Most Underrated Michelle Pfeiffer Movies


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1 Stardust

She's just too gorgeous for words... Even when they try to make her ugly. Believable in all she does.

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2 Dangerous Minds

One of Michelle's greatest films ever - Alexandr

Example of her true talent.

3 What Lies Beneath

Absolute underrated masterpiece. Why the hell this movie wasn't a hit? - Alexandr

4 Love Field

Yes. She deserved an oscar for this film.

She deserved the Oscar for this film - Alexandr

5 Ladyhawke

The locations of this film were so realistic, the storyline was interesting - Alexandr

6 Tequila Sunrise

Brilliant movie from the 80's - Alexandr

7 Up Close & Personal

One of my favorite drama films - Alexandr

8 The Deep End of the Ocean

Very sad, deep, touching drama. Michelle was brilliant - Alexandr

9 White Oleander

I loved her as this character being a mother is not always a natural thing for women and even as much as I love my kids I still think of her in jail asking when can I stop

10 Married to the Mob

Laughed my ass off. - Laylajerrob

Loved it. Love her.

UNDERRATED... YOU BET.. She was outstanding.

Definitely underrated. Loved it

The Contenders

11 Frankie and Johnny
12 The Russia House

A bit boring but still great film and Michelle was impressive - Alexandr

13 The Witches of Eastwick
14 People Like Us
15 Grease 2
16 I Could Never Be Your Woman

Loved this movie. never even made it to the theater. she's great in it.

17 Dark Shadows
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