Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Boys

If you read my girls edition, you know what this should be like. If you haven't then it goes like this: if you want to start an MSP but don't have name ideas, then this list is for you! I provided a backup just in case.
The Top Ten
1 //Trash Bag//

This is me. Just amazing.

Wow, your so cool

2 {thatoneguyXD}

Love this it is a cool name because I like to be the only boy.

3 ItzyaboyJayden

Love it... reminds me of my friend!

Yes this is a good name

Its cool and smart

This name is cool

4 RedRiderRocks24853

Sounds like a rocky goth hippie kind of vibe which to me is a dream boy!

Going to use that

5 XxXJakeXxX

It's a simple name that sounds like somebody a girl would want to "date" in that game. it's a very common name "Jake" I was actually thinking of my big brother because his name is Jake.

It's a nice name :/

I was trying to help my cousin find a name for msp to start with, and this ones perfect, just change the name

6 &Gucci\

Thanks for the idea! I changed mine to ><gucci><

7 <>Bailay<>

Really useful if you change the actual name in there.

Ty I like this Name

The best name ever!

Cool useful name!

8 peeonme123

Truly the most enchanting and beautiful name to ever exist. Thank you for the offer, Jonathan, I will gladly pee on you.

This is just horrid, you should delete this.

I would love to pee on u

This is the worst

9 BoardboySkater1357

Oops I thought it was girl bye bye!

I'm using this now

10 >MaxyBoi<

Yup I like this

The Contenders
11 RetroViper0
12 Losinqblood

It's so aesthetic

It's a nice user

13 xDarknessBoy

It sounds like a mysterious username. I like it.

It's a nice username

Its nice name

14 Zzzzz

How I feel everyday

15 - Alex

My name is Alexis and I'm looking for a good username for my boy account. I really liked this one but couldn't put the -...

Err its alright.

I like thanks!

16 MinecraftDude359

I can't wait to try it

17 sxe machine xxxx
18 Duderighthere300
19 Thrashverr
20 iLovePr0n
21 TheGuy
22 TransformingToCoolerThanYou
23 xxJustinJayxx
24 *JohnnyBoii*
25 ReadyfaTakeoff!!

Unique. No ones gonna have it on MSP so it will be easy making sure it ain't taken.
Backup: Ajet

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