Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

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121 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Best movie ever

Awesome as ever, south park rules

122 Rush

You need power packed on screen action, blistering hot glamour and a story that will move even the laziest of asses to thrive for greatness,then this is your stop!

Amazingly inspirational.
It's about one of the best rivalries in racing, in the 70's between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.
Tells us how two men of completely different personalities can be successful in their own right.

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123 Fearless
124 The Notebook

One of the most inspirational movie...inspired by true of the best novel of nicholas spark awesome love story...

125 Ali
126 John Q

This movie is going to make you cry it shows how far a parent would go to save their children's life one of the best movies in history with a spectacular performance from denzel Washington

Denzel Washington best performance ever

127 Miracle

Not only is this a TRULY inspirational movie that everyone can relate to, its also a TRUE STORY! The best sports moment for the USA. Excellent direction and acting! This must be in the top 10 for list to even be considered legit!

Maybe the best hockey movie ever. This is definitely one of my favorite hockey moments ever, most films like this are boring too me but I couldn't stop watching this one!

Hands down best inspirational movie ever

128 Jobs

I don't understand why it's so down the list. This movie According to me is the most inspiring movie. It motivated me a lot.

This was a gifted man with vision. He helped changed the world.

Success of Steve Jobs.

Every one agree his obstcles makes him great in the world

129 Anne of Green Gables

Timeless series I absolutely love Anne of Green Gables! Perfect family film

Didn't see any green gables what!

130 The Social Network

This one should be at the top 10. So inspirational for Internet Entrepreneurs.

131 Unbroken

Have a courage to see such movie

If u are not inspired by this movie than u are definitely not a man.

132 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 V 1 Comment
133 Manny V 2 Comments
134 Straight Outta Compton

True beauty of teamwork is pictured in this film...last part of this movie is very touchy.

135 Alien
136 Crash
137 The Jungle Book

The simple bear necessities

138 Rocky II
139 Kung Fu Panda

To Kill a Mockingbird is not even n your top 100? So much for this list having any credibility whatsoever.

Why is this on a list for most inspirational movies

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140 Flight
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