Most Underrated Comic Book Movies

Let's talk about those comic book films which were completely overlooked and underrated!

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1 Watchmen

Awesome movie! - MaxPap

It would have been a box-office Smash if it came out today, how on Earth did Jackie Earle Haley not even get nominated for an Academy Award for his role of Rorschach, but Oh My God that performance gave me chills!

This movie is VERY underrated, the acting is phenomenal and is 10 times better than any of todays superhero movies.

Everything is perfect from start to end better than that hulk

2 Hulk

I think this film was real underrated masterpiece. Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly did a very good job. The effects looked stunning, the storyline included many dramatic but very nice moments - Alexandr

This one was great! There was a couple of goofs here and there, but overall, this doesn't deserve the hate it got.

By far the best hulk! Why is this so hated? This movie holds my favorite. superhero movie moment ever, the tank in the desert. - 331433


3 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I would feel okay if it had mixed reviews rather than negative

This is what I mean by Zack Snyder doing scene after scene randomly. Batman v Superman had one of the most razzie wins with Hillary's America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party. Even Suicide Squad won an oscar. Batman V Superman never did. And Jesse Eisenberg deserves a razzie

I'd say this is about even with Civil War. This feels darker, yet CW more balanced. Both overstuffed, but both good enough for me.

4 Spider-Man 3

Agreed. Hugely underrated. Found it to be a satisfying closure to the trilogy with enough action, character and story to keep you entertained. Sure it was overstuffed but it was well written enough to give each element enough screentime, and at least developed it's three villains somewhat (unlike the overrated Scott Pilgrim which couldn't do the job with 7). It's a great finisher to an excellent trilogy. - Mrveteran

I preferred this to Spider Man 2, one of the most overrated films of all time. In this the effects were better, and everything felt more exciting. Otherwise, I'd take Amazing Spider Man films and Spider Man 1 any day.

I admit some parts are weird ( dance scenes, crowd reactions...) but overall it was an action packed entertaining movie with heart and with symbiote being a great obstacle for peter both mentally and physical and sandman story was great too, very touching..

The villains and characters helped make the film strong on my opinion. - BoltMarksman

5 Punisher (2004)

I Don't Why People Criticize This Movie So Much What Do They Criticize it for, The Movie Had Great Action Scenes,Thomas Jane Was The Perfect Casting Choice for The Punisher and Best of all it had a KILLER SOUNDTRACK - s646451

6 Daredevil

Dark, edgy, with great direction, and stayed true to the source material.

I enjoyed this to an extent

7 Batman Returns

Honestly, I just watched this masterpiece and it’s one of my favourite movies ever. - BlazingParasol

Honestly, I think this is the greatest Batman movie ever. Seriously, and Michael Keaton is the best Batman ever and Michelle Pfeiffer shines as Catwoman - Alexandr

By far the best superhero movie! Everything is just perfect... The music, sets, acting, cinematography, atmosphere... The's a lot more than you can say about the messy Nolan trilogy! If you want the true dark knight tune here... It doesn't get any better than this!

What about the first batman? Jeez, what is up with American audiences? One the joker is dead, you kind of have to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

8 Batman Forever
9 X-Men: The Last Stand

No, really don't think so. Start was good, but then when Singer left everything went downhill. Only slight saving graces were Grammar's Beast, Wolverine and Iceman.

Much better than people give it credit for.

10 Hellboy

"Hellboy" is one of those rare movies that's not only based off of a comic book, but also feels like a comic book.

The Contenders

11 Dredd

A more faithful adaptation of Judge Dredd than the 1995 Sylvester Stallone version. It could've done better at the box office if the screenings weren't limited to 3D-only.

Oh of my favourites

12 The Shadow

The Shadow is one of the best super-hero films ever made. A sleek, noir adventure full of action, intrigue, truly evil villians, and one bombshell of a heroine. the Shadow is not one to be missed. - Alexandr

An absolutely brilliant movie and totally underrated. A perfect 10/10. Simply one of the best movies ever made. A masterpiece of art.

13 Green Lantern

This is really good! - sonictiger

14 Blade
15 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
16 Fantastic Four (2015)

I'm sorry but no this one sorta left out way too much and left the comics completely

This is a grossly misunderstood movie. It is not as bad as everyone thinks. I mean come on. Some people think the originals are better. The thing looks quite good and there are some solid performances in there

OH...MY...GOSH! Why is this awful film on here? - BoltMarksman

17 Spawn

The movie is dark, funny and interesting as hell. Visual effects were great too - Alexandr

18 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

This is an awesome movie. - PeeledBanana

19 Suicide Squad
20 Blade Trinity

Reynolds brought great comic relief to the movie that contrary to popular belief, was great for the movie. Blade sticks to his cold hearted and unemotional ways while someone else brings a little comedy to the show. Jessica Biel was great as always - Alexandr

21 The Punisher (1989)

OK, Dolph Lundgren isn't superb actor but he did a phenomenal job here. He's definitely the best actor who played Punisher. And the movie was great but still very underrated - Alexandr

22 Iron Man 2

Not as good the original but still a fun film. One of the complaints people gave this film was that it was to sad to see Tony be an alcoholic but that’s a key part of the character, and had to be done in one of the films.

It wasn't awful, just not great either. Kind of a dumb fun movie. First one far superior.

It’s great peoples


23 Batman Begins
24 V for Vendetta

Better than the book
Should have stolen Oscar instead of "the departed"

A great comic book movie with a good message.

25 Elektra

Jennifer Garner is great action star. This overlooked film can prove it. She is great in fight scenes plus beautiful locations - Alexandr

26 The Phantom

It's a silly costume, has plenty of campy moments, and cheesy dialogue, but somehow that's part of the movies overall charm and makes it a fun 90 minutes watch. It also reminds us of the old hollywood system of using sets, stunts, Costumes, and less reliance of CGI.

Billy Zane is the man and even though the movie had a very campy feel to it, that seemed to be its redeeming factor. - Alexandr

27 Man of Steel

It is definitely flawed, but the amount of hate it gets is really excessive in my opinion.

28 The Amazing Spider Man 2

TRASH this is by far one of the worst superhero movies ever made - SimeOh

This was garbage, one of the worst movies I've ever seen in theaters, some of the worst writing and storytelling I've ever seen and one of the most broken plots ever, this doesn't deserve to be anywhere near this list.

I enjoyed this movie unlike the ungrateful bastard critics and movie goers out there, it's a shame this franchise had to be replaced by that trash homecoming movie

Hell yeah! This may have had some terrible moments, but had some truly great scenes to make up for it! Sorry, but these films were way better (Spider Man 1 aside) than Raimi's bland trash (villains aside).

29 Dick Tracy

This masterpiece won 4 Oscars but so what? It isn't that popular, More than that, many people didn't even see it. Dick Tracy is superb action - Alexandr

30 Kick-Ass
31 The Crow
32 The Dark Knight Rises
33 Batman and Robin
34 Iron Man
35 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
36 Constantine

If you cut all comparisons to the hellblazer comics, it's a really good film.

37 Kick-Ass 2
38 Avengers: Age of Ultron

I Saw This Movie In Theaters It Was a Great Movie but the Plot didn't make sense And Ultron is One of the Most Non-Threatening Villians I Ever Seen In A Comic Book Movie - s646451

I enjoyed this and found it to be quite entertaining. Don't understand the hatred it gets, because it's just as good as the first film, albeit not better. - Mrveteran


39 Sin City
40 Vampirella
41 The Rocketeer

Great retro-action with great Billy Campbell and stunning Jennifer Connelly - Alexandr

42 Marvel's The Avengers
43 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
44 Ghost Rider

I loved this movie

45 Barb Wire
46 Whiteout
47 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
48 Captain America: The First Avenger
49 Men In Black 3
50 The Fantastic Four (1994)
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