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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.


Arrogance. One world that encompasses everything and every aspect of Korean people and their superficial culture.

Try speaking to Koreans; they make poorly construed connections that relate to how good Korea is and simultaneously insult your country. And then they give a fake smile; typical of arrogant Koreans.

Also, they are a xenophobic lot; too insecure to try to make friends outside their own cultural sphere, and they love to point and laugh and insult people in their own language.

Many of Koreans are really insane.
Koreans torture dogs until they die before eaten. Yes Koreans eat millions of dogs a year in the 21st century.
Google: "Its a fact! Koreans eat dogs and cats "

They fabricate their own history so that their children believe their made-up stories to hide their crimes and misery.
Google:"Korean textbooks slammed over errors, bias, boringness
By Nathan Schwartzman"

South Koreans illegally import Human Flesh Pills from China.
Google:"Human Flesh Pills"
The pills are made in China, but the truth is that Koreans living in China made them for South Koreans.

China eats 10 times as many dogs as Korea. All textbooks lie. All historical records are most likely biased. And do you know how common organ harvesting is in China? People are literally kidnapped and murdered for their organs. - Seanpai

Koreans think that deceiving others is ok. That's why they always lie.

Plagiarism Imperiling South Korea's Academic Reputation by Youmi Kim
Plagiarism Is Cheating by Lee Phil sang Korea University's President
I love Korea because... But I hate "Korean Nationalism" against Japan - "Culture Hijack by Korean" on YouTube

The more Koreans claim, the more they tend to deceive others by vicious lies.

The followings are typical examples of their plagiarism.
* Kumdo from Kendo of Japan
* South Korean T.V. erases Japanese Flag From H-IIA Rocket

Koreans really love plagiarism.

South Korea has a "VICTIMIZATION COMPLEX". Period. PLUS, they seem to want to take credit for inventing EVERYTHING or COPYING everything they can, then claiming "THIS IS OUR IDEA". (Ex. Sushi, Karate, Origami paper folding, Apple's I-PAD and iPhone... Even the HYUNDAI a pure copy of HONDA in Brand! They truly need to stop this and stop crying about how Japan "conquered" them as a COLONY from 1910--1945. They were a backwards, ox-driven, dirt road country until the Japanese helped to MODERNIZE them. A bit too sternly... But FAIRLY. Far better treatment and respect they get from their own DNA "brothers" the NORTH KOREANS! Domo arigato gozaimasu is what they should say to Japan... Not asking them to apologize and for the Emperor to bow down to S. Korea. Give it a rest, Seoul & country!

I have been here 4 months.. Everything and more you say is so very accurate.

The world is ours. The world is yours. However, it will be Korean's. Korean steal every thing from other countries. They "create" every thing in the planet and universe.
They are rude and arrogant, showing their bad habits in S. Korean even in other countries.
Exaggerating the benefit of kim-chi, the Korean cuisine isn't that delicious as what they said. It is just a bunch of kim-chi and kim-chi and kim-chi and K... Actually, it is the origin of intestines and stomach cancer. How can be people eating such thing every meal (worse than per day) and keep on believing it is, say, the best food in the world. (Chinese and French stay calm... Laugh out loud)
Korea has been/being ruled by China, Japan and now the U.S.. That's why they are searching more and more points to enhance their status, even though they are all faked and nonsense.
Korean produces low-quality electronic and sells in high-price. Korean product is the name of rubbish. Only low EQers buy it. ...more

I can't stop laughing because you seriously sound like you know nothing. Stop being stupid by posting bad things about Korea and grow up. Do something that is useful for the world. shame on you. - realamerican

Both South & North Koreans are the same race.
Both Koreans have the same DNA and culture.

They demand money for stupid reasons and create nuclear weapons.
They fight against each other for many decades.

They have abduct many innocent citizens including kids from Japan.

They fabricate everything from history to their faces.
They really want to hide their own facts.

Children in Korea are taught very wrong hatred against other nations such as Japan.

Koreans severely torture lovely dogs before they eat them
Stupid Koreans believe torturing makes dogs taste better.
"IAKA" or "International Aid for Korean Animals"
Lovely dogs and cats are murdered even right at this moment in the peninsula.

Koreans claim that Japanese people don't know correct history.
However, Koreans are ignorant about what they really are.
Japanese citizens have many options to learn correct history.
There ...more

They have a hysterical and paranoid. Raging in the population is negative value a sense of history and made ​​their own. So I can not discuss. The worst money involved and further, it is a "apology and compensation" formula is words. We believe that patriotism as family own people very high, there is a tendency to think about the heinous crime of sweet sibs. Superior high recidivism rate of sexual crimes to the infant in the country actually. From their own people and the mass media, saying that it does not come out blame has been done many prostitution abroad. Some things just are taught from childhood Korean civilization has been filled with the "cradle of civilization".

First, I am a Japanese, and I cannot use English well.
If you difficult to read my comment, I apologize to you.
Additionally, in this comment, I swear that this comment is not the private thoughts of as JAPANESE.

Do you remember that a Swiss football player insulted Koreans in London Olympic?
The football player's Reaction was not good.
Do you know why did he take such Reaction?
It is because many Koreans attacked cyber-terrorism against his SNS (that is Facebook).
These Koreans' action is immoral.
They should protest to referees rather than the player.

I will talk you to one another thing in football of the London Olympic.
In men's football third-place match of the Olympic, South Korea won Japan.
After won, Korean player put up a placard which wrote "Dokdo is Korea's territory" in Hangul.
(Dokdo is the Korean name of Takeshima. )
Territorial claim is a political act.
And, Political action of Olympic ...more

I must say you English is not bad. And I agree with your points very much. - stevensun

Korea has caused this kind of problem for a long time -- during WWII, a lot of young women were sold to brothels, then later Korean has shifted its responsibility to Japan by claiming that they were forcefully treated as sex slaves, but the truth is that Korean itself has been deeply involved in the sex business, and this nation is really crazy about sex or slaving women in sex. A lot of Korean women now claim that Korean government and USA army staying in Korean force women to serve as sex slaves. The world has to see this fact and know Korean people are basically those like this.

Koreans severely fabricated their own history because they want to believe that they are superior to other nations such as China, Japan, and US.

In fact, they had been just a slave country of China for more than 1000 years. Japan made Korea independent by winning China in 1985. Korea had almost nothing proud of.

They want to hide those miserable facts. That's why they fabricate their own history by negatively emphasizing Japan's policies during the annexation period.

While they teach their children only negative impacts of the annexation with made-up stories, Japan really helped Korean people enormously.

Japan banned their Slavery system. It meant that Korean people got relieved from the very evil feudal system for the first time in their own long history.

Until 1945, Korean was a part of Japan. That's why Japan really modernized it with huge money. Unlike colonies of Western countries, Korean people got high level standard of living. ...more

Basically what you just said is the most ludicrous stupidity I've heard in a while. How the heck did Japan help Korea, if any other country in Southeast Asia.. Your ignorance and your arrogant manner shocks and humours me at the same time. Learn to acknowledge and appreciate history and stop feeding yourself lies that the rest of the world knows the truth to

I know personally that there are many good Korean in that country. But as a whole nation, their mentality is disgusting. They have strong tendency to cook up their fake beauty points and to diminish others. It is too clear that in old ages Korea learned almost everything from China and recently Korea did from Japan. Is it so mortifying for them to admit they did? We never believe Korea originated Chinese letters, Confucianism, Kendo/Judo or Christian faith. I do not believe they have genetic defects as some Chinese or Japanese people insists, but I have to point it out that their nation must have underlying problems in education, mass communication media or maybe politics. Some one or nation must teach them once for their own future.

Please think of others before you post such things. Show respect to others if you want to be respected. - itsjinny1025

The most horrible point of people's tendency of this country is thievery of culture. They always claim that they are the "original" of a cultural heritage if it is accepted in world-wide as a good thing. They claim that they used to rule enormous area covering up nearly all East-Asia for 10-thousand years. This attitude (of course absolutely insane) is making plenty of troubles between China/Japan. Another point to refer to is : the notion of "Han" which means "long-lasting resentment". There are historical contexts making themselves behave like that, and I am kind of sorry to them. But recently... They have become unacceptably stupid.

Everyday people complain about how the middle east is home to "the worst people in the world". People from war-torn and terrorized countries are not the worst people in this world. SOUTH KOREANS are the worst. "What about North Korea? " I don't give a damn. They don't bother people with their disgusting substance. South Koreans are awful people AS A WHOLE. Calls me a racist, but it's true! At least an extremely high percentage are rude, unthoughtful, arrogant, ignorant, idiotic, degenerate hypocrites that don't care about any race but themselves. As a Filipino, I am so aggravated by these airheads wandering our streets and infiltrating our companies and schools. I don't understand how anyone thinks they're singlehandedly improving our economy because it's not like they're generating that much money. Nope, they are (thankfully) not coming here so often anymore. I see these people bullying Filipinos and other races often. They hit people and don't care. THEY DON'T ...more

Not everybody are the same. How about you haven't you ever bullied people? It is nearly impossible to not try to bully other people. You may have bullied other people without you knowing so please do not post such things unless YOU never bullied somebody in your life. By the ways I too felt bully by other people. And they were Filipinos so will you care to explain? And also more than half of the Filipino people I know uses Korean products. So please do not post such things and please zip your mouth. - itsjinny1025

They are exceptionally arrogant.
Culturally they have a strict hierarchy between human relationships and this is the source of all problems they cause when they are in foreign countries.

For example, it's morally almost forbidden to apologize other people since admitting mistake is defeat and surrender, so instead, they start blaming other people even when they themselves make some mistakes.

Also, they are very often proud of their nations and culture and sometimes even looking down on other nations. It's only because they have been taught to behave so to make other people understand they are better than other people, but this behavior will provoke non-Korean people a lot.

Somehow I feel sorry about their poor education environment.

Only some are arrogant. Don't you have arrogant people near you or in your place?! - summersky

They are too emotional in person, and think and act unsophiscticatedly in many ways. One of the reasons why they have this very unique characteristics is, their government and history of their country. Korea had been subject to China over thousand of years, then annexed to Japan. This means they were weakest country in the east asia region, and it was simply because their government was very poor both materially and in mind, their moral, education, standard of living, were all poor. This history makes Koreans emotional characteristic to have inferiority complex to foreign countries and cultures. Their education was pretty much improved under Japanese rule though. Even after the WW2 and the Korean War, their governments have been very poor. They say they are democratic country now, but it is actually not. Every time their government/president is changed, their ex-president are arrested/killed/or commit suicide, due to ex-president and their families and family companies corruption. ...more

Mmm way too many reasons. Where to start with?

BRAINWASHED by their govt
HO (sending all over the world)
FAKE DEMOCRACY (Ah and fake faces! Laugh out loud)
DEMANDING, CLAIMER (saw the Olympics? )
NO MANNER or MORAL (see sports matches n business)
LIAR lying is their habit. Laugh out loud)
DISTORT HISTORY (The origin of Asian culture is Korea? NO, China! )
RAPIST & LOOSE ones (SO many Korean adopted children in the world)
PLAGIARISM, COPYCAT (technology like ipad & iphone, culture like sushi & aikido)
BREAKING RULES easily (Olympic Charter, stealing the lands of other countries)
CRAZY EDUCATION (sad to see Korean kids drawing the picture of burning Japanese flag)
TORTURE ANIMALS (They bash dogs before they eat them as they believe it makes dogs taste better. )

They seem to think they can attain a moral high ground by blaming Japanese sins in ww2. It is funny Not to see that they don't even bother to remember they were part of Japanese empire and willingly or unwillingly they helped Japanese. I think their argument can never be convincing as long as this perspective is included in their argument. In addition, Their mind is occupied by their version of history of the sad time of the history. Of course, They can choose to do so, but maybe it is more productive to frame it within a broader history. Before and after the war. I hear Korean population more than doubled during Japanese occupation. I don't know any other country doubled it's population within time of 35 years around that time. We tend to focus how many people were killed. I understand that. But this fact can be noted at the same time, if we consider human life is important to us. Also, it is UN's understanding that Korea was not a part of ally. So, it is not reasonable to ask for ...more

Both South and North Koreans have the same DNA.
They have the same culture.
They always lie.
They always fabricate history.
They torture lovely dogs until they die and eat them.
They demand money for stupid reasons.
They want to believe that they are superior to others, while they are far behind others.

For example, while they think that they are superior to Japan, they have received just one Nobel Peace Prize.

After 1945, Japan received 17 Nobel Prizes and three Fields Medals in Mathematics.

Taiwan also received Nobel Prizes in the natural science fields.

Taiwan, Korea and Japan were just one nation before 1945.
Both Taiwan and Japan received many Nobel Prizes after 1945.
Both Taiwan and Japan objectively recognize what they really are.

Japan has in fact contributed to modernizing Taiwan and Korea, while only Taiwan has admitted the fact.

Those who can't recognize facts will never receive a Nobel Prize ...more

I really don't hate Korea (I'm still at confused stage per say... But, beginning to dislike Korea) after the Olympic incident.
The hatred toward Japan & Japanese people are just overwhelming. Teaching the history and teaching the negative impression of the one particular country is two different thing, but it seems that the Korean people are mixing those two. Especially, Korean government is purposely leading their people to hate Japan & Japanese people... It's so sad to see the Korean elementary kids drawing the picture of burning Japanese flag, people walking over the Japanese flag, Japanese map over big cross (X) characters, etc posted on the wall of classroom... I was so shocked & couldn't believe it when I saw that photo on web,

The world knows that South Koreans = North Koreans in DNA.
They have the same culture to torture lovely dogs and eat them.
They have the same cheating customs to demand money for stupid reasons.
They love fabrications and plagiarisms from history to their faces.
They always try to hide their real facts.

While they claim that Korea has longer history(5000 yrs or more) than China, they had been just a slave country of China for more than 1000 years until Japan defeated China in 1895.

Korean government has hidden the fact that Korea got independent from China according to the Shimonoseki Treaty between Japan and China in 1895.
Thanks to Japan, Korea got independent from China for the first time in their history.

While Korea claims that Japanese army invaded the peninsula for the annexation, they in fact didn't even fight against Japan. The leaders of Korea at that time asked Japan to acquire Korea into Japan.

As a matter of fact, Japan ...more

Korea was not a slave country to China, it was just a vassal state. - golin

Anti-Japan education is the Korean national commitment. They've ever made every efforts to make their citizens hate Japanese people. To that end, they think nothing of lying & fabricating history, and their people believe the fabricated history, and as a matter of course hate Japanese people. As long as they stop such a greatest hoax ever perpetrated on their history, Japan and South Korea are on a collision course with the War sometime in the near future for sure.

Aha. Well, it's kind of complicated. We do not encourage our citizens to completely hate Japan. But Japan does fabricate their history. We, of course, weren't happy with that, and we wanted them to teach history correctly, but they didn't listen. Also, they didn't apologize properly. Yes, they gave us money, but that is just equivalent to murdering your family member and giving some money in return and asking you to forgive the murderer. - Lumoseo

South Koreans frequently deceive other nations.

"The construction technology of South Korea is a number 1 in the world"
"A historian analyzes Korean drama Jumong Part1"
"Korean swordmanship history is lie"
"Endangered Japan (Book 1): A Cultural War"
"Two Special Places for Koreans"

They teach their children to believe that they are number one based on a bunch of made-up history with evil bias against other nations such as Japan.

In fact, without Japan, South Korea could not modernize itself.
The entire peninsula was just a slave country of China until Japan defeated China in 1895.
Japan made it independent and modernized it with huge money.

Even if the Korean government hid it, Japan really contributed to Korean economy growth for the both periods: during the annexation and the after 1945.

Without Japan, Korea can't even survive in near future.

Korean poor citizens ...more

I think that they are kind of arrogant.

I mean I'm half Irish half Japanese. I really find that at my school korean kids can be really mean to us sometimes. However after talking about WW2 we got to an agreement that Japan is truly sorry for what had happened. Even the right wing people denied the killings we the people of Japan are truly sorry for what happened. Of course the cool ones listened to our points and were very understanding. There are some dickheads but to be honest they are everywhere.
Some of the extremists should get over it. I mean the English wiped out nearly 1/3 of the population of Ireland. I still support the England Football team in the World Cup. Before the 1800s the population of Ireland was 8 million. After the famine and the black and tans(the constables who murdered people) 3 million. 6 million got killed in China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Korea. Compared to the populations of all of those countries it is a minute percentage. In the polls of ...more

The Joongang news in South Korea covered the news that South Korea was the number one most hated country in this "The Top TENS".

Then all of a sudden is a couple of days Japan turns out to be the most hated country in the world.
I personally think the reason of this sudden change is obvious.

There is a survey announced by the UK BBC.

In this poll by Globescan was based on the answers of about 24,000 people in 22 countries and conducted that Japan has most positive influence in the world.
"Japan is seen as having the most positive influence in the world
Among all countries evaluated, and views have improved slightly since
2011. On average, in the 21 tracking countries surveyed, 58 per cent of
Respondents hold positive views of Japan’s influence (up from 56% in
2011), and 21 per cent hold negative views (up 1 point from 2011). This
Very favourable global picture is reflected in the picture by country:
Out of the 22 countries surveyed in ...more

I used to like Korean people and lived with them. But I started disliking them as they tell a lot of lies and are very arrogant. They also do not have morals.

As you may know, they are making histories. Many Korean people said that they used to govern the US. I heard Chinese and Japanese are originally Korean. It does not make sense scientifically, but they believe it because of the education. Do they learn about the 4 great ancient civilizations? Anyway, they always insist that they are superior to any other countries.

They keep breaking rules and think they can break laws as long as the government does not recognize it. Many Korean people had copies of exams for trades. They share those information on their Korean websites. One Korean guy was caught after he scanned an exam with his pen with a camera. They make fake resumes. Korean agencies deceive a lot of money even from Korean new comers to Canada. They promise to find jobs to new comers and the new comers pay ...more