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21 Escape from Tarkov

The game has realistic graphics, damage system, weapon customization, and more. This game is very promising and should be even better upon release

A fantastic survival FPS game, from gun jams to getting illnesses and needing food/water to survive. Its something that you must try!

The most realistic Shooter I have seen, to the level of the best like Project Reality (and its Spin-off, Squad).

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22 Squad (Alpha)

Although in Alpha state, it's what Arma could have been.

Best game I've played in forever

23 Medal of Honor: Warfighter Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor both warfighter and the 2010 version are the two best console first person shooter games there have ever been. The games really tap into the action, sophistication and most importantly the brotherhood that tier 1 operators and other military personnel share with one another.

Tells the real story about the real heros that died doing the job they love and that very few can do.

Warfighter, gun mechanics quite realistic.

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24 Medal of Honor Medal of Honor
25 Battlefield 1 Battlefield 1

None of the other games are CLOSE to battlefield 1.

Definitely realistic. Just not the realest

26 Far Cry 3 Far Cry 3 V 1 Comment
27 Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2

Because it's obviously highly realistic, and nothing can change that. Very realistic in physics and gun play and very tactical. Very realistic.

28 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

It's more realistic than the Call of Doodies and Cripplefields above.

29 Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2
30 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I honestly think this is one of the most realistic campaigns that I have ever played in my life. I don't know how it's not in the top 10. I mean come on people you're not going to get a game that is real life. But Modern Warfare 2 deploys you in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger ripping terrorists in half with a mini gun. It doesn't get more real than that...

31 Squad
32 Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege

Very Realistic And Swat like, but if you are looking for a open-world like ArmA 3, play ArmA 3. If you want Call of Duty to be More realistic DEFINITELY PLAY THIS!

To be honest this game was extremely refreshing, damage models are fairly realistic and the destruction in the game is incredible. Very intense and immersive.

33 Project IGI: I'm Going In Project IGI: I'm Going In
34 Receiver

Most realistic gun mechanics ever seen. Hands down.

35 Project Reality
36 Spec Ops: The Line Spec Ops: The Line V 1 Comment
37 Day of Defeat: Source Day of Defeat: Source

Realistic WW2 Shooter, Guns do actual realistic damage like real life ones do. Accuracy is a thing and recoil will be the end of you if you're not prepared.

38 No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way
39 Metro: Last Light Metro: Last Light
40 Warface

Realistic mercenary F2P FPS developed by Crytek.
Why I like it: It is a combination of some of the finer qualities in multiple games. Call of Duty for its Button layout that millions are familiar with -80% of the BS "Call of Duty logic", Battlefield for some of its in-game concepts, Far Cry 3&4 for its graphics, Crysis for its in-game weapon customization, and the awesomeness of Medal of Honer (before 2010) almost everywhere els.

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