Most Underrated Michael Douglas Movies


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1 Falling Down

Michael shines here. I really understand his character - Alexandr

This here was good movie!

2 Shining Through

Critics destroyed this film. Yes, it had some holes in realism but it wasn't that bad though - Alexandr

3 The Sentinel
4 Disclosure

Lots of pithy quotes and sharp dialogue in this movie. Yes there are superfluous plot twists and ridiculous logic problems that keep this movie from being what it could be. But if you really look at the movie landscape you willsee this is actually a watershed film in both asthetically and in terms of dialogue.

5 The War of the Roses

Bad ending but great movie - Alexandr

6 The Jewel of the Nile

This movie was as good as original. Very entertaining - Alexandr

7 A Perfect Murder

Michael was superb as villain - Alexandr

8 The China Syndrome

Great and very underrated movie of 1079 - Alexandr

9 The Game
10 A Chorus Line

It wasn't a hit but should have. Phenomenal Musical Movie - Alexandr

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11 Coma
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