Although he's very rich, very strong, very tough... But he doesn't look mean or bad outside the ring. He's just an ordinary guy. I also met a few Filipino top executives (both male and female) and they never behaved like what you mentioned. I guess it's the quality of people that you met gave you that impression. In the US, you can't generalize Americans are intelligent and nice people. Look at those "red necks" and extremists? Look at the racists, both whites and blacks? I'm an American and I don't want any of these people representing the vast majority of my country.

I can answer your comment about filipinos being proud of their country... Because filipinos are always looked down by other foreign countries and being discriminated by racist people from other countries, and because of that some filipinos are ashamed to admit they are filipinos whenever they are in other countries, that's why whenever there is a successful filipinos overseas they cheered their countrymen to not to be ashamed of their race and be proud of being a filipino... So it means that they are not ashamed being a filipino whenever they are proud of what race they came from... I hope you got what I mean... It's not bragging it's cheering themselves up that they should not be ashamed of what race they came from...

They don't feel any guilty about lying. It's like they just believe that it's truly happened. Don't be nice to people there more than enough or else they are gonna do sth behind you for money or sth like that. It's what my old filipino friends said to me.

I think the people who disliking filipinos replies here has strong hate or either just numb about others feelings... I know I might got dislikes here but it's unfair to hate the entire race or nation just because of some filipino's faults... Well, me, when a person from other country did something bad to me, I just hate that person only, but not that person's race because I know it's very immature to hate those people who has nothing to do with that person's fault...

You are judging the whole race by what you've only heard from some people from that race, hey we are not that bad we still have a conscience... Your way of thinking is immature... Mature people observe first and try to experience it themselves before they judge someone or something... You are saying such offensive things against filipinos but you have filipino friends...

This is the most hated countries list; why are you guys posting praises for this country? Stupid people makes a stupid country.

I'm Filipino and I agree with this post. Stop defending the Philippines because we are a shame to humanity. - deanernana

I'm from Canada, been living in the Philippines for 12 years now
And all I can say about the Philippines is that they can't accept
What's wrong with them, truly the Country is Nationalist, I hope
I can move to another country, heck I even learned the language myself
To know the people more, they think they're famous, what the heck
Talented people, but very arrogant in every way...

Why don't you move to another country? As in now. Get out if you are not happy.

Arrogant, ignorant, selfish people. I've never met such a race of people. There are a few genuine people that you can be friends with, but the vast majority hold contempt for you. As a foreigner, they see you as a money sign. That's all you're good for. The vast majority will want to feel like they are superior to you and put themselves or say things to overinflated themselves.

They lack basic understanding of the world. Most can't even locate their own damn country on a map, and these were high school graduates.

They have a false pride that covers up their insecurity. They can't take any criticism about themselves or their country. Cause at this time, their country is a hole, but it's been getting better since Aquino took power.

They can't drink without getting emotional or violent. They say they care about family, but only care if you're the breadwinner sending money from overseas. They either try to marry a foreigner or go work as a maid or bar girl.

And ...more

I'm part Filipino and I look hot. I live in a country blessed with beautiful beaches and mountains. BUT...

Entertainment industry here sucks big time. Talk about movies with the same plots. It's either about love, family, drama, crappy action, stupid comedy. Mediocre stories recycled over and over again. Don't get me started on T.V. soaps. Music here is bland. No character. Most songs here sounds like a gospel song. All musicians are sell outs who do not care about creativity. Even untalented celebrities have albums.

Filipino pride my ass! If you are a Filipino and you claim to love your country then why do you work so hard so you can migrate? Why do you keep on complaining and not do anything about it? Why do you complain about poverty but you keep on making babies? Why do you glorify mediocre lifestyle (siesta, unemployment, overpopulation, no discipline)?

Government, entertainment and religion is deeply intertwined. A certain religious group would vote for a ...more

I'm a filipino like you, I somewhat agree to the music industry part... Most singers here who has real talent can't have opportunity to have a job because it's really really hard to be recognize here as singers because when it comes to music, filipinos are perfectionist... And almost all the songs here are ballad... So it's better if we have different types of music so it's not boring... We all need an improvement...

Being too much proud of their country. Boastful, prideful.

It's not bragging whenever we are proud of our country, it's called loving your motherland... Filipinos are always been discriminated overseas so some filipinos are ashamed to admit they are filipinos whenever they are in other country, so whenever there's a successful filipinos overseas filipinos say proud to be pinoy not because they are bragging, it's because they just want to say that they are not ashamed being a filipino... All countries have bad and good people but why people from other countries always point their finger to Philippines and filipino people?.. We are not that bad we do have conscience and we are also human like you...

I bet this person is very super duper hyper humble, meek, gentle and shy person that's why this person is so brave to post this...

Dirty, filthy, dangerous and the list goes on. I visited the country once and I promise you I will never go back no matter what the reason may be. I'd rather go to the most dangerous parts of Mexico because at least they have tasty food. This is just my honest opinion.

I've lived in the Philippines now for 2 years. As you say, you've visited the country once. "Dirty? , Filthy? , pretty much the same thing. Dangerous? YOUR list does not go ON very far. "Visited? ". How long for and where? In my "Honest Opinion" I don't think you would be invited back by any Pinoy I've met if they knew your "Honest opinions". Enjoy the most dangerous parts of Mexico 'because with your attitude they just gonna LOVE a piece of you

You must have been to the slums maybe because you can't afford the other parts of the country.

Hate the Government not the people. They always complain about the bad government but keep voting the corrupt ones. One thing I like about Filipinos is the word FAMILY. Don't have much to say. Well the nature wonder of the Philippines I guess is their strength.

I was born in the Philippines and grew up in Singapore and I'm not proud to be Pinoy. I would change my nation if I could. My mother is Chinese and my father is Filipino. I really hate my Filipino father! He's accent is so annoying, he's showing so much Pinoy pride, he thinks he's smarter than my brothers, he always ruins my day, he's loud and he is ignorant. I think Pinoy should be called Pignoy. Why would these dumb Filipinos show pride to a corrupt stupid ignorant country? There was one Filipino student who was in my school who bothered me a lot. He's accent and voice annoyed me, he eats French fries weirdly and he thinks he's so smart that he tried to "teach" me things that I already know.

All this country wants is money, just like its suzerain. If you had ever traveled to Philippine, you would notice that even the police can do A LOT for you with MONEY. Lives here are nothing valuable, for that you will usually see men get killed during elections, even journalists. To me, this country is led by a pirate government which has no sense of guilt or nothing but corruption.

All the country wants is money? No, the country NEEDS money, it's the other greedy people that wants money and our government isn't doing much to strengthen the nation

Filipinos complain a lot yet they don't do anything about it. They have many vices that mold them to be lazy and irresponsible individuals and they don't have self discipline. They are very abundant of natural resources bet they take it for granted. Now their waters and streets are all polluted.

I pity this country and it's people.

Worst country ever. Not because of the country, but rather the people. Pride is off the charts, that they don't know what opinion and criticism really is. Gets butthurt easily. Whenever there is an internationally famous person who has filipino blood, they think they are as famous as that person. Backstabbers.

Coming from someone who is Filipino and absolutely DESPISES this country, it's safe to say you are very correct. This shameful race of people are so arrogant that they are blinded by it. These people think they are so much better than others yet they don't realise that these foreigners are the real reason this country is actually surviving. - deanernana

This country is the embodiment of stupidity, inconsiderateness, laziness, envy and maybe the other remaining six from the seven sins. And most of the people lack the ability to assess everything around them and have poor attention span. They don't bother to adapt to other countries' cultures and ways. Most of them have crab mentality and are proud of it. They appear to be pretty shallow and you can see it by looking at their local channels and their form of entertainment. And they badly lack any knowledge and standards at all.

Their country can be exploited by businessmen and religion. If you don't believe me then all you have to do is to look towards PLDT and their catholic church.

Also, they know that problems are problems but won't do anything to fix it.

And typically, the POS of a government. Most of the people of the government are exploiters (no surprise there! ).

I would post a wall of text deducting all of their problems here but I'm not in a mood ...more

I just love philippine's I don't hate it.. I just wondered why they hate it.. It's so beautiful country I ever saw.. I would rather live to they're country than my country I know my my country have a rich governmant that can support our studies our health and other's but I want to have a smell of free country I don't want to say what country I came from.. Jsut want to say that I want to go to philippine but my mom didn't want so I wait until I grow up.. Wait for me philippine I go there promise and I will change my nationality :))

Philippines is the of famous country in the world
They don't feel any guilty about lying. It's like they just believe that it's truly happened. Don't be nice to people there more than enough or else they are gonna do sth behind you for money or sth like that. It's what my old filipino friends said to me.
And have a natural beauty

I am a filipino but saying that Philippines is the Famous country in the world, really?

Philippines is not perfect. I'm ashamed you said that.

Hey have you met all filipinos to say that? You judged filipinos by just hearing a hearsay without observing by yourself? Don't judge quickly dude...

Did you put all 100 million Filipinos in the lie-detector test to say they lie? If not, then you are the biggest liar not Filipinos.

Dirty, filthy country. Compounded by their own citizens littering in the streets and even in villages. Rivers choking on refuse.

Stupid, uneducated populace that partakes exclusively in dishonest activities. Their own culture promotes living off their family and siblings.

Destined to be domestic help, prostitutes, freeloaders and corrupt politicians for an eternity.

I'm full filipina and a devoted catholic from the visayas, but I have been raised in the U.S. territory of Guam which is close to the Philippines. I've lived around my kind for so long and I notice a lot of their bad traits than their good traits. I'll try to sum this up quickly. Filipinos are: disrespectful, thoughtless, rude, crab mentality, extremely short tempered, onion skin on about the trivial and petty things, treat their kids and spouse like animals, judgmental hypocrites, stupid, gossipingmongers, always blaming and manipulating innocent people, gold-diggers and they don't treat each other like family unless they are getting money from them. They are especially narrow minded and lazy, they are ignorant god worshippers who rely on God about almost everything without making effort for a change. And don't get me started how physically and emotionally abusive they are to their own family.

Arrogance, stupidity and ignorance is nothing to be proud of. Most of Filipinos are rude, undisciplined, or just plain annoying. Crime and corruption is very common for a religious country. Would rather DIE than live the remaining years of my life in this benighted place.

Everything is about money money money

Hey all countries has good and bad people not only Philippines... I've also encountered gold diggers from other countries...

People here only think about themselves and how the govt can help them. Filipinos are racists to their fellow Filipinos. How about that.

I'm a filipino.. my cousin is a half filipino and half European and he was born and grew up in other country and he said people there are insulting and degrading him for being a filipino even he didn't do anything bad to them... So it means he is a victim of racism too.. And it's from the other country... So what can you say about that?

Most Filipinos aren't really Asian-thinkers as one would perceived in the reality. They try to imitate western culture to the point of leaving theirs behind. I know that this is the only Christian/Catholic country in Southeast Asia but ironically, crimes are very rampant, gov't officials who have to be the servants are the ones who are the most corrupt of all, and people have the mentality of putting others down just to take over them. The attitudes are not good. Most women are thought to be liberated and not conservatives at all. Philippines is where old, incapable, and trash Americans lives, they buy Filipino women just to marry them. That sucks!

Wow the person who post this is so perfect, sinless and very clean that's why this person have all the rights to judge those not perfect humans... I salute your cleanliness...

FILIPINOS ARE FREAK ABOUT BEAUTY PAGEANT! THEY ARE FANATIC. the fans are really brutal and sensitive if it's related to their beauty queens. they always say and consider that their race is the most beautiful and also consider their level is same as the United States maybe, without realizing how they really R. I hate the people with trashy mouth. and you know?! So many guys act like beauty queen, they really want to be a beauty queen although they're a "guy" it's disgusting, so many sissy guy there. GROSS sissy!

I'm a filipino and I don't care about beauty pageants because it has nothing to do with my daily life... I'm too busy thinking about how to help myself improve, helping my family and friends and do something for my future and my family's well being... So, you're wrong...

Most Filipinos don't care about beauty pageants. Instead they do care about work to have money to support their families. You are so ignorant and stupid.

What? Are you crazy. Majority of the population doesn't care about beauty pageants. I bet you have only met a handful and all of them are pageant fanatics. You seem to have such knowledge. You, yourself, must be a beauty pageant fanatic. It takes one to know one. Duh!

I'm Filipino-American and I just moved here. I've been here for only 6 months and I already wish I was dead.
Most of the people I've meant here are surprisingly stupid. they're delusional, ignorant, unfunny, rude, insensitive, annoying, and just plain stupid. Of course, not all the people are like this but a surprising amount of people are. I'm only writing this to vent because I'm stuck in this sickening country.
The people I live with are rich and are racist against their poorer family members. They treat them like maids not family. They like flaunt their wealth and have maids and nannies take care of their children instead of doing it themselves. This is true for a lot of the rich filipinos.
You would think they'd be a little more educated than the poor filipinos, but they're just the same. They took their kids to some voodoo masseuse who gives you a highly painful deep tissue massage to "take away injuries of the soul" They gave their 2 year old and 7 yer old to her ...more - katepl