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Many won't agree at first I know this. But watch one of these films again and think.

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1 Avatar Avatar Product Image

Pocahontas in space! So original!

I get why this movie is high on this list, but this movie is not nearly as overrated today as it was when it first came out. Unlike many overrated movies that should be higher on this list than Avatar(The Dark Knight, Joker, Forrest Gump, Django Unchained, any Avengers film, any Star Wars film), Avatar's hype was not because of any overrated characters. Does anyone think that Jake Sully, Neytiri, or Grace are among the greatest characters ever? The CGI was the only reason Avatar got so overrated. The CGI could of made any film huge, regardless of how bad the plot is. Howard the Duck and Battlefield Earth would of been very huge if they had Avatar level CGI before Avatar. Avatar was the most overrated film 10 years ago, but the hype that surrounded Avatar had already died down. It's probably because nowadays, even terrible movies can have major CGI.

How did this crap become the highest grossing film until Endgame?

I am not saying that Avatar was a bad movie. I just do not understand how a live-action version of Ferngully (let's be honest, that is what it is) can garner such acclaim and become the biggest most-successful film of all time. It was entertaining. That is as far as I would go. I find the overabundence of CGI a little distracting and the storyline common. Why was this nominated for so many awards while truly brilliant and challenging and original films were overlooked?

2 Titanic Titanic Product Image

They met, had sex, boat sank, he died, she died. There is the whole movie in ten words.

I liked this movie but aside from the two main characters, all of them are just hateable. There's this unnecessary villain who framed Jack for robbery and trapped him in the titanic which results them (Jack and Rose) to get trapped in the Titanic. Also, wanna know who's the most hateable characters in the movie? The entire crew of the movie! These bastards are the reason why half of the people had to die. First off, they let the women and children go and then trap some people on the hallways. We all understand that people die during the faithful day of the titanic sank. But there should be a better explanation on why people died, not because the crew refused to pick up the people who are trapped in the water at first sight. This isn't a bad movie and it did hit me in an emotional level, but it's the unnecessary sub-plot involving a villain that ruined this movie from unleashing its full potential.

my top 5 overrated movies.
1. Titanic (1997) 29/100
2. Matilda (1995) 30/100 (sorry people who like matilda)
3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) 31/100
4. High school musical 2 (2007) 33/100
5. Avatar (2009) 34/100

Start with Kate Winslet's faux California accent in a character who should have sounded barely different from a London socialite. Next, accept for a moment that a cosseted aristocrat of 1912 was a secret sex fiend (entirely plausible). Would she not have heretofore been tuned into the gossip of all the horrors that befell easy girls? I'm not saying she wouldn't have jumped a low-born drifter, but not without wildly mixed feelings before, during and especially after.

Now the laws of physics and physiology. The water outside is cold enough to put rime ice on Jack's failing body. But inside the ship, apparently it warms to the temperature of a cool swimming pool. Prolonged dunking only brings hypothermia under an open sky.

3 Frozen Frozen Product Image

Frozen is an okay movie, but people talk about it like Jesus Christ wrote it or something. The songs, characters, and plot are very bland compared to the other classic Disney films and it doesn't deserve all the hype.

It's the most overrated Disney movie ever. Besides the animation (which is amazing like always) this movie is nothing special. Everybody loves this movie and talks about it. Why? I don't know because Elsa's ice powers is cool. Actually many people think that it's overrated too, but I think that it's 5 year old kids who love this movie so much. These kids will never know Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin (or The Emperor's New Groove which I sooo underrated) Their favorite character will be Elsa (maybe already is) and they will sing L et It Go seeing Elsa as their role model. But if you think about it Elsa is not a great character at all. She turns her back to Anna and runs away and in the end she ends up in prison and runs away from there to. Why? Because she's a bad role model who doesn't have any personality but just her COOL ICE POWERS. You may say that she has suffered a lot but Anna did to and unlike Elsa she had no idea what was happening. She was all alone, she had no one. They ...more

By the way people were acting over it, I thought Frozen was going to be the best movie of the year... Maybe decade. But it turned out not to even be a classic. Disney has far better movies. Whoever says 'Frozen is better than the Lion King' is full of crap. It doesn't even make the top 30 of Disney's best movies. All my life, I've never seen a movie more overrated.

Frozen is very overrated, especially because of that song Let it Go, but Frozen should not be that high on this list. As overrated as Frozen is, at least nostalgia had nothing to do with the hype that surrounded Frozen. I can't say that about the several films on this list that should be much higher on this list.

4 Black Panther Black Panther Product Image

People were called racist for not liking this movie. If most people either hate a movie or think that it's overrated, the main characters being black won't be the reason. If someone wasn't going to like a movie because of the ethnicity of the main characters, then they wouldn't watch the movie at all. Also, wouldn't it be a different form of racism to praise a movie because the main characters are black? That would be overrating the film.

People went nuts when this movie dropped below 100% on Rotten Tomatoes BEFORE THE MOVIE WAS EVEN RELEASED. All because "muh black cast." That's literally the only reason this movie was so hyped. Nobody outside of black racists who don't even watch comic book movies actually thinks it's the best Marvel movie. It wasn't even the best of the year it was released.

As a Marvel fan it doesn't even deserve to
Be in the top 10 best Marvel Movies. And I'm black.

There are many great superhero movies that deserve an Oscar way more than black panther. Not to be racist, but to me it was just another good marvel origin story. It's definitely a good movie, perhaps I could even consider it a great movie but in comparison to other MCU flicks like Captain America: The Winter Soldier or infinity war and endgame or even Far From Home(amazing spider-man indeed), this movie falls short.

5 La La Land La La Land Product Image

On my first viewing I thought it was amazing. On my second viewing...was kinda boring. The flashy spectacle and melodramatic relationship between Mia and Sebastian only were made for a one time view I guess. A wanna be "Singing in the rain" (But kinda nice try thou) The visuals, music and cast are splendid. As for the pacing and memorable elements. Not really, by moments it seemed like the film was of "art cinema" genre cause it lost me a couple times during the 1st half. They just rushed into the dancing bits and music-romantic moments the whole first half and they neglected the element of relatability and connection (this by not having a great script that matches the visuals and music). In short the movie was ok. But is, all in, a lot of noise and little substance. The ending was really good thou. But still, the development into getting there felt (and was) really slobby. Overrated indeed.

Outstanding performances, awesome use of colors and lightning but...boring as hell. Showtunes sounding like outdated forties / fifties musicals, dancing that tries to look ( and not succeeded ) like a Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers movie. In my opinion, a movie that was not oscar-worthy.

I love musicals but was so disappointed by this movie, especially after all the hype it received

The plot of this film moves to slow to hold any attention. It gets to the point of ok guys just get to the sex already. It's like waiting for the sex scene that never comes. I'm assuming it was to boring to watch till the end. Thank goodness it didn't win the oscar.

6 The Hunger Games The Hunger Games Product Image

It was great but everyone was calling it the best movie ever and its not.

Such shaky camera and the characters are dull, stiff, and simple. I mean Katniss is very boring and has no personality it drives me crazy. The plot is very ridiculous and has lots of holes, it is super predictable and it is just not very interesting, Plus all the good characters die such as rue, cinna, finnick, and prim! Peeta is such a burden, he is a sissy and he needed katniss to save his ass. This movie is so bland it's just a girl with a bow and arrow who survived poverty and all of a sudden become super special, then saves the day! Such a cliche dystopian novel. Very Pathetic.

My general sentiment after seeing this movie was, "who cares? " I could not find one original thought or plot point in the entire film. What did this story about a dystopian society bring to the table that each and every other book or movie with a similar premise has not already covered? I found the characters mostly stiff and one-dimensional, so it wasn't even engrossing on a personal level. I was completely shocked to find out how well-repected this series is.

I read the book before watching the movie and I can say I was very disappointed. The characters were bland and uninteresting, Jennifer Lawrence, although she is a brilliant actress, was like a statue in this movie, barely showing emotion and making a character who is very likeable in the books, a bland and boring character that could've been killed off and I wouldn't have cared. The way the movie went about explaining certain aspects could've been done a lot better (e.g. show don't tell) the characters were uninteresting robots that I didn't care at all for. The sequels are a lot better however, I feel like Francis Lawrence did a much better job.

7 Twilight Twilight Product Image

Twilight, taking every cliche and wrapping it up into one big movie SERIES. Top 3 should be the entire movie series, not just number 1.

How is it overrated if everyone hates it? It couldn't be rated any lower. I can't name a single person who likes it.

ruined the whole concept of vampires and werewolves. they turned lycans to dogs and vampires to chandeliers

All this movie had was female oriented smut, and the biggest cliche that all females want to happen, to have all their troubles taken away by a muscular man. It's ironic that girls get mad at boys for wanting a girl who is hot, when they just want a guy that muscular and handsome. These movies were the number 1 thing me and all boys across the world dreaded every year they came out, if they remake twilight and 5 more of these movies come out, I will blow my brains out

I curse the day this abomination made it into theaters. This "movie" SUCKS! Never see it.

8 The Lion King The Lion King Product Image

Who put this here? It may be overrated, but for a very, VERY GOOD reason.

If it's overrated for a good reason, then it isn't overrated, it's just highly rated.

The film as a whole was pretty alright, I'd say, at parts a bit too goofy for my taste, but that's opinion.
Smaller problems would be that it seemed pretty weird to me how Simba would sing a fun song about how he wants his dad to die. Also I couldn't really buy the whole "Scar is a bad ruler" thing because the movie made it look like there just happened to be a drought and people blamed it on him.
What really bothers me that I can't comprehend what it wants to tell me.
Be nice to everyone except hyienas because yes?
Your birth determines who you'll be in life and there's no way of having an impact on your destiny on your own?
If you're stronger than others you can take everything you want and they'll just have to live with it?
I don't get it. Who thought of this? The movie basically promotes fascism. If that were intentional it would be an ethical problem, but I'll assume it wasn't, this way it's bad writing.

It's very good, but it's certainly not the masterpiece many people make it out to be.

The Lion King is undoubtedly a great animation, but I do think it's overrated compared to some other Disney animations which are less revered than this one, but just as good.

First and foremost, this movie is heavily influenced by Bambi, yet Bambi is nowhere near as acclaimed as this movie. I just watched Bambi(1942) for the fist time last week, and I was amazed by how much influence that movie had on the Lion King, specially the ending, but I don't see people citing Bambi as the greatest Disney animation of all time, even though it's just as good as The Lion King.

Also, if we compare The Lion King to some other Disney animations like Snow White, Pinocchio and Aladdin, it could be argued that those movies are just as good, if not better than The Lion King.

Don't get me wrong, I love The Lion King, but I just think it gets way too much praise, while some other Disney movies are very underrated compared to this one. I mean, TLK has a 8.5/10 rating on IMDB, while ...more

9 The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Product Image

The irony of this film is that it received so much hype for things that it wasn't: Dark, gritty, unpredictable, intellectual, realistic, ground breaking, philosophical, a work of art. What were the fans of this movie on when they saw this movie? People that claim this is a dark superhero movie had clearly never seen The Crow, Sin City, the Blade films, nor The Punisher. Due to those films alone, this film was not ground breaking. The film was not unpredictable nor intellectual, which was why the Jokster survived throughout the movie, getting away with much more than he should have. The many stupid moments made this film too comical to be gritty. Plus, the Jokster's pseudo-philosophy made the film come off as more stupid. I can't believe Heath Ledger won an Oscar for that role. What's even worse was that Ledger put too much energy into a villain that would of been killed quickly without plot armor. This overrated movie played a role in a actor's death. This movie is a work of ...more

I'm not gonna lie... this is a good comic book movie in my opinion. It's just good. Heath Ledger's performance is amazing, but don't think it's Oscar worthy (I just respect the fact that he put so much effort), the action sequences are a tad better than "Batman begins" and in many respects, it's a relatively fun movie to watch. However, there are some really big issues (in my opinion) that I think a lot of people ignore because of the film's hype and only. For example, Bruce Wayne is not as interesting as he was in "Batman begins". I just didn't feel that much about him and I feel that this is due to the fact that the writers focused much more on Joker's character than they should've had. And the same goes for everyone else in the movie. From Lucious Fox, to Rachel Daws, to Harvey Dent etc., all the characters felt kinda bland to me. Also, Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance as Rachel Daws was just terrible. She was just kind of a role model than an actual character and could've given a ...more

I find The Dark Knight to be an... Okay film. However, it's all the praise it gets that made me hate it. The big problem I have with it is how seriously it takes itself. They have a story about a man who fights crime dressed up as a BAT, yet they make it as if they're producing Shakespeare. Burton's Batman was dark, like Batman should be, but Burton acknowledged the surrealness of the story, and he made it so it was fun, enjoyable, and dark, just like a Batman movie should be. That's why Burton's Batman remains one of my favorite movies of all time. Another big problem I have with the film, aside from Bale's performance, is Heath Ledger. He was a partially enjoyable character, but he was NOT the Joker. He was an everyday criminal. The Joker is supposed to be both fun, creepy, insane, and hilarious. Ledger only got the insane part down, the rest he completely defenestrated. If I wanted a good Joker, I'd watch Mark Hammil, or Jack Nicholson. And, if I wanted to enjoy Batman, I'd watch ...more

For many others, like me, who think Tim Burton's Batman had too much caricature, Nolan's toning down was a huge sigh of relief.

This film is good, but:
*Christian Bale isn't interesting
*The first act is overlong and boring
*The Batman voice is awful
*Unnecessary characters take up a chunk of the film

10 Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope Product Image

To RogerMcBaloney, it is dumb to assume that if someone thinks Star Wars is overrated, he doesn't like science fiction. A person can say that Star Wars is overrated and be a fan of Star Trek, E.T., or Crash Bandicoot, which are all Sci-Fi stories. Star Wars is not that good, and many of its fans exaggerate its overall impact. It didn't jump start movie franchises. 007 did. For the many Star Wars fans to think that the series started the 'chosen one' kind of character, the dark looking villain with the villainous accent, old characters with great intelligence and wisdom, or a major plot twist, those fans unintentionally admitted that they never seen Dracula, the Captain Nemo films, nor seen nor read any story from Greek Mythology. Did Star Wars push the boundaries of special effects? Yes, but so did Forbidden Planet. The main reason Star Wars received so much attention is the same reason Independence Day and Armageddon did. A bunch of stuff blows up. Star Wars wasn't even the first ...more

It is sickening that this overrated pile of a series is treated like it's the best thing ever made when it isn't. I think the only franchise that had received even more stupid, ridiculous hype is that stupid, overrated video series, call of duty. It wouldn't surprise me if much of the fandom of star wars and call of duty are the same. Both dumb franchises have war, a bunch of explosions, overrated weapons, overrated soldier characters, and they both get brought up too much in circumstances that have nothing to do with either stupid series. Both franchises are like cancer, which should also go away, but can't. Now that wouldn't mean that the fandom of both franchises is completely the same, since many call of duty fans mainly adore call of duty because it's very violent. Dumb costumes, over-used catchphrases, an overrated theme song, and those reasons I mentioned earlier is why star wars is the most overrated movie series ever. At least the makers of star wars doesn't release an entry ...more

I don't see how you could compare Star Wars, a movie, and Call Of Duty, a video game. The only thing that I agree with you about is that Call Of Duty is overrated, at least most of the games in the franchise. Now, I get that you might not like Science-Fiction, but seriously you need to chill. I bet you never even saw any of the Star Wars movies. Bet you only hate on things because you think it makes you cool. None of the reasons you gave have any credibility whatsoever.

Watched, it kind of entertained me but it wasn't something wow.

All the star wars movies are over-rated and if you're over forty you should just move on

The Contenders

11 Get Out Get Out Product Image

This movie has scenes that don't make any sense and are there because Peele wanted to show the weirdness. But instead it's just confusing.

Lmao this is not overrated. Most horror movies, even those that have been rated well, have been very cliche and cringy. This is one of the most incredible suspense/horror films, created by one of the most genius directors, Jordan Peele. There were so many key details and it's fun to go watch videos on YouTube explaining hidden meanings...not overrated at all.

Pretty good, but not the best horror movie

Man this movie is overrated as fk, yeah the movie has a social commentary but that's all, as a horror movie is just boring

12 The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz Product Image

This is a classic! As I said with Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, this movie is FAR from being overrated. This movie is even arguably better than The Godfather.

Watch this movie, play " Pipers at the gate of dawn " by Pink Floyd and smoke a certain substance and you will be the happiest person.

I love this movie! It was funny, sad, and scary at the same time. But we are all entitled to our own opinion.

What?!? This is a classic!

13 Forrest Gump Forrest Gump Product Image

Forrest Gump is a great movie, but it is a little too overrated by many critics. Now, I do not hate the film, I myself like it, Robert Zemeckis is a good director (Back to the Future). It is a fun and cheerful drama with an entertaining performance by Tom Hanks. However, I was not happy with the fact that this movie won the Best Picture Oscar for 1994 over The Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction. In all honesty, Pulp Fiction should've won the Best Picture Award because of many reasons. One, it has much better writing than Forrest Gump's sappy and sentimental script. Two, the non-linear, intertwining stories are marvels of cinema and revolutionized film-making. Three, an AMAZING ensemble cast: John Travolta, Samuel. L Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames. Even the small roles played by Christopher Walken and Harvey Keitel are unforgettable; that clearly shows how superior PF was to FG. Fourth, direction, Zemickis's FG was very predictable and he did a little bit of a ...more

This is the most absolutely horrendously STUPID film I've ever seen in my life! The director has as much talent as a leech with a hot rock in its face. He can't tell whether anyone is following a script, which must have been written in the alien language of Zyxxyzzy before being poorly translated into a dialect that they didn't understand. The acting itself is all very basic and uninspired; not putting a thought into how serious or silly it sounded, making every second of this film more dull than Vertigo. Everything about this film lacks any sense of quality, and that's why I loathe it to infinity.

I'm a big fan of Sally Field ( in fact the only good thing in this movie ) but it's almost a pity that she did this stupid movie. And that cheap philosophy line about life is like a chocolate box really annoys me!

I don't know which movie is the worst... Forrest Gump, Steel Magnolias or Field of Dreams... but I think I'll go with Forrest Gump which is full of sentimental drivel.

14 How to Train Your Dragon How to Train Your Dragon Product Image


People like this movie because it has fantastic animation, likable characters, A good message, and, let's face it, Toothless is adorable.

This is not overrated all you have to see one illumination movie and see this after and realise which one is better

I don't get why people liked it so much!

15 The Matrix The Matrix Product Image

Aww, come on now. What's so bad about Neo? You have a problem?! Why hate?

I thought this film was boring when I first saw it which was in school.

This movie is the most overrated in history, and I'm gonna tell you why. Blade did the bullet dodging, marble pillars with armed men behind them, trench coats and sunglasses one year before the matrix. The acting in the matrix sucks, the plot is idiotic, and it tries so hard to be smart but isn't. But, I will give it this, the special effects are decent. Not great, but they stand the test of time. The best part of the whole movie was when Keanu Reeves does Bruce Lee's signature nose flick. The reason I say Keanu Reeves is because it was unscripted. So, I've listed out the reasons I hate the Matrix. So you can't pass me off as unintelligent because I have my reasons.

Well the acting isn't that good since they have the same facial expression the whole time but imma give The Matrix 9/10 - AlphaQ

If visual effects makes a movie great, then Mars Needs Mom is a great movie.

16 Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Product Image

Wow. Someone actually had the nerve to put this one here.

Star Wars is the most overrated media franchise of all time (This includes Video Games, T.V. Shows, Animation and Films), and this coming from a long-time fan. Honestly, I think there's better Space-Based franchises and better sequels than Episode V. Not saying this is bad at all, in fact this is better than A New Hope, but I honestly don't think its as grand as so many people make it out to be.

Furthermore, the Star Wars franchise has staggered itself several times after the Original Trilogy. While I personally like the Prequels, I know they're flawed in many ways. The Sequel Trilogy is honestly mediocre. And in a very unpopular opinion, I prefer the tie-in materials, mostly from the Expanded Universe over any of the films.

WHAT?!?!? This movie is not even close to being overrated!

Star Wars in general is massively overrated.

That does not mean its bad.

Even though (for that time) the special and practical effects were magnificient this movie isn't about special effects or soldiers shooting straight. The scene between Vader and Luke is enough to shoot this movie up to greatness, if you know the story. That really was something special.

17 The Blair Witch Project The Blair Witch Project Product Image

Its one of the few movies that I stopped watching it

How did this crap become a classic?

SO STUPID! Found footage type of movies are the most annoying things ever! They try to make it realistic when actually it is just the most stressful and hardest thing to watch. This movie is the worst

Your time has come, Blair Witch Project, to get off the planet. You are no longer a good movie. That is not to say you were a good movie in the first place either.

Hyped-up trash.

18 Gravity Gravity Product Image

Don't believe the comments of people who say that the critics who found this film overrated, boring and bad in acting all were wrong! They were right ( for once ). This movie is boring. Sandra Bullock is very bad ( she is screaming all the time and it sounds like she has an orgasm instead of fear ) and the special " action " effects are so predictable that it gives no " viewers effect " at all in matter of being surprised.

Not only do I think this movie is overrated, but it's also one of my least favorite movies of all time. Almost nothing happened. There was no character development, innovation, emotion or humor. Its visuals were good but not enough to save it.

Watching Gravity is the equivalent of watching fireworks. It's cool, but ultimately I don't want to watch two hours worth of it.

I do not get the praise behind this film at all. The big issue with Gravity is that it felt like they spent most of the production into the CGI and special effects and that's it. While I do think George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are great actors, this is probably one of their worst performances I have seen from both actors.

No plot, humor, or character development (or characters for that matter) and critics loved it because of the effects? I agree with critics on almost every movie but I am truly baffled at the praise this movie is receiving.

19 Jurassic World Jurassic World Product Image

This movie is mostly overhyped because of the series that it's part of. There are dinosaur movies on the syfy channel that are marvelous compared to this junk of a movie. If this film wasn't part of the jurassic park series, nor had the word JURASSIC in its title, most of the fans of this stupid movie wouldn't care for it.

This film should be called Jurassic Garbage. Walking with Dinosaurs 3D is better than this overrated piece of Jurassic Garbage. Many of the fans of this movie must be on dope.

What? I'm confused... What is going on... what. It's not near bad. Not amazing though

I just hate it, it's stupid story

20 Gladiator Gladiator Product Image

The lighting in this movie is unbearable and it makes everything look fake. Did they render Rome in microsoft paint? Generally the movie just feels incomplete and lackluster.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Russell shouldn't play victims. He is better off playing villains and leaders. Give me Master and Commander any day.

Really overrated, seen better movies about Romans, and less predictable ones too

What is this doing here?

21 High School Musical High School Musical Product Image

This movie sucks. Seriously. The other nine movies up here don't deserve to be called overrated while this abomination continues to exist. Putting Silence of the Lambs and American Beauty on the same list as High School Musical is basically comparing Zach Efron and Ashley Tisdale's acting to that of Keivn Spacey and Anthony Hopkins. Whoever made this list should be ashamed.

The movie’s just okay, not the best musical, sort of overrated, and the worst thing is that it ripped off my favourite movie ever, Grease.

No one says high school musical is a great movie, people are always insulting it and claiming how it should never of been made. The same with twilight. I swear you don't know what overrated means. Its something that everyone rates high but really is terrible. Napoleon Dynamite is a good example. Twilight and high school musical are not.

"No one" LOTS of people say it's great. Just like Frozen. Kids and young teens all over love it. I like it, or used to.

This needs to be #1.
I can't believe you people think "Titanic" is overrated...

Titanic sucks. It was boring as hell, had too much talking, no funny moments, and was just something for women to see with their boyfriends. END. OF. STORY.

22 Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream Product Image

It starts off like a bad student film, doesn't know what to do with the middle and just explodes at the end. Technically the last 25 minutes were extremely well done but we needed the previous hour to engage with the character and we just didn't have any of the character ark that we needed. As a result how are we supposed to care about these people. Maybe you did but I didn't.

Best thing about this film was Clint Mansell's score.

Oh thank you, I am not alone in this. I thought this movie was terribly overrated. Wouldn't even say it was a good movie.

It is well made but it shoves the moral down the viewers throat

It was made for it's time.

23 Brave Brave Product Image

I don't get the hell why would such a crap show could win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. It was so horrible, the story was a huge mess and the mother daughter relationship was nothing at sense. The characters don't even link to each other and the animation was horrible (seriously Pixar? ). Even the bear scene doesn't make any sense to that

The academy should go right up to Disney and take that Oscar back! This film sucked! Merida, who is supposed to be "brave," came out was whiny and annoying for me. She whines about being a princess, whines about getting married, whines about her mom choosing her fate(she's really not, she wants the best for you,) whines when she gets turned into a bear, etc. If you want a brave princess, go watch Mulan, who isn't whiny and selfish.

I don't even get why would anyone like that show or it win an Oscar. The story was a huge mess and the animation is damm awful (seriously Pixar after The Incredibles? ) even Rise Of The Guardians and Wreck it Ralph is heck better in animation quality

Since this movie came out I have been complaining about its lack of luster. First of all, the title is completely misleading. What exactly makes Merida "brave"? I must have missed it when I was forced to watch her be a complete selfish brat for the entire movie.

24 Halloween (1978) Halloween (1978) Product Image

Not the best horror movie, it's not scary, the side characters aren't interesting, and the kills are unrealistic and fast.

25 A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange Product Image

So there's social commentary about the government's involvement, yet that only comes in at the last half.

One of the best movies ever made about how the society use it's power in a hypocrit way. How justice is injustice when politics and the power establishment tries to stay in power even against senseless criminality, sex, drugs and " rock and roll ". Many people didn't understood the message of this movie, just thinking that it was a movie just to show free violence.

I don't care about the "social message" it had to provide. The movie was disgusting to watch and hear. An absolute waste of time. "In your face" doesn't always mean great. Every other movie of Kubrick is better than this.

I like this movie, but seeing it everywhere on "top 10 movie of all time" lists frustrates me...

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