Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Boys

If you read my girls edition, you know what this should be like. If you haven't then it goes like this: if you want to start an MSP but don't have name ideas, then this list is for you! I provided a backup just in case.

The Top Ten Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Boys

1 //Trash Bag//

Love the name use it for my uk acc on msp but the a in bag I put as a @ because it was taken

This is me. Just amazing.

I so love this name bro I'm going with it

Describes me

2 {thatoneguyXD}

Love this it is a cool name because I like to be the only boy.

I like it because I am that one guy

Cool name dude :D

3 XxXJakeXxX

I was trying to help my cousin find a name for msp to start with, and this ones perfect, just change the name

I think it's a great name lol so common and useful

Nice name it's a pretty good choice

It is a good name for vip people

4 RedRiderRocks24853

No thanks I would definitely not take that name

No I don't like that name, its stupid

Sounds like a rocky goth hippie kind of vibe which to me is a dream boy!

I mean cool with the bunny slippers on this is cool

5 ItzyaboyJayden

I like it it's a cool name

It's cool and it reminds me of my brother

Love it... reminds me of my friend!

Yes this is a good name

6 &Gucci\

Gucci explains my life so I give it 10/10 also please don't use it its taken

It's a great name but its taken

This name is cool for boys and girls too

Thanks for the idea! I changed mine to ><gucci><

7 <>Bailay<>

Really useful if you change the actual name in there.

Cool useful name!

The best name ever!

I like this

8 BoardboySkater1357

Oops I thought it was girl bye bye!

I'm using this now


Cool for skaters!
Backup: SkateboardxxXteremeo

9 peeonme123

Truly the most enchanting and beautiful name to ever exist. Thank you for the offer, Jonathan, I will gladly pee on you.

Really are you serious DELETE THIS

This is just horrid, you should delete this.

This is the worst

10 >MaxyBoi<

It didn't work so I changed it a bit

Hotter Than You (;

Yup I like this

i used it

The Contenders

11 RetroViper0

I Used RetroViper And It Works!

Best acc for VIP boys


Cool yet mysterious...
Backup: KingViperFang

12 Losinqblood

It's so aesthetic

It's a nice user

Its taken on canada and LosinqBloodd is taken too

I like it

13 Zzzzz

How I feel everyday

Thank you lol

Its alredy used but ok lol


14 xDarknessBoy

It sounds like a mysterious username. I like it.

It's a nice username

Just used this on the canada server

Lol this would mach me if I was a boy

15 - Alex

My name is Alexis and I'm looking for a good username for my boy account. I really liked this one but couldn't put the -...

Err its alright.

I like thanks!

It said it wasnt allowed cause special characters

16 MinecraftDude359

I can't wait to try it

For Minecraft lovers!
Backup: craftingminegold

17 sxe machine xxxx

... yeah okay I like this one

I love it


18 Duderighthere300

i love it

Mysterious sounding...
Backup: BuiltforDudes7 60

19 Thrashverr

i had to change it up a bit though because its taken

Very cool

20 TransformingToCoolerThanYou

Best for boasters.
Backup: WaytoCool@

21 iLovePr0n


22 xxJustinJayxx

Cool name boy love it wanna go out tonight love you sexy baby love you tooo much x

I made my own version but I still like the name

Sound great

23 TheGuy

You cana dd numbers if you want doe

It's like,so unpredictable. LOL! Came outta nowhere.

24 *JohnnyBoii*

Yes I'm using

25 ReadyfaTakeoff!!

Its taken

No just no..

Unique. No ones gonna have it on MSP so it will be easy making sure it ain't taken.
Backup: Ajet

26 Ztripz

Just a random user name if u have no idea for one

27 JaydennAdidas


28 messyourselffala

Yess! I love messyourself!

29 Jacob24night

Mhmm add me on canada server Notebookxboy

30 BominSchool557738


If you hate school, here ya go!
Backup: BurninSvhool:(

31 SrortzStar⭐️

I don't get it

Good for sport players.
Backup: The@thlete?!?!


32 xxYourBoyJakexx

You can change the name instead of Jake

Its cool that is all that matters


My best friend got this name on a german sever

I took this on Canada

34 DarkerThanYou'reBloode

Creepy and not taken

35 JayIsDaddeh

These kinds of usernames trend right now so, lol!

36 IdontGive<>

I think it's a cool name..

Then between the things u could wrie a boi somthin

37 <<Gangsterr>>12

I kinda like it

Good I took the name by the way lololol

38 TheSwagGuy

Took it on all servers

39 TheBOYxXx
40 Cooldyde55

Eh random one

41 javion22red
42 NO MONEY $$$


43 7&CoolieBoii&7

Cool chill guy I like it!

44 lilLightSkinn21
45 Ztripz Ztripz Ztripz
46 OliympyaSta

For Olympia peeps.
Backup: OliympyaStarSta

47 Boyzrockgirlzdont

Just a random one

48 Deondra 8780

I love you baby


49 theswagger21

I think this one is cool!

This is really cool

name cool

50 ConorzReal

* it's a pretty good name
* you don't have to put Conor you could put ZackzReal or DrakezReal, any name!

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