Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

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101 Patch Adams

A movie that points on that love is the greatest gift that you could give to any one.

Besides Braveheart this is a film that you must watch.

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102 Furious 7

Vin Diesel showed how much he loved Paul Walker even when he's gone he will always miss and love him.

Just watch vin disel lead the squad to battle...

103 Working Girl
104 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
105 The Terminal
106 Requiem for a Dream

This movie is the ultimate drug PSA. everyone should see this movie if they're about to take drugs.

This can't be said motivating.
But Aronofsky's masterpiece is in itself a motivation towards how to put together brilliance on screen.

107 Warrior

One brother, a war hero who is struggling after leaving the Army, pinned against his detached brother, a school teacher struggling to make the payments on his home, fight their way through the most prestigious cage fighting tournament only to face each other in the final match.

The move that you want to watch over and over again..

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108 Gifted Hands

This is one of the most insperational movies I have ever seen. Ben Carson is one amazing man.

109 The Theory of Everything

I don't wan to offend anybody, I agree Hawking may be the greatest scientist alive, yet I believe that same idea has affected him. He has us believe he is writing hard science, but it's actually philosophy (self-defeating when he says "Philosophy is dead") Read "God and Stephen Hawking" by John Lennox.

Yes, this has to move way up.

Amazing film

This movie is not in the top 10? Why?
If the story of Stephen Hawking doesn't shake you what will?

110 The Kings of Summer
111 Catch Me If You Can V 2 Comments
112 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Motivational, inspiring, shows that anything is possible, there is always hope.

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113 The Jungle Book (2016)

This is really so much better than 1967, even though the classics should be better.

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114 Cinderella Man

A boxer who was working his way to the top of the mountain but was knocked down to the bottom by the depression and a broken hand. Now needing money to save his family he gets back into the ring and is able to make it all the way to the world heavie weight championship bout against the bear max baer and passes every ones expectations when he beats him for the belt. - johnspera

One of my favorite movie.. Really gave me a feeling that we always get a second chance and how we can turn things around from worst to best

This is the story of a man who had lost everything, even his own kids, then brought it back into the ring to get his family back on track.

Move up, hey yo!

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115 Rocky IV

The reason i have chose 4 over all the rest of the rockys is because one its my favorite of all the rockys but second because he passes the major test that no one thought he could pass without losing or even dieing againt a mountain of a boxer Ivan Drago who already killed rocks best friend. Now out for revenge rocky trains his heart out and is able to get his revenge by not only beating Ivan but also knocking out the russian champ. - johnspera

One of the best inspiration, must watch,

116 Gridiron Gang

The Rock should have won awards for this. Inspiration at its best.

117 Like Stars on Earth

Story of a dyslexic child with great talents and how his life changes after meeting a teacher. Inspirational.

Come on now, this has to move up. A moving story and spell bounding act by the entire crew

Story of a child suffering with a disease.

If you love you child, you must see that mvie

118 Interstellar

One of the biggest disappointment.. Too much way too unbelievable drama, could easily predict what is going to happen next, story seemed somewhat murky and I did not have a second of a little bit of "believing moment"... Had the feeling this movie is a big joke/: overrated though, seriously. Typical hollywood bb movie with excessive drama involved

This movie is different! The soundtrack is mesmerizing!

119 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Best movie ever

Awesome as ever, south park rules

120 John Q

This movie is going to make you cry it shows how far a parent would go to save their children's life one of the best movies in history with a spectacular performance from denzel Washington

Denzel Washington best performance ever

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