Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Boys

If you read my girls edition, you know what this should be like. If you haven't then it goes like this: if you want to start an MSP but don't have name ideas, then this list is for you! I provided a backup just in case.

The Top Ten

1 RedRiderRocks24853

Sounds like a rocky goth hippie kind of vibe which to me is a dream boy!

No thanks I would definitely not take that name

V 2 Comments
2 BoardboySkater1357

Oops I thought it was girl bye bye!

V 2 Comments
3 RetroViper0

I Used RetroViper And It Works!

V 1 Comment
4 MinecraftDude359 V 1 Comment
5 Duderighthere300
6 TransformingToCoolerThanYou
7 BominSchool557738
8 JaydennAdidas


9 SrortzStar⭐️ V 3 Comments
10 iLovePr0n V 1 Comment

The Contenders

12 xxJustinJayxx

Sound great

13 TheGuy V 1 Comment
14 ReadyfaTakeoff!!
15 Cooldyde55 V 1 Comment
16 OliympyaSta
17 Ztripz V 1 Comment
18 Boyzrockgirlzdont

Just a random one

19 Deondra 8780

I love you baby

20 theswagger21 V 3 Comments
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