Most Needed Instruments for a Rock Band

In a rock band, there can be many instruments. The list can go on, but here is what is recommended. I based it on the band Queen. Enjoy deciding!

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1 Electric Guitar Electric Guitar

Brian May delivers many amazing parts to the song which isn't NEEDED but is GREAT to have. He is above the vocalist mostly because a band can survive without a vocalist, but can't really be a ROCK band without your main man, the guitarist.

Any good rock band must have an electric guitar, especially one connected to an amp. The electric guitar turns an ordinary band into a rock band, and it adds an amazing detail to any song. If you are going to get a beginner guitar, I suggest the Stratocaster. If you are a pro, get something similar to the Epiphone les Paul Custom.

I like this instrument because it sounds cool.

The drums are just as good thow they make sick sound to

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2 Drums

In Queen, Roger Taylor is the drummer and adds that extra flavor that is needed or you have no band! Drummers are also essential because they keep the beat to the song, and they also can make sounds unlike any instrument. It may be one of the easier instruments to learn, but hard to master. They play a very important role, and don't you forget it!

Drums no band is a band with out them if they don't have one you will need one!

Think of a marching band, now picture it without any drums what so ever. You are then left with a marching without any drums.

This instrument in my mind id the most important as it helps keep the beat and with out the beat the band would find it hard to know what to play when and it make it hard to come up with the music for lots and lotsm pof songs

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3 Bass

Like John Deacon, every band needs the bassist. He is usually quiet but plays the most important roll ever: Keeping the rhythm. He is the back up and is basically essential.

It is the roots of the band. If there is no bass who will control the drums, then who will control the rest of the group

Only hot people can play bass and every band needs a hot bassist

Has a greater sound

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4 Piano/Keyboard

This is by far the coolest instrument you come across in a band. Not only can an electric keyboard play the standard Piano sounds, but also many many other sounds including orchestral instruments, organs, powerful synth lead sounds, and even sound effects. Its versatility makes it extremely useful for bands because it adds so much sound, much more than any other instrument can. It is arguable that the piano is the easiest instrument to play FAST and upbeat music on because of its relatively simple sound mechanism. Keyboardist such as the great Jordan Rudess of the band Dream Theater frequently shows off virtuosic solos and licks that would give any guitarist a run for his money. The Piano sound itself is the instrument of choice for blues and boogie-woogie music. If you are considering forming a band, make sure you heavily consider having a keyboardist!

Not essential, but this adds an awesome power to a song when you use it. Early Queen songs may not have used much piano but they still sounded great. Some with pianos sounded better, though! Cool effect.

A keyboard/piano is probably the most important instrument in a band because it can become a one man band if you notice the greatest songs of all time use a piano as their entrance and an entry to a Sony is the most important part. You need a keyboard or a piano in a rock band.

For me I can't really hear the keyboard but its such an important part of a rock band

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5 Microphone

It's not the most needed, but it's gotta be in the top 5. The human voice can make a great song by itself.

Every band needs a singer because a band without a song is just wrong wrong wrong

I don't think I every saw a band without a singer before

I agreed no microphone means no Singer and no Singer means no rock band its just horrible

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6 Cowbell

In My Chemical Romance's "Teenagers" the cowbell is my favorite part. It adds the angst and rhythm... Definitely a necessity.

I've got a fever. And the only prescription, is more cowbell.

It can be necessary in a drum kit

Banb is a good for me to get my hair back but she was like the first person she is

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7 Acoustic Guitar Acoustic Guitar An acoustic guitar is a guitar that produces sound acoustically - by transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air - as opposed to relying on electronic amplification.

In '39 this gives it a much softer feel. Makes the song lighter.

I know its called country guitar but I'm use to saying it acoustic guitar its good for like calmer portions of the song if you have calmer portions.

For Rock Songs with an Acoustic Vibe in the quiet verses and the Electric Guitar in the chorus. Great contrast!

Go suck an apple

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8 Synthesizer

Listen to Who tracks like Baba O' Riley and Won't Get Fooled Again and the synthesizer makes those tracks awesome

9 Electric Violin

Actually there is many uses of violin in rock and even metal music, especially in folk-rock. Because it sounds better than synthesizer!

I personally love playing rock on the violin it makes some of the best sounds in rock and is brilliant at bringing some stranger instruments and sounds into the music.

Can do similar sounds to a guitar and some cool effects

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10 The Vocals

All of the top 1000 best rock songs of all time use vocals.

I agree it gets a bit boring with just instruments

What kinda rock band it is without a voice?

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11 Bass Drum V 2 Comments
12 Guitar V 1 Comment
13 Snare Drum
14 Triangle

Every band needs an illuminati

All rock bands have to be illuminati confirmed

More triangles is always the right decision

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15 Saxophone

The saxophone has a high range of sound a produces a awesome sound if played correctly

Sax is the only woodwind or brass instrument that can fit in a rock band.

Saxophone adds a range of interesting sounds and elements to any rock piece.

Three words. Men At Work

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16 Clarinet

I play clarinet but do NOT NOT NOT picture myself in a rock band. Not under ANY circumstances.

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17 Keytar

A keytar is easier to carry around than a piano or keyboard. It's my favorite instrument!

The keytar is my favorite instrument

A keyboard and a guitar combined in one!
Makes a very unique guitar and keyboard sound!

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18 Piano Piano The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

This is an amazing instrument but in a rock band you should use a keyboard instead.

The soft music that is just right in some songs like if it is a fun song or a slow song

Its that part that needs to be there to bring it all together

Linkin Park and Evanescence is the best.

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19 Tambourine

I don't think that tambourine should be first, but it should b higher than it is. Just take a look at The Who song Teenage Wasteland, Tambourine is a big part. :)
It should at least be higher than a cowbell, or recorder. I mean, really people?!

Tambourines should be in all bands of all type of music genres and it's a good instrument

Tambourines are cool it won't be one without it

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