Top 10 Most Horrifying Video Game Enemies

The Top Ten Most Horrifying Video Game Enemies

1 Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2

The thing that's scary about it is that you can't even fight him. You have to run away.

This is the scariest video game villian ever. This creeps me out every time I see it. The first time I played Silent Hill 2 I had NIGHTMARES when I encountered Pyramid Head for the first time.

Pyramid head is blocking my way and want for a battle, but he is invicible and he can 100% one shot you.

Oh no no NO! - AlphaQ

2 The Gatherers - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I haven't even played the game, because as a 21 year old I would have really bad nightmares. Just watching Let's Plays of Amnesia is enough for me to call this the scariest enemy in video games.

But... What the hell is Pyramid Head doing on number 1? I've played through Silent Hill 2 and Homecoming, and he's not even close. There are enemies in Duke Nukem 3D that I find scarier than him.

oh. my. freaking. god. hearing that music makes chills my spine and makes me shiver. and you hear the "rrargh" just before he attacks. and you have to run. and if he ses you for too low you're god damned screwed! and that is, trust me, scary!

I love how suspenseful the game really is and its perfect for some Gatherers to just pop out of a closet when you don't expect it the most

I'm only 12 years old and this game wasn't really scary at all they are mostly annoying to get past.

3 Necromorphs - Dead Space

Your telling me that Slender Man is scarier than Necromorphs. Whenever I play dead space I sit there hoping that another Necromorphs won't jump out of a vent and scare me to death, but When I play Slender I sit there staring back at slender saying "what are you gonna do you little girl kidnapping pansy ass suit wearing no eye nose or mouth son of a baby".

The very first time I came across these alien like monsters in Dead Space I literally freaked the scariest thing about them is they come crashing down from the vents when you least expect it. - egnomac

Why do people just be so scared of slender he's not scary and it said I'm like him but the creepiest thing he's from creepypasta ah - simpsondude

Whats scary is their look, a horrific mutation that vaguely resembles a human, but is gored and twisted into the most disturbing zombie you'll ever see

4 Alma Wade - F.E.A.R.

*crys* even her name strikes fear into
Roles hearts FEAR I tells ya FEAR

Driving a car down Alma street in the middle of nowhere at 10:30pm. Looking around listening to music. Sees a black cat run across the road to a little girl in a red nightdress taking the rubbish out.


5 Crimson Head - Resident Evil

Appearing in the remake if you leave a zombie laying around long enough eventually they transform into these blood hungry monsters there super fast and super lethal just one shriek from these guys will make you run back through the door you came just from. - egnomac

6 Slender Man - Slender

Being in the woods at night is scary enough but having a faceless figure hunting you down will send shivers down your spine. - egnomac

Slender Man doesn't deserve to be on this list, he is one of the least scary enemy's and creepy pastas I have heard of.

You never actually see him move and he has no face and he shows up unexpectedly he could even be standing right behind you the whole time. - egnomac

Slenderman sucks and is not scary at all to be honest. - AlphaQ

7 Eddie Gluskin - Outlast: Whistleblower
8 Regenerators - Resident Evil 4

For one the way it walks to you is creepy, slow as it may be, and from the name that it can regenerate body parts when you shoot at it. The scariest thing is its breathing, which is not normal. What I'm saying is, ITS SCARY AS F@%&

The noise they make and their body movements... Scariest game character ever for me hands down.

Absolutely horrifying! - RobertWisdom

Looks menacing. - MasterBeef

9 Lisa - P.T.
10 Giygas - Earthbound

This guy doesn't scare me. In fact, I think he is cool looking. - puncity

I first played Earthbound at 9 years old, and this guy seriously gave me
The creeps. I turned off the system when I first battled this guy, and
While I'm not that scared of him that much anymore, he still creeps me

Looks like a fetus lol - AlphaQ

DANG it. The undulating background... the screaming face shape... the fetuses... the fatally wounded music... he's scary.

The Newcomers

? Jenova - Final Fantasy VII
? Flood - Halo

Apparently no one on this list has seen the Flood. These little devils insert a long tentacle thing into the back of your neck, which then twists around your spine, taking control of your nervous system, giving them full and undeniable access to your memories. You feel them as they sift through all your memories, discarding those that aren't useful to the Gravemind, until you're entirely flood, no longer human. Guess what? You can try to scream, but they won't let you. They also look pretty terrifying, as they bend their host's heads into natural positions and mutilate the rest of their body. Finally, a single Flood spore can fall an entire planet. Read, an entire civilization. They remind me of the necromorphs, except the Flood are scary even you're the Master Chief. Isaac Clarke is awesome, but he is no Spartan II. - MasterBeef

One thing that few know is that flood try to keep their hosts alive as long as possible! The victims know what is happening! The can feel the pain! the can feel their bones liquifying! They know what they are being turned into! But they are powerless to stop it.

The flood are the only parasites in video games that scare me.

The top three things in video games:
#1: the flood, halo
#2: endermen, Minecraft
#3: skirmishers, halo reach

The Contenders

11 Deathclaw - Fallout 3 / New Vegas

OH MY GOD even though I cleared put quarry junction long 15 and sloan of the I was on the edge of my seat watching each and every corner until I made it successfully straight to new vegas they were a truly ferocious enemy that scared the crap out of me.

Ever seen something that made you go the other direction? This guy is one of those.

Shoot one with an unsilenced weapon I see? Let me just tell 18 more about what you've done.


12 Garradors - Resident Evil 4
13 Invisible Horror - Eternal Darkness
14 Kusabi - Fatal Frame II
15 Nurse - Silent Hill 3
16 Zombie Dog - Resident Evil

They may be small but they they're just enough to make you jump ever since that first time in Resident Evil when you walked down that hall way and these dogs bust through that window. - egnomac

The first time I went down the hallway and the dogs crashed through the window I literally freaked out.

They look like the love raping you

17 Redeads - The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Soulless, all it does is stare and grab you, hoping to bring you into its suffering. - MasterBeef

Though there not the fastest enemies in the game but thanks to their special ability they don't have to be if one of them catches you in their site they unleash a horrible scream that paralyzes you in fear. - egnomac

God, I hate these things. I was so scared of encountering these during my playthrough on my emulator. The fact that they can freeze you and then get in a very inappropriate position on you...not to mention they're doing it to a child? E for Everyone, Nintendo? I don't think so. And don't get me started on that scream...still drives me insane to this day... - OnyxDash

While not meant to be a scary game, Ocarina of Time terrified me sometimes as a kid. The main reason for this was Redeads-and you had to run past them every time you turn the game on.

18 Wallmaster - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I walk into the room just minding my business. I cut through all the other enemies in the room with ease when I hear a loud scream and see a giant hand grabbing me and carrying me back to the start. this ones gonna scare you for a long long time.

The Enderman... Really scary especially in The End! When you look at him, he SCREAMS! (Only on the PC. ) And he runs fast and takes a lot of damage. When I tried to hit him with my diamond sword but he teleports away and then teleported behind you! Scary!

19 Baraka - Mortal Kombat Series Baraka is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. Baraka was introduced in Mortal Kombat II in 1993 as an unpredictable warrior in service of Outworld emperor Shao Kahn.
20 Reborn Laura - The Evil Within

Kill it with fire!

21 Omega Flowey - Undertale

It looks like a fan-made creation that just threw a bunch of monstrous things together. - MasterBeef

This is a living nightmare, made of human flesh and a weed all mashed up, making all you nightmares become real, putting in a bad dream you will never wake up from, permanently scarring your game every time you die.

He should be number 1

He broke the 4th wall in the raw! He just hacked your game, deleted all your savefiles, so you just can not escape this nightmare! This terrible thing just made your game his game! He trapped you in his own savefile that was even named his name! Even when you die the game over screen is a pure horror that craches game.TobyFox just gave this creature a live!

22 Evil Otto - Berzerk

Evil Otto scared two people to death just by smiling at them. That's right. Just to regular guys having a good old time at the arcade. - TheGrammarPolice

23 Witches - Left 4 Dead

Unpredictable and dangerous. The way they shriek at you right before you startle them scares the crap out of me every time.

She is SCARY! First if you startle her she runs for you until she gets you or is killed and she screams the ENTIRE time shes running and crys when not add the spoiler ester egg from payday two where she jump scares you on top of that if you play on realism SHES A ONE 1 HIT KILL

AHH! - MasterBeef

24 Vladimir Makarov - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 & 3

The nmost horrifying thing about this man is that he isn't above killing civilians.

25 Shrieker - Resident Evil 6

Not only are there horrible shriek scary the thing that makes them more terrifying is they call in more zombies to you quickly over whelming you. - egnomac

26 Ghosts - Luigi's Mansion

When there's something strange, in your mansion, who you gonna call...LUIGI! - MasterBeef

How is this above fripking GIYGAS!

27 Monster Ock - Spider-Man (2000)

Carnage may be freaky but Monster Ock is definitely the worst of your nightmares.

28 Mad Piano - Super Mario 64

Hey, look at that red coin. I'm going to grab i-OH NO, THE PIANO'S TRYING TO KILL ME! - MasterBeef

29 Slashers - Dead Space
30 Big Sisters - Bioshock 2

These things horrify me! Their shrieks, the way they appear our of nowhere, and those red eyes terrify me! I'm not afraid of Big Daddies, though. It's hard to believe that those used to be Little Sisters!

31 The "Phaze Destrortur" - Radiation's Halloween Hack

"At the time I didn't know why I was so scared. Now I know why...
THAT MACHINE WAS A DEATH TRAP." - xandermartin98

32 The Amalgamates - Undertale

Just imagine what they would look like in real life. People mixed together in a big pile, terrifying.

33 Sander Cohen - BioShock
34 Nemesis - T Type - Resident Evil

Why isn't this AT LEAST #2?

35 The Suitors - Amnesia: Justine
36 Creeper - Minecraft

More annoying than scary...

Creepers aren't truly scary, but they make me very nervous and I always jump when I hear that "hss" sound.

37 Mr. X - Resident Evil 2
38 Piggsy - Manhunt

A chainsaw welding pig man hunting you down with his thingie hanging out need I say more. - egnomac

39 Stalker - Dead Space 2
40 Enderman - Minecraft

Enderman are like Freddy +SlenderMAN with glowing creeping up on me

41 X Parasite - Metroid Fusion

The concept itself is horrific. They enter something's body, multiply inside them, and then kill the creature. Then they will become a clone of it. Even worse, they are smart - DarkShadows

42 Withered Bonnie - Five Nights at Freddy's

Between the puppet and this horrible thing fnaf 2 has caused me more sleepless nights than jason, freddy, and Michael myers combined.

My favorite fnaf character

43 Reaper Bird - Undertale

Easily the most disturbing Amalgamate besides Snowdrake's Mother. - xandermartin98

44 Vegetoid - Undertale
45 Chris Walker - Outlast

He's big, fast...


46 Poison Headcrabs - Half Life 2

They aren't scary so much as annoying.

47 Will Wright - The Simpsons Game
48 The Frog Fish - The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

It can spit balls of blue goo at you and have it's lure (disguised as an old lady selling ice cream) spin it's huge ice cream cone at you and hammer you with it. And while it misses hammering you the cone leaves behind a small splotch of green goo.

It's pretty scary when it's about to charge into you.

Real Frogfish do have a worm lure to attract their prey, but the writers behind the SpongeBob movie decided to change it to ice cream sundays because that's what attracted SpongeBob and Patrick.

That is one ugly fish.

49 The Mannequins - Condemned Criminal Origins
50 Shao Khan - Mortal Kombat Trilogy

This guy's a pain in MK9

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