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21 Sweet Ann
22 Lily

Vocaloid Lily is an awesome singer and her songs gives inspiration and has excellent voice that is deep and clear. And the moment she performed I like the way she gives off maturity on atmosphere. I do believe others hate her though, I cannot blame them for that if they knew she's sang like a robot or has a muffled voice but then no one can ever stop me if I still idolized her, Vocaloid Lily's voice, her songs and its special meanings and lessons... I will always cherish them

Lily is a great vocaloid.. Her voice is encouraging and full of intensity mixed with heartfelt feelings flowing about in every songs she sang... Music that splash with bursting emotions. She pronounce every word clearly in music videos. She tends to be always in merge of harmony because of her calmness and coolness. Vocaloid lily will always be my idol... PLEASE help me vote for her..

She has a beautiful voice. People who said her voice is bad, Because your nit using it right. Look up WAVE by Lily, Niki uses her well. And She has a mature voice and she can pronounce words really clear, She needs more love!

Lily needs more love

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23 Kaai Yuki Kaai Yuki Kaai Yuki is a child vocaloid character produced by AH-Software Co. Ltd and released originally for Vocaloid 2.

I love her, she's so cute. If you haven't heard of her you should listen to Calalini, even for a little girl she has the talents of Miku Hatsune. I think she's the only elementary vocaloid out there, originality is a huge thing for me. Her voice is so ADORABLE. ^. ^

She's so adorable, her voice is also very adorable. I love how she's the only elementary kid vocaloid there is ^. ^ I recommend listening to Calalini if you haven't heard of her.

24 Hatsune Mikuo
25 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto

(yeah I know shes not Vocaloid so don't nag me )

Though she is not a vocaloid she needs to go up this list

She is totally the best singer EVER!

She need more love.And I have to say that her voice is cuter than Miku Hatsune.

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26 Gachapoid
27 Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter is just too epic to beat! With all her feature and abilities, it's hard to vote for another vocaloid!

Black rock shooter is badass she a ton of cool things

Ever watched the actually movie w/ Black Rock Shooter in it? It's called Black Rock Shooter. BUT, she's really good. Only Hagane Miku can beat her to coolness.

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28 Aoki Lapis

I like Aoki Lapis not because she's cute, but because her voice sounds sweet and reminds me of air. She's also original because she's a fairy and has an older sister. If she gets popular, I hope it's because of those things, not because she's pretty.

She is cute, her voice sounds like a younger version of Hatsune Miku, and I like how gentle she sounds, my favourite Vocaloid, and my favourite song cover she sung is Meltdown!

She is my fave Vocaloid! I love her! Her voice is like a soft, younger version of Hatsune Miku, I love it! But, I hate it when people associate to her with the green haired, blue eyed, leek eating 'angel' known as Miku. I love Aoki, but she needs to be more popular!

Her voice in my opinion is really good.

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29 Yuzuki Yukari Yuzuki Yukari

Seriously? Yukari needs some more love here. I love her voice and her design so I don't see why she can't be in the top ten here.

I love GUMI and Yukari. Because their voices are like human. Their appearances are awesome. Please love them more!

In my opinion, Yukari should be the best Vocaloid out there! So why is she at 33?! That's what I'm curious about here.

I love how her voice sounds

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30 Luo Tianyi

Though she is a chines vocaloid shes really good

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31 Fukase

He's new (made in December 2015).

However, I discovered him very recently, and I absolutely love his voice along with his design. It's high-pitched, but not unbearably high pitched. His tone varies often, and I always love how his voice can be high AND low.

As for his design, it's very well-thought out. As the creators held a contest for his design, I must say that all of the potential designs were amazing as well, but his official design is the one I like the most.

He was voiced by Satoshi Fukase, lead singer of the amazing Japanese band Sekai No Owari.

He's new and unrecognized but you guys should give him a listen

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32 Gakupo Kamui

Gukupo is the best his voice is so soothing to me and is the best vocaloid in the world in my opinion. I think everyone should know who he is. Maybie one day gukupo will get to be number one. But in all the hearts of gukupos true fans he is number one.

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33 Tonio
34 Yohioloid V 1 Comment
35 Kokone

How is Kokone not even on this list yet, is she really that unrecognised?

36 SF-A2 Miki

She has the double voice banks like an Utauloid but yet is still a Vocaloid. I also like the fact that she has very long pretty hair and goes by her own style, she also has a pretty voice, and sounds good in english AND in Japanese, go Miki!


I know this is for most popular, but Miki has that potential ♥

I love Miki, and it's cool how she has double voicebanks. She is also one of the less popular Vocaloid2s. I think Miki needs more attention because of her awesomeness and how unique she is. Have you ever heard Miki Miki Romantic Night or iNSaNiTY? Go check them out. They are awesome SF-A2 Miki songs that will make you appreciate her voice. I'm sure that one day Miki will get more attention. I ♥ you Miki

SERIOUSLY?!?!? 0%?!?!? Come on people! Miki is AWESOME! She has such an amazing voice!

She looks nice and has a nice voice

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37 Leon
38 Anon
39 Mayu

I love Mayu SO MUCH. I don't care if she is a Yandere she has a pretty voice and a beautiful design. Who cares about Hatsune go MAYU!

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40 VY1/Mizki

Mizki has one of the most beautiful voices ever. I know she isn't popular but that's because no one listens to her! If they did she would be! Listen to Sea of Glass. Isn't it beautiful? Please vote for Mizki!

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