Most Overrated Movies

Many won't agree at first I know this. But watch one of these films again and think.

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1 Titanic

They met, had sex, boat sank, he died, she died. There is the whole movie in ten words.

Never ever watching this movie ever again! It was so boring, I went to sleep throughout most of the film! It's just so cheesy, bland and predictable! How did this movie even get 11 awards? - UltraLunalaX

I've seen this entire movie at a hospital waiting room (was waiting for someone else). I was actually engaged in the story, even though I knew how it happened. I've seen the Italian/North Korean animated versions on sale at secondhand shops, and they look horrible. One of them even says on the cover "COMES WITH A HAPPY ENDING IN WHICH EVERYONE IS RESCUED AND LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER! ". No. Just NO. At least they didn't do a 9/11 cartoon. - CanConSucks

Kate was on a lifeboat mid movie. If she stays on, they both survive as there is room for one aboard their debris raft at the end. So her bone head move kills the one she loves. How does she live with herself for so long knowing that. And I could have walked out of the movie at the point she got out of the lifeboat.

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2 Avatar

Pocahontas in space! So original! - InsertNameHere

Dances with wolves with aliens instead of Indians, Costner should sue.

Absolutely overrated. It was one of the best try not to cringe challenges. The whole movie just felt like a demonstration of their CGI skills. The plot was over dramatised and exaggerated.

#1 highest grossing movie? Why?

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3 Frozen

Frozen is an okay movie, but people talk about it like Jesus Christ wrote it or something. The songs, characters, and plot are very bland compared to the other classic Disney films and it doesn't deserve all the hype.

When a movie made from Disney is worse than "Tangled" and "Tinker Bell", it's one of the worst movies ever.

One time, I was at the theater, and I saw the trailer for this movie. I thought it would be a good movie. I WAS WRONG! When it came out, it wasn't such a big deal. I thought it would just be one of those lackluster movies nobody cared about, but NO! Almost every little girl in the world was infected with Idina Menzel's song "Let it go." The songs COMPLETELY SUCKED, Elsa is an anti-hero who runs away from all possibilities and opportunities, Olaf is dumb thanks to his song "In Summer," which was dumb because HE IS A SNOWMAN! They will melt in summer. The villain was blander than steak without seasoning, and Anna is just annoying. There were only THREE things about this movie that was good. They were Kristof, Sven, and the animation. The WORST thing about this movie was the song, "Let it Go," which I think is worse than any ...more

Frozen is like The Last Jedi. It subverts everything you love about a Disney movie and flushes it down the toilet. The songs feel like a sugar coated candy cane and the characters are bland and can be summed up in a few words. Elsa: Antihero. Anna: Annoying. Hans: Bland. Kristoff: Gay. Olaf: Idiotic. Overall, it just makes you want to go home turn on the Lion King, and get some earmuffs before you head to the frozen segments of Disneyland, because believe me every girl is belting out Let It Go and you wish they had stuck with Maelstrom. Suck a disgrace.

By the way people were acting over it, I thought Frozen was going to be the best movie of the year... Maybe decade. But it turned out not to even be a classic. Disney has far better movies. Whoever says 'Frozen is better than the Lion King' is full of crap. It doesn't even make the top 30 of Disney's best movies. All my life, I've never seen a movie more overrated. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

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4 The Hunger Games

Pretty good movie, but not a great one and definitely overrated. - bhopfan

It was great but everyone was calling it the best movie ever and its not. - DrRyAn

Read all 3 books in high school. I will never understand why they have to make virtually every single YA book into movie series that always split the last book into 2 or 3 parts. - CanConSucks

I think the movie is okay...but is it that great? No it isn't. Poor character development, barely any action in the first half, and also Peeta is a WIMP! The book is way more interesting. - CharismaticKat

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5 The Lion King

The Lion King is undoubtedly a great animation, but I do think it's overrated compared to some other Disney animations which are less revered than this one, but just as good.

First and foremost, this movie is heavily influenced by Bambi, yet Bambi is nowhere near as acclaimed as this movie. I just watched Bambi(1942) for the fist time last week, and I was amazed by how much influence that movie had on the Lion King, specially the ending, but I don't see people citing Bambi as the greatest Disney animation of all time, even though it's just as good as The Lion King.

Also, if we compare The Lion King to some other Disney animations like Snow White, Pinocchio and Aladdin, it could be argued that those movies are just as good, if not better than The Lion King.

Don't get me wrong, I love The Lion King, but I just think it gets way too much praise, while some other Disney movies are very underrated compared to this one. I mean, TLK has a 8.5/10 rating on IMDB, while ...more

Who put this here? It may be overrated, but for a very, VERY GOOD reason.

If it's overrated for a good reason, then it isn't overrated, it's just highly rated. - djh101

All the jokes in it were lazy and the plot was weird. Other Disney classics are beautiful and classy and cute and teach kids kindness or bravery or optimism and in this film, the plot is really dark as it was based on Hamlet and the characters where not strong or original. I love Disney but this film is overrated.

Every Single School Year a Teacher says ehat movie do you wanna watch or some crap like that Everyone's Like Lion King, Why?
I Can Name 15 Disney Movies That are Better than this (excluding pixar)

Lilo & Stitch
Wreck-it Ralph (My 3 Personal Favorites)
The Emporer's New Groove
Lady & the Tramp
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
The Jungle Book
Beauty and the Beast
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and
Oliver & Company - s646451

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6 Twilight

Twilight, taking every cliche and wrapping it up into one big movie SERIES. Top 3 should be the entire movie series, not just number 1.

How is it overrated if everyone hates it? It couldn't be rated any lower. I can't name a single person who likes it.

ruined the whole concept of vampires and werewolves. they turned lycans to dogs and vampires to chandeliers

The WORST "vampire" movie EVER!

What do you mean? Overrated? No one likes this movie. - Charmedyeti

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7 Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

It is sickening that this overrated pile of a series is treated like it's the best thing ever made when it isn't. I think the only franchise that had received even more stupid, ridiculous hype is that stupid, overrated video series, call of duty. It wouldn't surprise me if much of the fandom of star wars and call of duty are the same. Both dumb franchises have war, a bunch of explosions, overrated weapons, overrated soldier characters, and they both get brought up too much in circumstances that have nothing to do with either stupid series. Both franchises are like cancer, which should also go away, but can't. Now that wouldn't mean that the fandom of both franchises is completely the same, since many call of duty fans mainly adore call of duty because it's very violent. Dumb costumes, over-used catchphrases, an overrated theme song, and those reasons I mentioned earlier is why star wars is the most overrated movie series ever. At least the makers of star wars doesn't release an entry ...more

To say that half the Earth loves star wars would be giving the series more ridiculous credit. There are many people that like twilight, avatar, coca-cola, soccer, and american football. That don't mean at least half the world likes those things. Much of the world would of felt sick of hearing about twilight and avatar when those movies came out. If you wanna find someone that doesn't like star wars, go to your search engine, and then type star wars with the words ''sucks'' or ''is terrible'' or ''is stupid'' and you'll find people that hate it. The fans of star wars give way too many comparisons between star wars and other sci-fi movies. Its fans treat star wars like it started science fiction, even though star trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey came out a decade earlier. The story called 20,000 Leagues under the Sea came out several decades before any of those things. Forbidden Planet used major visual effects 2 decades before star wars. A bunch of things blowing up on screen was done on ...more

I like Star Wars to be honest, but it's very very overrated. - CharismaticKat

Finding someone else who doesn't like Star Wars is one of the most difficult things I've ever tried, it's like half the Earth loves Star Wars, and I never understood why, it's really lame, the whole I am your father thing wasn't as cool to me as everyone claimed it is, they were like "oh my god that's one of the best movie twists ever! " But honestly it wasn't that cool to me, and this movie at times is REALLY boring, even the action wasn't that interesting, and all the space Battles weren't cool either mostly because the effects are REALLY dated, also why do all the fans think these movies are perfect? Literally everyone I talk to who says Star Wars is awesome says the original trilogy was completely flawless, did they just choose to ignore any problems the movies had? I just don't like Star Wars and maybe one day I'll finally meet someone who agrees with me

*The "I am your father" scene was in Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, not this one. Carry on. - MasonOcker

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8 La La Land

La La Land was watchable but to me, there was nothing special about it. - ParasN2000

What do people even see in this movie? I found it to be extremely boring and it's just a typical musical film! - UltraLunalaX

boring - coryrevv

On my first viewing I thought it was amazing. On my second viewing...was kinda boring. The flashy spectacle and melodramatic relationship between Mia and Sebastian only were made for a one time view I guess. A wanna be "Singing in the rain" (But kinda nice try thou) The visuals, music and cast are splendid. As for the pacing and memorable elements. Not really, by moments it seemed like the film was of "art cinema" genre cause it lost me a couple times during the 1st half. They just rushed into the dancing bits and music-romantic moments the whole first half and they neglected the element of relatability and connection (this by not having a great script that matches the visuals and music). In short the movie was ok. But is, all in, a lot of noise and little substance. The ending was really good thou. But still, the development into getting there felt (and was) really slobby. Overrated indeed.

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9 How to Train Your Dragon

Really over rated!

This movie was just boring. - KalloFox34




People like this movie because it has fantastic animation, likable characters, A good message, and, let's face it, Toothless is adorable.

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10 Gravity

Not only do I think this movie is overrated, but it's also one of my least favorite movies of all time. Almost nothing happened. There was no character development, innovation, emotion or humor. Its visuals were good but not enough to save it.

Watching Gravity is the equivalent of watching fireworks. It's cool, but ultimately I don't want to watch two hours worth of it.

I do not get the praise behind this film at all. The big issue with Gravity is that it felt like they spent most of the production into the CGI and special effects and that's it. While I do think George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are great actors, this is probably one of their worst performances I have seen from both actors. - SteamedSpaghet

Don't believe the comments of people who say that the critics who found this film overrated, boring and bad in acting all were wrong! They were right ( for once ). This movie is boring. Sandra Bullock is very bad ( she is screaming all the time and it sounds like she has an orgasm instead of fear ) and the special " action " effects are so predictable that it gives no " viewers effect " at all in matter of being surprised.

No plot, humor, or character development (or characters for that matter) and critics loved it because of the effects? I agree with critics on almost every movie but I am truly baffled at the praise this movie is receiving.

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The Newcomers

? It's a Wonderful Life

Am I the only person on this planet who doesn't care for this movie. I like James Stewart, I like b&w movies, and I have watched this at least three times... I struggle to see why it is so loved. - Myke1

? Captain Marvel

While this movie isn't out yet, it's going to be overrated. Most likely, it will be because it would have a very powerful female character. It will be yet another superhero movie, along with Wonder Woman and Black Panther, that will get praise for ''diversity''.

It's been out in theaters for only a few days as of now, and it already became overrated.

This will be the most overrated movie of 2019 it will be another black panther - Dvafan2

I haven't really heard too much about it compared to others MCU movies. From what I've it isn't rated high enough to be overrated. - ParasN2000

The Contenders

11 Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars is the most overrated media franchise of all time (This includes Video Games, T.V. Shows, Animation and Films), and this coming from a long-time fan. Honestly, I think there's better Space-Based franchises and better sequels than Episode V. Not saying this is bad at all, in fact this is better than A New Hope, but I honestly don't think its as grand as so many people make it out to be.

Furthermore, the Star Wars franchise has staggered itself several times after the Original Trilogy. While I personally like the Prequels, I know they're flawed in many ways. The Sequel Trilogy is honestly mediocre. And in a very unpopular opinion, I prefer the tie-in materials, mostly from the Expanded Universe over any of the films. - CrimsonShark

Wow. Someone actually had the nerve to put this one here.

The worst movie in the series

I used to be a big fan of Star Wars, until The Last Jedi came out - Charmedyeti

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12 Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a great movie, but it is a little too overrated by many critics. Now, I do not hate the film, I myself like it, Robert Zemeckis is a good director (Back to the Future). It is a fun and cheerful drama with an entertaining performance by Tom Hanks. However, I was not happy with the fact that this movie won the Best Picture Oscar for 1994 over The Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction. In all honesty, Pulp Fiction should've won the Best Picture Award because of many reasons. One, it has much better writing than Forrest Gump's sappy and sentimental script. Two, the non-linear, intertwining stories are marvels of cinema and revolutionized film-making. Three, an AMAZING ensemble cast: John Travolta, Samuel. L Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames. Even the small roles played by Christopher Walken and Harvey Keitel are unforgettable; that clearly shows how superior PF was to FG. Fourth, direction, Zemickis's FG was very predictable and he did a little bit of a ...more

It's a good movie, but is not the best movie ever by any stretch of the imagination. How it made it to the top of the "best movies" list is beyond me.

Dumber than dumb.


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13 Black Panther Black Panther

People were called racist for not liking this movie. If most people either hate a movie or think that it's overrated, the main characters being black won't be the reason. If someone wasn't going to like a movie because of the ethnicity of the main characters, then they wouldn't watch the movie at all. Also, wouldn't it be a different form of racism to praise a movie because the main characters are black? That would be overrating the film.

So overrated, the story is okay, but the whole movie concept is just basic...

People act like this is the greatest movie of all time. It's slightly under average for even a Marvel movie.

I loved Black Panther and especially the social themes in it. I thought the acting was solid, the culture it showed was beautiful, and the villain is better than most Marvel movies.

That being said, a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes? Really? I loved what the movie was and what it stood for, but this is a Marvel movie. It was a huge stride in the right direction for representation, but outside of its social implications, it's not Oscar-worthy. It's simply a far-above-average Marvel movie - WeirdScienceGuy

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14 The Wizard of Oz

It was great until people decided to make cash graps with movies and T.V. shows

This is a classic! As I said with Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, this movie is FAR from being overrated. This movie is even arguably better than The Godfather.

Watch this movie, play " Pipers at the gate of dawn " by Pink Floyd and smoke a certain substance and you will be the happiest person.

I love this movie! It was funny, sad, and scary at the same time. But we are all entitled to our own opinion.

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15 The Matrix

Aww, come on now. What's so bad about Neo? You have a problem?! Why hate?

This movie is the most overrated in history, and I'm gonna tell you why. Blade did the bullet dodging, marble pillars with armed men behind them, trench coats and sunglasses one year before the matrix. The acting in the matrix sucks, the plot is idiotic, and it tries so hard to be smart but isn't. But, I will give it this, the special effects are decent. Not great, but they stand the test of time. The best part of the whole movie was when Keanu Reeves does Bruce Lee's signature nose flick. The reason I say Keanu Reeves is because it was unscripted. So, I've listed out the reasons I hate the Matrix. So you can't pass me off as unintelligent because I have my reasons.

Well the acting isn't that good since they have the same facial expression the whole time but imma give The Matrix 9/10 - AlphaQ


You know I would emote to this but then I remember that nobody in this film barely emoted in this...

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16 Get Out

Pretty good, but not the best horror movie - Charmedyeti

Man this movie is overrated as fk, yeah the movie has a social commentary but that's all, as a horror movie is just boring

Haven't seen it - Dvafan2

17 High School Musical

Most of the girls in my class are absolutely obsessed with high school musical! I cannot stand it when they keep saying it's the best movie in the world! I found this movie to be completely annoying and all the songs are extremely annoying! Also I don't like musicals! - UltraLunalaX

If want to become gay fast, just watch this.

THIS MOVIE IS HORRIBLE! It ruined my life and childhood

This movie sucks. Seriously. The other nine movies up here don't deserve to be called overrated while this abomination continues to exist. Putting Silence of the Lambs and American Beauty on the same list as High School Musical is basically comparing Zach Efron and Ashley Tisdale's acting to that of Keivn Spacey and Anthony Hopkins. Whoever made this list should be ashamed. - aman28

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18 The Dark Knight

The irony of this film is that it received so much hype for things that it wasn't: Dark, gritty, unpredictable, intellectual, realistic, ground breaking, philosophical, a work of art. What were the fans of this movie on when they saw this movie? People that claim this is a dark superhero movie had clearly never seen The Crow, Sin City, the Blade films, nor The Punisher. Due to those films alone, this film was not ground breaking. The film was not unpredictable nor intellectual, which was why the Jokster survived throughout the movie, getting away with much more than he should have. The many stupid moments made this film too comical to be gritty. Plus, the Jokster's pseudo-philosophy made the film come off as more stupid. I can't believe Heath Ledger won an Oscar for that role. What's even worse was that Ledger put too much energy into a villain that would of been killed quickly without plot armor. This overrated movie played a role in a actor's death. This movie is a work of ...more

I'm not gonna lie... this is a good comic book movie in my opinion. It's just good. Heath Ledger's performance is amazing, but don't think it's Oscar worthy (I just respect the fact that he put so much effort), the action sequences are a tad better than "Batman begins" and in many respects, it's a relatively fun movie to watch. However, there are some really big issues (in my opinion) that I think a lot of people ignore because of the film's hype and only. For example, Bruce Wayne is not as interesting as he was in "Batman begins". I just didn't feel that much about him and I feel that this is due to the fact that the writers focused much more on Joker's character than they should've had. And the same goes for everyone else in the movie. From Lucious Fox, to Rachel Daws, to Harvey Dent etc., all the characters felt kinda bland to me. Also, Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance as Rachel Daws was just terrible. She was just kind of a role model than an actual character and could've given a ...more

This film is so overrated. It's hardly as original as people claim it is. It's the same plot as revenge of the Sith.

I find The Dark Knight to be an... Okay film. However, it's all the praise it gets that made me hate it. The big problem I have with it is how seriously it takes itself. They have a story about a man who fights crime dressed up as a BAT, yet they make it as if they're producing Shakespeare. Burton's Batman was dark, like Batman should be, but Burton acknowledged the surrealness of the story, and he made it so it was fun, enjoyable, and dark, just like a Batman movie should be. That's why Burton's Batman remains one of my favorite movies of all time. Another big problem I have with the film, aside from Bale's performance, is Heath Ledger. He was a partially enjoyable character, but he was NOT the Joker. He was an everyday criminal. The Joker is supposed to be both fun, creepy, insane, and hilarious. Ledger only got the insane part down, the rest he completely defenestrated. If I wanted a good Joker, I'd watch Mark Hammil, or Jack Nicholson. And, if I wanted to enjoy Batman, I'd watch ...more

For many others, like me, who think Tim Burton's Batman had too much caricature, Nolan's toning down was a huge sigh of relief. - gaali121

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19 The Blair Witch Project

Nothing happens u a girl crying, and then u see bump her head at the end and u see some sticks shapes as people. 2nd ones better

Found footage makes me feel like I have a concussion. - CanConSucks

Boring. Just Boring

Your time has come, Blair Witch Project, to get off the planet. You are no longer a good movie. That is not to say you were a good movie in the first place either.

Hyped-up trash. - gaali121

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20 Brave

I don't get the hell why would such a crap show could win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. It was so horrible, the story was a huge mess and the mother daughter relationship was nothing at sense. The characters don't even link to each other and the animation was horrible (seriously Pixar? ). Even the bear scene doesn't make any sense to that

The academy should go right up to Disney and take that Oscar back! This film sucked! Merida, who is supposed to be "brave," came out was whiny and annoying for me. She whines about being a princess, whines about getting married, whines about her mom choosing her fate(she's really not, she wants the best for you,) whines when she gets turned into a bear, etc. If you want a brave princess, go watch Mulan, who isn't whiny and selfish.

I don't even get why would anyone like that show or it win an Oscar. The story was a huge mess and the animation is damm awful (seriously Pixar after The Incredibles? ) even Rise Of The Guardians and Wreck it Ralph is heck better in animation quality

I didn’t know this was overrated - Charmedyeti

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21 Gladiator

The lighting in this movie is unbearable and it makes everything look fake. Did they render Rome in microsoft paint? Generally the movie just feels incomplete and lackluster.

It’s not a bad movie, but is a little overlooked - Charmedyeti

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Russell shouldn't play victims. He is better off playing villains and leaders. Give me Master and Commander any day.

Really overrated, seen better movies about Romans, and less predictable ones too

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22 Jurassic World

This film should be called Jurassic Garbage. Walking with Dinosaurs 3D is better than this overrated piece of Jurassic Garbage. Many of the fans of this movie must be on dope.

I just hate it, it's stupid story - PinkF

This movie is mostly overhyped because of the series that it's part of. There are dinosaur movies on the syfy channel that are marvelous compared to this junk of a movie. If this film wasn't part of the jurassic park series, nor had the word JURASSIC in its title, most of the fans of this stupid movie wouldn't care for it.

What? I'm confused... What is going on... what. It's not near bad. Not amazing though

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23 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

It's not as good as the original ones.

Not only was it not as good as most say, it was worse than any Star Wars movie not called Phantom Menace. The movie came out at a time when everyone was crying racism over every little thing. Hollywood felt it was their job to attack what they felt was racism all over this country. So what does Rogue One do? Make all the bad guys in the movie white men, and make all the good guys in the movie a complete hodgepodge of different ethnicity and gender... just as long as it was no white men.

In my opinion, this film was mediocre at best. The acting was subpar, the action scenes were okay, but what really broke the camel's back was the character development, or lack thereof. I couldn't really care about these characters, because we know nothing about these characters. I feel like people only liked the film because it's a Star Wars film. Personally, I think it's overrated. - MasonOcker

Oh my God all of my friends say this is the best Star Wars movie. IT isn't - moviesman

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24 Inception

I was so unimpressed that today I only remember it being ridiculous in its premise and boring and predictable in its screenplay.

To be honest, I thought Toy Story 3 was the Best Film of 2010. And I was honestly happy when The King's Speech won Best Picture. - OnyxDash

A terrific movie in every sense of he word

A bit overrated but still a lot of fun.

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25 The Social Network

Guys, The King's Speech deserved it's Best Picture Oscar win. Stop whining. I think this film is excellent, but I thought The King's Speech was so much better. by the way, Toy Story 3 was the best film of 2010...fight me. - OnyxDash

Jesse Eisenberg shouldn't even be called an "actor". If he is one, then my pet dog is clearly superior to him. - gaali121

I can't believe that they nominated Jesse Eisenberg at the Oscars for this movie. This actor is so annoying to hear ( Always speaking too fast like he's on meth in every movie he does ). The movie itself didn't give something new or revealing. It was too slow and after the movie you will ask yourself " what's the point? ". OVERRATED!

I like this movie because Andrew Garfield

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26 The Notebook

I think this movie really doesn't belong in this list. It's a movie because of the story that you like or don't like, but the film itself is very well done. And the acting of Rachel McAdams is certainly not overrated.

Don't find it as good as others do but yea it's A BIT overrated since people treat it like God created it. - AlphaQ

27 Tangled

This is one of the best animated films ever. The characters, the songs and dare I say, the story, are all great. I do not understand how anyone can find anything in this to dislike. Inside out is a terrible animated movie.

The characters are annoying at best and completely unlikable at worst. The entire plot is stupid - it has too many implausible actions and twists, the magic just happens to work in a forced, convenient way (this includes being a deus ex machina), and the whole plot could've been avoided if it weren't for the villain's contrived idiocy. The songs weren't great either, and saying that the good animation redeems the film is like saying that the nice graphics redeem Sonic 2006.

Not overrated at all my favorite Disney movie ever its great any one who thinks the plot is stupid does not understand. A great plot is was a fantastic set up also Frozen's plot was hard to understand. - JustinDanger

Frozen is overrated. Not Tangled. - gaali121

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28 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Don't people have to think a movie was good in the first place in order for it to be classified as "overrated"?

This film is not overrated. Just amazingly terrible. - OnyxDash

I can say never whatever I want! As for the movie, all I can say is, "NEVER create this movie about a boy that has a voice of a woman and dance around like a female latino dancer again"! Plus, don't get started Katy Perry either!

Justin bieber is the worst human being ever

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29 American Sniper

Why did this film get nominated for Best Picture again? - OnyxDash

30 300

It was so boring! Other than the occasional fights and that bit where the hunchback is in the strip club, its not interesting.

Predictable and pretentious. Id rather watch traffic go by. At least I would see an occasional bumper sticker with more depth, intelligence and meaning.

Never liked this movie,weird sky - zxm

31 The Fast and the Furious

They are all the same boring overrated films I watched a few and they are the same - Dvafan2

"The Fast and the Furious" movies are some of the most overrated films of all time. I really don't understand how these movies draw so much revenue when they're the same as any other generic, forgettable action movie. These movies don't have any plot, no character development, and don't give us any reason to care for the characters. I hope this franchise comes to an end soon. - rapaddict97

So overrated. Period. Throw anything with cars and boys will love it to death.

Maybe ok for kids but all those so Obvious CGI effects made this film unreal. Can't believe that they made so many follow-ups for such an overrated movie.

32 Fantasia

Witch version original or 2000 or the crappy version at magic kingdom - Dvafan2

Not overrated. A musical, and visual masterpiece - Charmedyeti

Whoever hates this movie must love hell


33 Paranormal Activity

All of these have such slow build up. The commercials always promise that, "the last 15 minutes will scar you for life." It's true because I'm scarred for wasting my money. - VicarSlayer23

I hate all of these movies. All of them.

It wasn't scary AT ALL

Overrated all off them

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34 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

Harry Potter sucks and needs to die, absolultely terrible franchise

The series is already overrated

Best Harry Potter movie ever without a doubt. - JustinDanger

35 Monty Python and The Holy Grail

Sorry poor folks, I guess your humour has degraded far too much to enjoy the masterpiece that this movie is! The black knight, the rabbit monster... this movie had me in splits! Such genuine humour. - gaali121

This movie is hilarious

It was probably ok for its time but now it just seems like a mix of boring skits. If you are younger than 50 don't watch it.

Not that funny and DEFINITELY NOT the funniest movie ever

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36 Requiem for a Dream

Oh thank you, I am not alone in this. I thought this movie was terribly overrated. Wouldn't even say it was a good movie. - ParasN2000

It starts off like a bad student film, doesn't know what to do with the middle and just explodes at the end. Technically the last 25 minutes were extremely well done but we needed the previous hour to engage with the character and we just didn't have any of the character ark that we needed. As a result how are we supposed to care about these people. Maybe you did but I didn't.

Best thing about this film was Clint Mansell's score.

It is well made but it shoves the moral down the viewers throat

If you watch the anime "Perfect Blue" first, you'll see where Aronofsky gets his shots and ideas from. - gaali121

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37 The Lego Movie

If Everything is Awesome, does that make Hitler awesome? - TeamRocket747

The fanbase of this film is worse than the movie.

Chris Pratt is a god, but this movie is a little overrated - Charmedyeti

I just want to throw Legos at everyone who insists this is the greatest animated movie ever, complains about how it didn't get nominated for an Oscar, or sings that stupid song at me.

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38 Napoleon Dynamite

The thing with this movie is that it has a certain humor that only certain people will find funny. I honestly found it hilarious. There's nothing wrong with hating it, you just can't say the movie is bad.

Napoleon Dynamite has a certain style of humor to it. Some may like it some don't. I for one love it - KingFab

I agree, I heard how funny this movie was and everyone I knew kept on quoting it so I decided I HAD to watch it, so when I finally did, I was so disappointed. the movie seemed really dull and not funny and I barely chuckled. - Cookz90

There's really no reason to like this movie. It's dull, bland, boring, and usually unfunny. I almost slept through this movie, something I don't do often in comedies! The characters are total idiots, the acting is terrible, the story is completely stupid, and the movie is filmed in the worst place possible. Any movie filmed in the country is boring in my experience! Anyway, don't watch this movie, because it truly is overrated.

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39 Grease

Overrated? This is suposed to be a adapted filmversion of the theatre-musical from 1972. And I think they succeeded to do that very well. Songs were adapted for 1978 and the soundtrack had that same year many songs that went number one in the charts all over the world. The story? well, it's a love story about a " nice " new girl ( Olivia Newton John ) in highschool who fells in love with a gang-leader ( John Travolta ) with a heart of gold but who is acting tough in front of his gang trying not to lose his face and feelings before them. So, what is overrated? The songs? The story? It's a movie / musical made for fun and entertainment. You don't have to look any further than that. You like it or you don't like it ( there's always pro and cons for everything in this world for " art " ) but it's certainly not an overrated movie. This is a classic / cult movie now for a good reason. You will never be able to re-make ( if they should try to do so and I'm not talking about Grease 2 here ) ...more

Grease? Overrated? This has to some stupid joke.

40 Anomalisa

This is not overrated. It's more overlooked, and if you don't like the film, I can totally understand you. I myself had mixed feelings about it the first time I saw it. Some weeks passed by, and I just couldn't get it out of my head, and eventually I saw it again, and now I love it. Once you understand what the film is going for and what it's trying to say about depression, loneliness, struggling to connect on a deep level with other people and so on, then I think you will hopefully gain some appreciation.

Even though barely anyone knows what this movie is. - JakePlaid

41 Divergent

This movie is honestly so similar to the hunger games that you could watch this movie instead to save time. Overrated garbage

Terrible crap - ikerevievs


42 Deadpool

Actually, deadpool was different from most other superhero movies, but it wasn't the first superhero movie to break the fourth wall so many times. The Mask did this many years before deadpool came out. It also wasn't the first violent superhero movie, since The Crow, Blade, and Underworld were released many years earlier. Also, saying that it seemed like everyone worshipped this movie would be giving it too much credit. That would be like saying that everyone worshipped twilight because of how famous twilight is. Like twilight, deadpool was just able to hugely appeal to its target audience. That doesn't make a film great nor good. Otherwise, high school musical is marvelous. Deadpool would rival twilight for having among the worst fanbases of any movie.

An overrated movie filled with a bunch of stupid, juvenile jokes. Also, constantly breaking the fourth wall does not make something good. Dora the Explorer constantly breaks the fourth wall. Being famous does not make something good either, since there are plenty of people out there with very bad taste. The fame of lil wayne, nicki minaj, justin bieber, and the kardashians are proof of that.

Deadpool is overrated garbage.

I never understood the hype. It really wasn't that great. It wasn't different from any other superhero movie. When it came out, it seemed like everyone WORSHIPPED this movie! I guess I'm not a fan of overrated hype...

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43 The Secret Life of Pets

Toy story with pets, and most of the actual funny parts in the trailer. But of course people loved it because cute animals. It's no way horrible (decent animation/voice acting) but seriously Illumination Animation made this movie for the sole purpose of profit, not creativity. But it's not the most overrated of all time, I just thought it should be higher - Phillip873

Too many toys, played the trailer too much in the Theater, bad acting, illumination makes this movie like a god, rips off toy story 3 times, stupid minion Easter eggs, horrible fanbase, do I have to say more, this movie is trash!

This is a toy story ripoff coming from the studio who made minions and sing...And it's lower than SHREK - Himalayansalt

I think it's okay.

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44 Django Unchained

This movie is incredible. This movie has everything you really want for just good old fashion entertainment. Because when you think about the plot, it's very simple but genius.

Like every Tarantino movie, a lack of originality. It's just a copy of the many Italian westerns made in the sixties.

This movie isn't as good as everyone claims it to be

Quite honestly, any movie by Tarintino should be on this list! He's an awful director with "NO" imagination or vision. Like Oliver Stone with Platoon, he made it on the map early with Resivoir Dogs... Ever since then he has directed nothing but garbage. You can throw Spike Lee in this catagory also. Lee, Stone, Tarintino all all a collection of talentless idiots!

45 Zootopia


Oh Disney, why did you make a movie for those Tumblr social justice brats?

While this movie isn't terrible per say it unfortunately tends hammer the message down your throat, as a result it comes off as very preachy and a bit annoying. What also doesn't help when it come's to how overrated it is, is that there's a gay couple (look it up it's sadly been confirmed) and we all know how much people love campaigning for gay rights and $&@!. And how people lose their minds if someone says something negative about gays. Even though gay marriage is disgusting and wrong and gays are sub human. (they aren't even real people) these are just one of few reasons why it's overrated hopefully overtime more and more people will see it's glaring flaws because while it's not a terrible movie it could have been better.

People like you are the problem in this world. Gay marriage is in no way wrong, only non-humans would think it is. - Solacress

"Classic" my anus! It's just The Tumblr Movie For Furries.

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46 American Beauty

Excellent movie. It does not take itself seriously. People fail to realize that. Has to be watched in a certain frame of mind. - gaali121

I mean, come on, a guy who's filming plastic bags in the wind and we're supposed to say " Wow, what a great movie " (? ).

You singled out the plastic bag in the whole movie. And I'm supposed to say "Wow, what a great analysis " (? ). - gaali121

Worst movie ever to win the Best Picture Oscar. there are not many movies out there that infuriate me as much as this one. Not a single character worth caring about, and a stupid script, bad acting, and boring as hell. No sane, intelligent human being would think this was a good film.

That would be "Forrest Gump" you're talking about, man. Because "American Beauty" is a great piece of cinema. - gaali121

Great film. Before I saw it, I hated it due to it beating The Matrix for Best Picture. After I saw the movie, I was so wrong. This movie is terrific. - BeatlesFan1964

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47 Cars

It's stupid. It's cliche. It's just plain stupid and didn't need to exist. Thank god, Ratatouille came out the next year and we got great films from Pixar afterward. (Until Cars 2 came out, of course.) - OnyxDash

As a huge racing fan, I used to like this movie when it came out (I was about 8 years old) and I hate it now. Never even watched the second one. The whole series just gives racing a bad name. I didn't realize that then because I was young and ignorant, but I realize it now. - mister83

It's a one-time watch at best. The second view gets boring fast. - gaali121

Why do a lot of people hate this movie? It's actually a good movie. It's just the second one that's not as good as this one.

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48 Slumdog Millionaire

Its very annoying how they highlight poverty in India as if it does not exist in the rest of the world. Oh and boo hoo poor so called minority being bullied by the big bad majority.

I don't know a more undeserving Academy Award winner. Just terrible, how someone can like this is beyond me.

OK, it wasn't the worst ever but it won too many Oscars. American Academy Awards became real FLOP - Alexandr

Well it wasn't awful movie but I still don't see anything special about it - Magnolia

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49 Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This should be higher.The a amaded cartoon is much better.

The town is ugly, The Who’s are ugly, Jim Carry is as cringy as hell, the jokes aren’t funny, the message is half assed, and the original is so much better

50 The Hangover

Oh good god. Why do people consider this one of the greatest comedies ever made? Yeah, the sequels suck, but why does THIS movie get respect. The plot is like every other movie like this, the characters are not memorable and it's NOT FUNNY!

Hangover 1 is NOT Over-rated. Stop judging it based on the sequels

It is seriously unfunny for a comedy movie.

Weak...Awful...Movie..Not Funny

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