Most Underrated Michelle Pfeiffer Movies


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1 Stardust Stardust

She's just too gorgeous for words... Even when they try to make her ugly. Believable in all she does.

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2 Dangerous Minds Dangerous Minds

One of Michelle's greatest films ever - Alexandr

Example of her true talent.

3 What Lies Beneath What Lies Beneath

Absolute underrated masterpiece. Why the hell this movie wasn't a hit? - Alexandr

4 Love Field Love Field

Yes. She deserved an oscar for this film.

She deserved the Oscar for this film - Alexandr

5 Ladyhawke Ladyhawke

The locations of this film were so realistic, the storyline was interesting - Alexandr

6 Tequila Sunrise Tequila Sunrise

Brilliant movie from the 80's - Alexandr

7 Up Close & Personal Up Close & Personal

One of my favorite drama films - Alexandr

8 The Deep End of the Ocean The Deep End of the Ocean

Very sad, deep, touching drama. Michelle was brilliant - Alexandr

9 White Oleander White Oleander

I loved her as this character being a mother is not always a natural thing for women and even as much as I love my kids I still think of her in jail asking when can I stop

10 Married to the Mob Married to the Mob

Laughed my ass off. - Laylajerrob

Loved it. Love her.

UNDERRATED... YOU BET.. She was outstanding.

Definitely underrated. Loved it

The Contenders

11 Frankie and Johnny Frankie and Johnny
12 The Russia House The Russia House

A bit boring but still great film and Michelle was impressive - Alexandr

13 The Witches of Eastwick The Witches of Eastwick
14 People Like Us People Like Us
15 Grease 2 Grease 2
16 I Could Never Be Your Woman I Could Never Be Your Woman

Loved this movie. never even made it to the theater. she's great in it.

17 Dark Shadows Dark Shadows
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