Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

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61 Life of Brian
62 Jaws
63 Fight Club

Very inspirational! Now I'm trying to create my own another personality

Ah, yes, the inspirational tale of a glorified terrorist movement being led by the psychotic alter ego of an insomniac office drone. I hear they play it as an after-school special. - BlarchBlaces

Tyler durden... Leader of freedom movement

Awesome Inspirational movie! Raw!

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64 Life Is Beautiful

This shows the power of being no matter what situation is around us we can still make Life Beautiful. What love this man had for his family!

This should be in top 10
Must watch

Teaches one to live a more happy life. Favorite movie of all times, and I've watched probably over 2,000 movies in my life.

Teaches you to find happiness even in the most dire circumstances

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65 Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Its in hindi... But still search for its translation... Its a athletic movie which will inspire you... Must watch!

A very inspirational story of a simple boy from being no one to being one of the best athletes of his time.

Its truly a inspirational movie...
Must watch..

One of best ever motivational+ galvanisational movie...

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66 Citizen Kane V 1 Comment
67 To Save a Life

This movie motivated in more ways than I can even say. It made me think about my actions in a completely new way. Recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving themselves as well as making the rest of the world a better place.

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68 The Truman Show

Well, this movie needs no introduction, neither does the person in the poster.
A journey, that knowingly or unknowingly we are all voyaging through.
Helps you perceive life in a whole new light and appreciate.

69 The Dark Knight Rises

Must be in top three because we all got inspired by joker

It inspires me to stand for something!

Something that one can relate to,and no matter how big or small you are, in the end everything comes down to one thing.. do you have what it takes to stand up, again?

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70 October Sky

This should be a top ten! One of my absolute favorites! Similar to Rudy, it outlines the 'rags to riches by hard work' kind of theme. I would recommend this movie: 5/5

Must be at the top
Great movie

It sure deserves to be in the top 20s at least.


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71 300

If you can't get psyched to kick stuff and attack household objects from this movie, your watching it wrong

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72 Peaceful Warrior

Excellent movie. Inspirational and amazing how one person can make a difference in someones life.

One shouldn't miss a word of the scenario. Inspirational, motivational, uplifting and, has a good effect on one's way of life and thinking. This is what movies should be like!

Very encouraging and educative movie..

73 Invictus V 2 Comments
74 Coach Carter

This is most convincing movie of change I had ever seen

Amazing movie awesome it made me cry

Awesome movie


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75 The Karate Kid

Brings you towards your passion and show that you can do anything you put your mind to.

One of the most inspirational movie I have ever seen...

" sometimes life knocks you down. But it depends on you whether you'll stand up or not " it shows a survival and the win.

76 Inception

Maybe, but to rate this ahead of To Kill a Mockingbird on a most inspirational list is criminal. Like a lot of these lists, people are just voting for their favorite movie and not considering the category.

This movie makes you think! And not in the haha random plot twist way! It makes you think and its fun! This movie deserves a medal for what it did.

This movie makes you THINK
Makes you FEEL that you gained some KNOWLEDGE

77 Psycho
78 Into the Wild

Happiness is real only when Shared!

Into the wild is a movie based on the true life of Christopher Mccandless who after graduation leaves everything behind and sets on a solo journey to Alaska. On the way he meets many people, finds aswers to many questions and lives his dream just the way he wanted. Very inspirational especially to travellers. Must watch!

This movie I so damn good.

79 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

For christ sake this movie is more inspirational

I think this movie will always have its own niche audience, you have to be a dreamer to appreciate the beauty hidden.

Love this movie. Has inspired me to move forward. This is a must see.

Sexy movie of All time!

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80 8 Mile

This film is amazing mainly because Eminem is in it and it also inspired me to write my own rap lyrics and express my feeling and thoughts through them.

Eminem is there! It tells everything...

Realistic portrayal of the grind that is living in poverty while trying to rise up against all odds, where its easier to just give up on a dream. Gritty.

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