Most Underrated Madonna Movies

The Top Ten Most Underrated Madonna Movies

1 Dangerous Game

Great film and the greatest Madonna acting - Alexandr

Great acting by a great actress

2 The Next Best Thing

Nice emotional movie. I really loved Madonna's performance here - Alexandr

3 Dick Tracy

Far not everyone remember this movie nowadays but it was really cool - Alexandr

4 Swept Away

Without a doubt, this movie was severely underrated. Nobody wanted to even give it a chance. Everybody with whom I have watched this movie has admitted that the negative buzz was wrong and they all end up liking it.

Well, it wasn't that great but it wasn't disaster at the same time plus the final scenes were acted/directed/produced very well - Alexandr

I never understood why this movie got such a bad rap. I think it is one of Madonna's stronger performances.

The end made me cry

5 Who's That Girl?

Madonna overacts but I still love this movie - reminds me the greatest era. I mean the 80's - Alexandr

Ok so it isn't great in terms of acting but its funny, Madonna's sexy and its the 80's. I love it!

And swept away isn't as bad as its made out. The end is sad!

It's not one for the OSCARS but its funny and its 80's and Madonna looks sexy and funny

6 Four Rooms
7 Body of Evidence

Great Mystery/Thriller and Madge was great. Critics should leave her alone - Alexandr

8 Shanghai Surprise

First 20-25 minutes were boring but later this film becomes better and Madge looks stunning - Alexandr

9 Shadows and Fog
10 Bloodhounds of Broadway

Madonna is gorgeous in this film - Alexandr

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