Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Boys

If you read my girls edition, you know what this should be like. If you haven't then it goes like this: if you want to start an MSP but don't have name ideas, then this list is for you! I provided a backup just in case.

The Top Ten

1 //Trash Bag//

This is me. Just amazing.

I so love this name bro I'm going with it

Describes me

Lol that is a bit mean but its cool

2 {thatoneguyXD}

Love this it is a cool name because I like to be the only boy.

I like it because I am that one guy

Cool name dude :D

3 XxXJakeXxX

I think it's a great name lol so common and useful

Nice name it's a pretty good choice

It is a good name for vip people

It's a simple name that sounds like somebody a girl would want to "date" in that game. it's a very common name "Jake" I was actually thinking of my big brother because his name is Jake.

4 RedRiderRocks24853

No thanks I would definitely not take that name

No I don't like that name, its stupid

Sounds like a rocky goth hippie kind of vibe which to me is a dream boy!

I mean cool with the bunny slippers on this is cool

5 ItzyaboyJayden

I like it it's a cool name

It's cool and it reminds me of my brother

Love it... reminds me of my friend!

Yes this is a good name

6 &Gucci\

It's a great name but its taken

Gucci explains my life so I give it 10/10 also please don't use it its taken

This name is cool for boys and girls too

Thanks for the idea! I changed mine to ><gucci><

7 <>Bailay<>

Really useful if you change the actual name in there.

Cool useful name!

The best name ever!

I like this

8 BoardboySkater1357

Oops I thought it was girl bye bye!

I'm using this now


Cool for skaters!
Backup: SkateboardxxXteremeo

9 peeonme123

Truly the most enchanting and beautiful name to ever exist. Thank you for the offer, Jonathan, I will gladly pee on you.

Really are you serious DELETE THIS

This is just horrid, you should delete this.

This is the worst

10 >MaxyBoi<

It didn't work so I changed it a bit

Hotter Than You (;

Yup I like this

i used it

The Contenders

11 RetroViper0

I Used RetroViper And It Works!

Best acc for VIP boys


Cool yet mysterious...
Backup: KingViperFang

12 Losinqblood

It's so aesthetic

It's a nice user

Its taken on canada and LosinqBloodd is taken too

I like it

13 Zzzzz

How I feel everyday

Thank you lol

Its alredy used but ok lol


14 xDarknessBoy

It sounds like a mysterious username. I like it.

It's a nice username

Just used this on the canada server

Lol this would mach me if I was a boy

15 - Alex

My name is Alexis and I'm looking for a good username for my boy account. I really liked this one but couldn't put the -...

Err its alright.

I like thanks!

It said it wasnt allowed cause special characters

16 MinecraftDude359

I can't wait to try it

For Minecraft lovers!
Backup: craftingminegold

17 sxe machine xxxx

... yeah okay I like this one

I love it


18 Duderighthere300

i love it

Mysterious sounding...
Backup: BuiltforDudes7 60

19 Thrashverr

i had to change it up a bit though because its taken

Very cool


20 TheGuy

You cana dd numbers if you want doe

It's like,so unpredictable. LOL! Came outta nowhere.

"the guy"

21 TransformingToCoolerThanYou

Best for boasters.
Backup: WaytoCool@

22 iLovePr0n


23 xxJustinJayxx

Cool name boy love it wanna go out tonight love you sexy baby love you tooo much x

I made my own version but I still like the name

Sound great

24 *JohnnyBoii*

Yes I'm using

25 ReadyfaTakeoff!!

Its taken

No just no..

Unique. No ones gonna have it on MSP so it will be easy making sure it ain't taken.
Backup: Ajet

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