Top 10 Movie Trilogies Where Every Movie is Good


The Top Ten

1 Star Wars Original Trilogy

All 3 were fantastic. - PeeledBanana

2 Back To The Future Trilogy

I've seen this trilogy many a times yet Every time it feels so refreshing to watch it again. - LordofL

All 3 movies are my favorite movie of all time all 3 are equally as amazing - christangrant

3 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

To say that all the Lord of the Rings movies (solely talking about the Jackson trilogy, of course) are good, would be the biggest understatement in the history of the universe and beyond. (yes, it is that great) - vr46

Should be in top 3 at least. Every movie is good and connected to each other. - zxm

All 3 were fantastic. - PeeledBanana

4 Toy Story Trilogy

All 3 were fantastic. - PeeledBanana

5 The Godfather Trilogy

Don't like the second part but others are really good. - LordofL

Even the 3rd one is good though its not as good as the first two were - christangrant

6 Austin Powers Trilogy
7 Spider Man Trilogy

First two were better than last one. - LordofL

Even Spider Man 3 was good - christangrant

8 Captain America Trilogy

They get better with every movie - christangrant

9 Iron Man Trilogy
10 Indiana Jones Trilogy

The Contenders

11 The Dark Knight Trilogy
12 Madagascar Trilogy

All 3 were fantastic. - PeeledBanana

13 Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy
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