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41 Foreclosure of a Dream - Countdown to Extinction V 1 Comment
42 Elysian Fields - Youthanasia

Honestly one of my favorites - jack2244

43 Dance in the Rain - Super Collider

I love this song with very simple but very dark riff.

44 I'll Be There - Risk

Best song on Risk

45 The Blackest Crow - Super Collider

This song is extremely underrated. It's amazing.

46 When - The World Needs a Hero
47 Wanderlust - Risk
48 Kick the Chair

This song amazing, but it never gets the credit it deserves

49 Insomnia - Risk

I don't know why people hate this song or this album. Just cause its not metal doesn't mean its not good. And speaking of that, this song is basically just a Megadeth thrash song with different instruments.

Just give it a chance... Other than the type of instruments used, it is a classic Megadeth song through and through

50 Bite the Hand - Endgame

Awesome solo. Best of endgame along with bodies

51 The Skull Beneath the Skin - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
52 Something That I'm Not - The System Has Failed
53 Beginning of Sorrow - Super Collider
54 Train of Consequences - Youthanasia

This is a master piece song, the lyrics and rhythm are just awesome, and it's very underrated, they could play it more often live. Instead of always playing Hangar 18.

I'm doing u a favor, listen to this song. One of my personal top 10 megadeth songs. Nonstop mayhem from start to finish

55 Breadline - Risk V 1 Comment
56 Set the World Afire - So Far, So Good,... So What

The opening is so perfect it makes me smile every time.

V 1 Comment
57 502 - So Far, So Good... So What? V 1 Comment
58 This Was My Life - Countdown to Extinction

This is probably my favourite song on cte the first riff is so good along with the vocal

59 Kingmaker - Super Collider V 1 Comment
60 Chosen Ones - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
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