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This list is Demi Lovato's most powerful and inspirational songs if you don't agree just add another.

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1 Skyscraper Skyscraper Cover Art

Beautiful... This definitely deserves to be the first song by Demi Lovato. Her voice is so flexible, and this song suits any occasion, even if it's not the best for dancing. Please take the time to search it up! You won't regret it!

This song is so emotional yet so powerful, it tells a story and it has helped me through some tough things going on in my life. I cried when I heard this song cause I love it just so much

This song is amazing and tells a great story to people who are listening to it for the first time

I don't really know what this song is about I have a rough idea but it is a beautiful song.

2 Warrior Warrior Cover Art

I was abused emotionally and physically for a while and I went through depression and severe anxiety and I was cutting myself a lot. But I came across Demi and she shared her experience going through depression and I listened to her songs telling me to be strong and I just cried for hours and whenever I listen to this song it makes me cry. I love it so much.

I've been through depression for the last nine months of my life. Tomorrow I have to face one of the things that caused it. I've been listening to this song over and over again because it helps me remember that I have gone through so much therapy and recovery and that I have the strength to live.

I also have been through depression, just like Demi, and this song has seriously changed my life. I had stopped cutting and thinking of all the negative things that I had been hearing all my life.This song has inspired me a lot, and She made me stronger than ever.
I Love this song so much, that it makes me cry whenever I hear it.

I was sexually molested as a child and this is my theme song! I just love it so much, it puts into words the way I feel about what happened to me. I love you Demi!

3 For the Love of a Daughter For the Love of a Daughter Cover Art

This is one of Demi Lovato's greatest works. Besides being an excellent showcase of her unique and impressive vocals, it's also unfathomably powerful. The lyrics are so deep and reflective, and delivered with such emotions that it touches the soul. This song makes me tear up every time I hear it, especially the lyrics: "And you can't take back what we never had. I can be manipulated only so many times until even I love you starts to sound like a lie."

Is such a touching, inspirational song which shows how she feels and all the pain that she has gone through because of her situation with her father. This song means so much to me personally as it is a song which has the feelings that I can't put into words with my own situation with my father.I cry every time. She is such a strong, inspirational young woman, she is definitely an amazing role model for not only me but for many other people out there. Stay strong.

This is the most powerful song... It shows us how she feels, all the pain she felt about her father. I love her and this song. It shows me you an accomplish something big, even though you have the toughest problems going on in your life. She is my idol, and this song relates to many problems other people are going through.

This song actually made me cry the first couple times I heard it. Demi is so strong for coming out of many horrible things in her childhood and I am so very proud of her for being able to make these types of songs about it to help young people who may be going through very similar things.

4 Shouldn't Come Back Shouldn't Come Back Cover Art

I relate to this song in my own way and it hurts. Every time I sing it, I tear up. I love this woman so much.

So inspiratinal, her voice is amazing. Makes me cry every time it gets to the chorus. Like I legit cry my eyes out. I love it;

All of her songs are the best but this one's different... Full of emotions and all

It makes me cry but so far one of my favorite songs by Demi.. I love you Demi!

5 Heart Attack Heart Attack Cover Art

I find this song to be so powerful...and it beautifully reflects the thoughts of a confused yet cute teenage girl trying so hard to get attention from her bae...But failing miserably!

I really like demi lovato songs but most of all I like the song heart attack the 2nd song I like is let it go.

A song where she let out the pain, yet still empowers us to open our eyes and realize pain before it happens. MY favorite ILY DEMI!

I love this song she is extremely has a very big voice and I like high voices

6 Stone Cold Stone Cold Cover Art

This is def one of her best songs yet. The emotion in the song is unreal. I get chills whenever I hear this song. Its an incredible, empowering song

I love this song so much and I really really love demi Lovato. oh my word shes just the best along with this song, infact everything about her is just perfect. her voice gives me goosebumps and chills!

You can be happy for someone even it breaks your heart. Such a chilling powerballad.

Just hearing the raw live version gives me chills!

7 Believe in Me Believe in Me Cover Art

She connects to her fans so much through this song. She teaches you its okay not to be okay. That you can get through the hard times.

So inspirational and it literally feels like demi is right there always loving on you on your bad days.

I absolutely love this song the meaning behind is means so much to me.

Can't believe she used to be like this! She has come so far! I'm proud of her.

8 Fix a Heart Fix a Heart Cover Art

I love this song I want to be a singer my mom used to beat me and my dad walked out on me

Love this song it helps get through stuff

This song has helped me to get through things even though it's sad it makes me smile 💕

9 Two Worlds Collide Two Worlds Collide Cover Art

This song was written by Demi Lovato about her, at the time, best friend Selena Gomez. It was empowering and heartfelt. There isn't't anything Demi can't do. She proves everything to the world with her outstanding voice. I couldn't be more proud.

This song is so inspiring and it is so sweet. it shows the importance of a true friendship where they depend on each other. I cried listening to this song and it should be on the top 10

Love this song so much it is flawless In Every way

Love this song because every song is normally about a relationship and this ones about her friendship with Selena, its increible

10 Confident

"What's wrong with being confident? " This song is literally the best out of 'em all

Best song ever

What? is so powerful!

The Contenders

11 Nightingale Nightingale Cover Art

Nightingale is such a beautiful song, we all lost someone that are very dear to us, but sometimes we feel like there in the room with us, Demi has lost a childhood friend in the past, she really misses him so much. RIP Trenton.

This is one of the most touching songs out there. Demi has a really powerful and emotional voice which can either make you happy or leave you in tears. I really suggest you to listen to Nightingale just once before you vote, I bet you won't vote for any other song but all these songs are of Demi so It is probably a Win-Win Situation. 🙂

Nightingale is a really beautiful and amazing song. And can connect to a lot of people who have lost someone dear to them.

Nightingale is absolutely beautiful. I'm surprised it's not higher up on the list.

12 La la Land La la Land Cover Art

This is my theme song FOREVER!

13 In Case In Case Cover Art

Very inspiring very sad. Demi has a great voice and she is one of my biggest idols, GO DEMI!

This is the best for me

14 World of Chances World of Chances Cover Art

Such a meaningful song, I cry almoat every time I hear it. To me its like her cry for help song, the lyric "I've got a paper and pen, I go to write a good bye and that's when I know I've got a world of chances for you" to me is like wanting to commit suicide but not giving up as you have a world of chances even though the person/people/own demons are hurting you so much. Helps to push you through some hard times.

I love this song song much I cry every time I hear it you should hear it its amazing

Love it so much, its definitely a song a lot of people can relate to.

A Song that most school kids can relate too, especially me =(

15 This Is Me This Is Me Cover Art

This was one of the first things I ever fully listened to by Demi Lovato and my reaction was immediate. I sang and dance around my house to this song, I watched Camp Rock almost a billion more times, and, most importantly, I became Demi's biggest fan.

I think this song inspired me because the song its called this is me and that means do it on your own way this is me oh and if you listen Selena Gomez song that its called do it its says if you had a choice and if you had your way it means do it on your way.

This song means a lot to me because people were use to say that I will never prove anything in my life but this song make me feel good that this is me and I can do anything.

This song is just like accept me for who I am and not what you want me to be. I will be who and what I want

16 Unbroken Unbroken Cover Art

Vote this song.this should be in the top tens and it is better than 2 worlds collide

It is a dance song with so much meaning behind it.

I'm gonna lobe you like I've never been broken, in gonna say it like its never been spoken, tonight tonight I'm letting go go go go I'm gonna give it like its never been taken, I'm gonna fall like I don't need saving tonight tonight I'm letting go go go go.

Amazing song

17 Heart by Heart Heart by Heart Cover Art

This song should be number 2 I love it so much it's such a beautiful song

18 Sober Sober Cover Art

I just love this song. It's so honest and sensitive, yet strong. It really makes you feel things!

It’s so honest and relatable in so many way 💞 In the end she even says that she’s going to get help and she’s sorry to herself.

19 Don't Forget Don't Forget Cover Art

Song about relationships, love it so much

I can't stop crying when I listen to this

I Cry every time I listen to this ���"���"

20 Let It Go Let It Go Cover Art

This is a beautiful and powerful song. The music and vocals combine to make something highly inspirational. Best demi song.

Its really high... The cold never bothered me anyway, the highest... I'm standing... To sing this song

This song is so good it might not be the same as
The real let it go but the best song ever.

Man,I love Frozen and D.L! This song absolutely rocks! It's so good,emotional,and a powerful song I've ever heard! I love her voice so much! She always kills those notes! I love you D.L!

21 Father Father Cover Art

Made me emotional, and that belt at the end *shivers*

22 It's Not Too Late It's Not Too Late Cover Art

Love this song so much

23 Neon Lights Neon Lights Cover Art

This is a perfect song to uplift your mood. I love this song so much

24 Falling Over Me Falling Over Me Cover Art
25 In Real Life In Real Life Cover Art
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