Top 10 Mothers for Mother's Day

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1 Your Own Mother

Why doesn't this have 100% next to it! Mother's day is supposed to be for the person who cares for you, gave birth to you, loves you, cheers you up, and so much more! It is so obvious who is the best mom ever!

Mom gave me life.. You mom brought you in the world, which does nothing to humanity... Laugh out loud

My moms the best

I love my mom she supports me bevause she divorced my dad that I think is a sick religious nutjob who tries to get me and my sister to be a healthnut - Ihateschool

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2 The Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary the most wonderful woman in the world!

Um I don't think Queen Elizabeth is a mother. - MoldySock

She's a great-grand mother, so obviously she had to be a mother at some point, don't you think...? - clusium

I'm am athiest so I don't quite agree with you - Ihateschool

3 Betty Fox
4 Jeanne White
5 Queen Elizabeth

Apart from my own of course...
The Queen is Mother to all the commonwealth countries - they are her children. God save the Queen! - Britgirl

6 Princess Diana Princess Diana Diana, Princess of Wales, was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, who is the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II.

Not just prince, her sympathy and loves for other people.. make me proud of her...


7 Jackie Kennedy
8 Lynn Helton

Was the inspiration for the character of 'Kate Hayden' in the movie & book, both known as 'Sunshine. '

9 Eleanor of Aquitain
10 Anne Murrow Lindburgh

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11 Michelle Duggar
12 Joyce Milgaard
13 Constance Leto
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