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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


Let's see... Many Americans are uneducated and follow around politicians like sheep. The education system in the US is the worst among the First World countries. Many Americans are also arrogant, self-centered, rude, think that they're always number one, and over-patriotic. I mean, you see the national flag of the country per street block, compared to other countries around the world. Their news feed is only about things that involve America or against American interests. America has constantly broke their constitution as well. It's also full of corrupt politicians who take bribes from the rich, including corporate business owners. The US government is constantly waging war, spending millions of dollars while they bully other countries, stick their noses into affairs that don't involve them, sacrifice many American soldiers, bring their allies into wars that have no benefit for them, lie about bringing peace, and commit war crimes. They also deny their guilt for the bad things they ...more

Ok, I will try to please everybody here by saying my side. For one thing, this racist, bigot, over patriotic, self indulged, arrogant, rude, fat and dumb American image that you think of is defiantly not every American. Now it can be some like the far right tea party who hold every stereotype that you have just named but it's not everybody, also it's the minority, my parents who are republican aren't any of those things nor are their parents or friends and definitely not my democratic friends. Onto the next topic, we definitely could have a better political system where congress didn't take bribes and the top 1% had 40% of the national income but not all congress takes bribes and not all rich people are bad and try to bribe. Next most Americans don't want to wage war, even our current president, but we usually are forced into it by the world who say that they need the mighty American war machine to save them and stop the terrorists. Now we did support terrorists in the 80s to fight ...more

I totally agree with you! Just one thing, you also forgot to mention how the education system has failed as well. I think that in their education, it lacks information about what their country did wrong, thus causing many Americans to have the image that their country is superior and didn't make many mistakes in their history. For example, they believe that because they abolished slavery, their country is perhaps the "great liberator". Yet, many disregard the fact that these so called "liberators" captured the slaves and brought them to America in the first place. Also many have the thought that the United States is a "free" country, yet they don't realized that they are all being manipulated by the government. The U.S. Constitution would not even be what it is today if it weren't for other races and ethnicities revealing all of the flaws in it. The U.S. wouldn't even be standing if it weren't for the slaves and immigrants. Honestly, I do not think that ...more - ryan01px2019

A significant number of their citizens are ignorant. Many are arrogant and think that the US has the right to bully other countries. Lots of propaganda by their media and lots of paranoia against Russia, China, and Iran. Their government thinks that they can do whatever they want, oppressing the people of the world with their military and the CIA. They're also jealous that China is becoming more and more powerful and Russia is rising back on its feet. They claim to be fighting against terrorists, but they support terrorists as well. They only support those who support the US and bash on those that get in the way of their imperialism. They lied about being an isolated country prior to WWII and they stole land from Mexico and annexed places like Hawaii and Puerto Rico in the name of US imperialism. They think that they were the only ones that won WWII when clearly the USSR, China, and the UK did a lot more in terms of war effort then they did. They committed genocide against the native ...more

The image of America is tarnished by arrogance and ignorance. While many Americans are knowledgeable and tolerant, many Americans are also blind, arrogant snobs with hitler like views that they are the 'supreme race' and everyone else in the world either wants to be an American, or anyone who opposes them is a terrorist and an opponent of peace. The government has a tendency to heartlessly invade countries for personal gain (oil) but not before defaming the leader and turning the world against them. American schooling teaches very little about the world outside America which leads to a country full of people who are culturally, politically, geographically and historically ignorant. On top of that, while this may be an unfair criticism, the American accent is generally quite annoying and while bearable, lacks the exotic attractiveness of many other accents (British, Irish, French, Western European, Italian, Australian). While this is not a personal criticism as an accent is not ...more

This country is run by idiots. There is corruption, scandal and stupidity at every level of government. The two major parties here can not agree on anything! They couldn't agree on a course of action if the world was about to end! In the USA, there is no middle ground between democrats and republicans. Unless you are under the age of 16, you are expected to belong to a political party. There are hardly any independents! The republicans rant about how homosexuality should be banned, how Obama is the antichrist and how global warming is a myth. The democrats whine about how the government should be absolutely enormous and control everything, that the Israelis are war criminals and that Obama is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Both parties are corrupt and are sponsored by equity corrupt corporations. It is as if our government is actually made up of two governments that hate each other and can't agree on anything. The left is extremely pro environment, pro choice and pro Arab and pro ...more

The Americans have a terrible habit of disregarding history, they re-write it constantly in their films and books, then argue with the rest of the world when they're disagreed with instead of actually doing any proper research.

The US has stabbed many other countries in the back repeatedly, assisting the Nazis in starting WWII by supplying them with most of the oil needed to fuel the Blitzkreig on Poland and then sitting back and selling weapons to all sides for as long as possible. They didn't even declare war on the Germans, they waited for the Germans to do it. The worst part is that they now insist on strutting around, crowing about how they saved the planet from fascists.

The US education system is substandard and the vast majority of Americans are very ignorant. Ignorant to the point of believing scripture because it's easier to wrap an incapable brain around scripture than it is science.

Wherever corporate America has taken hold in other countries it has ...more

I hate it here, so much focus on bull in the media and the mentality from all Americans that we are the best and need to invade every country. We consume far more than any country in the world and it will not stop any time soon. We claim to be the most democratic but all our elections focus on is who has the most money and that's who always wins these days. We claim to be the most free but we keep prisoners detained without habeas corpus. We claim to be the most intellectual but our education system is rank 20th in the world. We claim to be the most tolerant but we only follow one religion, and call our president a Muslim, AND don't PASS THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT UNTIL ALMOST 1970. That's barely outside my lifetime, and still many people would have it that way. We claim to be better but WE ARE SIMPLY NOT, NOT IN ANY ASPECT. That is why other countries hate us, and rightfully so.

They constantly violate their own constitution. Some states allow death penalty, a very un-American punishment. Not to mention Blacks were once segregated in "the land of the free. "

Very un-American punishment? What exactly is American punishment? An individual that believes they can victimize another is not very American, either... And yes, Blacks were segregated but that was in the past and I believe our country has come a long way since. What country do you reside in? I promise you, I can find something about your country that wouldn't exactly stroke your pride and might help you crawl down from that high horse you are casting judgement from.

I'm sorry. But America just isn't the kind of country that I would prefer to visit out of the other countries out there. It's just, all of the smog, pollution, and unfriendly people. I went there once. This is only my opinion. You start too many wars, dropping a nuclear bomb twice on a country, then complaining about 9/11. They take too much advantage of the food, clothing and shelter. But, the thing that bothers me so much if how they always declare themselves as the best country. Yes, they are probably one of the best countries out there, but bragging is not going to prove a point. They spent more money than they make. In my opinion, the people there should learn to be a bit more friendly, and appreciate what life has to over. Thanks for listening. This is only an opinion, and I know that there are many more out there. But this is just what I think.

As an unbiased American, I will agree with some of your arguments and refute others. We did drop nuclear weapons, but keep in mind pearl harbor had to be attacked first. We lost about HALF of our navy and there were over 3,000 American casualties, and we were forced into a global war we were trying not to be in. We had to take action to prove we weren't interested in playing around. The United States is a very strong country. American PEOPLE, however, I must agree are quite stupid, arrogant and can be rather self-absorbed, especially toward other countries, and are complete pussies when people take shots at THEM. I believe 9/11 was a terrible tragedy, and was difficult to go through for everyone, but I really don't think it warrants a HOLIDAY to remember its anniversary. And although many of us are really friendly and smart and accepting, there are many of us that are incredibly stupid, completely disrespectful to our country and makes me embarrassed to be classified in the same ...more

If you only went there once don't judge Americans. You haven't been to America enough to actually meet most people who are extremely friendly, caring, and helpful. - okayyeliza

It's funny how the world's opinion has turned against the USA within a few years.

And it's even more funny how some people love Japan and Germany today and always criticize the USA. Seems the world is upside down when compared to 1950. Were USamericans not the good guys and Germans and Japanese the bad guys back then? But most people nowadays love only countries which meet two conditions: being rich and not waging any war on other countries.

But you should note: after ww2, the USA was the country that was in charge and all the western countries were very happy to have the USA as a protector from the East. And the USA had to spend a lot of money and wage a few wars to ensure the west didn't lose it's position in he world. At the same time, Japan and Germany, the "bad" guys, weren't allowed to play a too big political role and could invest much less in their military and concentrate on their economy, that's why they got so rich and peaceful. And now, when the ...more - pirloandrea

Why isn't America #1 on this list? We're #1 at everything else! We're #1 at poking our noses into everybody else's business. #1 at invading other countries (Sorry Germany but we've got you guys topped on this one! ) #1 at senselessly killing innocent human beings (297 million murders in less than 100 years and counting! ) #1 highest crime rate on planet Earth per capita (Our top 6 nearest competitors combined don't even come remotely close) #1 Highest level of Government Corruption on the planet (Higher than the next five worst corrupt regimes combined! You could replace the entire Republican Party with Emperor Palpatine and that would actually be an improvement! ) And finally last but not least #1 highest collection of STUPID people on the planet bar NONE! All other countries on this list are tied for 11th place! USA OWNS ALL the other 10 spots! Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sophisticated American here. What think I'm to stupid to know what sophisticated means? Oh, that's right all Americans are stupid according to you. Silly me. - Katekat123

Hi just like to put something in! When someone says "we don't care for anybody" they're clearly identifying themselves as American, and clearly disturbed of the lack of caring... Meaning that they care! Oops. The problem is there are too many people to even generalize! The Government is NOT the people and other than that I disagree with this poll. It encourages pointing fingers at a population as if the population is only one entity and not a body of individual minds and thoughts! That counts for criticism of any country-they're not things but a collection of souls. I realize I ended up voting as America being the worst to post this-but it gets more attention this way. No hate! Knowledge is far better than ignorance.

Don't get me wrong I love the freedoms that we have in America, I love how we mixed foreign traditions to create our own culture, and I absolutely love my fellow American citizens and the opportunities that we give foreigners to become American citizens, but I just hate the way our government misrepresents the people. We did not want the war in Iraq, we only wanted justice for what happened on September 11th, our government fully believes just because we have a black president with a Islamic background that everybody would just suddenly love America again. It's sad that I say God bless America but send those politicians to hell where they belong.

Let's start this off by saying that I am American, and I am proud of it. I do find many flaws in our country though. We are hated because we but into other peoples wars, are racist towards some cultures, skin colors, and beliefs (Not to mention homosexuals.) I am not saying all Americans are this way, but a lot of them are. The majority of Americans are obese, under average IQ, greedy, and corrupt. We have one of the highest, if not that, rates of crime, and though we have the promise of freedom, and have well purposed laws, these laws are enforced by people who do not do the best job running a country. Don't get me wrong, Obama is a great person, and I love that we have elected an African-American president. That brings me to another subject, racism. If you even state that someone is black, or Asian, etc., people say that your racist! The US has had a bad history with racism, and continues to have a problem. I hate this. It has gone from slavery, to downright discrimination, to ...more - RachelB213

A Nation who is led by chosen criminals to enrich corporations with Billions of $. Who have sickly fooled the world with false flag operations to stage wars. They have tried to over throw over 50 foreign governments but have the worst in the world their own with endless hidden agendas.

Slowly some Americans are waking up to it, but sadly not enough.

A Healthcare system which awards Doctors to refuse treatments to save $$$

Its just an endless sad mess, Which China whos lending them Trillions have simply had enough of watching them spend it, whilst touring the world, choosing simply which country to attack next for its financial gain,

Unites Corporations Of America anyone?

We are definitely the most hated. And I can see why. As much as I love my country, there are many flaws to it. We have some corrupt politicians, an obesity problem, and we haven't yet learned to mind our own business. We are highly patriotic, to an extent that can be considered over-zealous. We have a tendency to freak out over the problems in other countries when we are ignoring the problems in our own. Yes, many American stereotypes are true. BUT, some are false. We are not all fat loudmouth asses that only care about ourselves. We don't all get McDonald's every night and shove our patriotism down other people's throats. We aren't all ignorant about other cultures, nor are we all imbeciles. Mind you, all this was written by a 9 year old girl in the third grade. Our country is flawed and loathed by others, but I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else than right here, in New York.

Just seems like they only care about themselves and the air they breathe. They use every opportunity to make other countries look and feel bad so they can have all the glory.

What's the point in small countries trying hard to get there carbon footprint down if places like the US are soaking up the air-conditioning and 4 litre engined cars.

I'm sick of being insulted. I'm sick of feeling unhappy about where I come from because the internet is just full of Americans bigging themselves up and trolling Wikipedia for any bad thing they can find on my country.

I love the world! Not just my own country.

They can't stop minding their own business, they always need to get into other countries' conflicts. Always starts wars, that's how they get rich, other countries would invest on U.S. made weapons for wars. Too LIBERATED, children would call 911 to get rid of their parents who would only try to correct and discipline their children. Supposed ILLEGAL drugs are legalized. You're cool when you smoke, not a virgin, do drugs, etc. School bully cases are the worst here because children are not properly disciplined, children shouts and talks to the elders as if they are the same age as them. NO RESPECT. Still racist. "GOD BLESS AMERICA! "

They are mostly ignorant and arrogant people. They think they are dominating the world, yet that is because they came to the land out of nowhere, actually from Europe, and robbed the vast land from the native people. Instead, they pushed the poor native people where people are not supposed to live, and they have made use of almost infinite natural resources to dominate the rest of the world. We know everyone hates the U.S.A. yeah!

People hate us for our hypocritical ways and our way of rejecting anything that isn't "AWESOME FREEDOM." We believe that every other country is our military bases, and whoever doesn't agree with that hates freedom and is a "disgusting Nazi communist f*****." Our way of blaming forms of government or the person controlling that government for each individual death in that country gives a clear reason to hate the United States. Having your own beliefs isn't allowed here, to not be annoyed 24/7 you have to be a God loving conservative, or you can have the other option of being a liberal and having more then half the close-minded population tell you how you're totally wrong and you hate freedom and God. If you're an Atheist, Communist, or gay you're clearly insane and you shouldn't be in a god loving country like the good old USA. The United States is a messed up place hidden behind propaganda and the lie that you have an option. I hate living in this horrible country.

The US has a lot to do with almost every war which has been waged in the past 100 years. This is no joke.

Its people are kept blissfully unaware and brainwashed to believe their country is the most fantastic country in the world. However, its people should not be forgiven. They're not just ignorant, they're dumb. When the truth is shown to them about how their government behaves, they'll forget it in a week.

It's government has kept wars going to feed its weapons industry. It has started wars to maintain control over the world's oil production. What has the US population done about this behavior? Nothing.

It tries to suck every country dry of any industriousness and tries to force them in positions of "agreeing" on "fair" trade agreements. What has the US population done about this behavior? Nothing.

The US says it's a "democracy", while there are only two parties being allowed to actually campaign properly during the elections. A two party system is ...more - XaHodo

I am British born and bred not racist or religious and to be honest I am amazed how many non brits tourists mainly think I am a brit so I love America. Couldn't be more wrong I wish Britain would disown the usa as allies yes we can all be friends but England is nothing more than Americas lap dog and most brits see it and it is embarrassing. I don't like the way America rules its country I don't like the way America thinks it is the worlds police force. Every American I have met personally has been arrogant and stupid and come across like a brain washed cretin with there USA is the best policy. USA give to Britain decent films cars which are allergic to corners and Madonna. We gave them John Lennon and another gun totting inbred American shot him. America is a beautiful country only problem is it is full of Americans. One day they will get it through there thick heads that USA isn't always correct and right in what they do and say. I am amazed more people don't take my attitude to usa ...more

Shame how US had squandered its reputation in short 50 years (last 20 of it being the worst). Once a nation that was looked up to, respected and trusted. Pity that US government does care more for Israel than its own citizens.

I don't blame the population, they are just blissfully ignorant and too preoccupied with themselves without realizing they are being lied to a ripped off by their own government.

Maybe one day, US will return to what it once was. It certainly has the potential but people of US would first have to wake up and smell the roses to realize what is going on around them. Good luck America, wish you all the best for the future.

The people here are so disrespectful to Orientals (Asians) in simple situations. Especially school, people at the school I'm going to say they are part white or try to look white just so they prevent themselves from getting bullied by the majority kids (Whites, Blacks).

It's hard to be Asian-American and not feel foreign. They always blame a COUNTRY's GOVERNMENT actions on someone with that ethnicity. Example :
- If you're Chinese-American, I feel so bad for you. Americans make rude remarks about communists, eating dogs & cats, having a dirty environment, strict parents, and more. You cannot even join a new school without in two weeks having something do with YOU AND YOUR BACKGROUND start conversation.
- If you're Korean, you are also out of luck. Unless they are up to date with KPOP, Gangnam Style, drama, plastic-surgery, and all the glitz South Korea promotes, they automatically think you are North Korean. If they think you're North Korean, it is either as worse as ...more

This is so sad, and I know, its publicly accepted to dehumanize Asian-Americans in america. Biggest mystery is what the heck did Asian-Americans do to deserve this treatment.

I would really like to know how your countries are so much better than ours and place your judgement on the people rather than our government? I will agree with some of the things foreigners say, Americans are asses and they are proud of being an American but what countrymen isn't proud of their home? Why is England, Germany, France, China or any other country criticized so much less than ours? In my experience, foreigners are very rude and hate Americans, I get it all the time. You'll say hi or compliment them and they look at you as if you have a mental handicap. In my opinion yet again, if all these people are this disgusted with our country do not come here. Don't live off our government because you get treated far better than we do as natural born citizens, our government lets you do whatever you want. I just think it's hysterical that foreigners hate it here so much but come here for work, opportunities, sports, the different eateries, events, etc. I literally have no problem ...more

WOW! So much HATRED! Is America really this bad? How many of you have watched an American film or laughed at their comedy or is secretly in love with American food? Almost all of you! It's so much easier to spit venom about something or someone than to give praise. Yes, USA has its faults but to this level of hatred? Go away, listen to some gentle jazz or watch a comedy to calm yourselves down a bit. P.S. I'm from England.

Thank god, a sensible person! All these people say that we hate other countries but do they care when they spew hate about us? NO. - Katekat123