Captain America: Civil War


I don't know why, but this movie felt unfinished. I mean, it was a good movie, a great one even, but it felt like there wasn't enough. - WonkeyDude98

Civil War came out at the perfect time. Rising political tensions in the US due to the upcoming election made the "Government control vs Individual freedom to act" message all the more relevant.

Not to mention we have the great fight scenes, excellent comedy and characters, and Spider-Man finally returning to marvel. But this movie doesn't skip a beat, and features some of the most emotionally tense moments in the MCU.

To put it shortly: With all the comedy and action that the MCU is loved for, but with a relevant tense political message and emotional moments, Civil war is the sequel that Avengers deserved, and reigns as one of marvels best films. - Jackamalio

I hated this film. Captain America Trilogy is so overrated.

Sorry to disappoint any fans but this film wasn't that great.

I really got interested Into this film thanks to my friend and boy it was great! Really nice film for everyone. Deadpool was my favorite but I think this is a better film for younger guys to watch. It kinda took me a while to be able to watch Deadpool (2 months) because it's for 15 year old dudes and I had a bit of trouble breaking in the cinema since I am 14. Back to the topic. This movie is BOSS! 9.5/10 - AlphaQ

Ok I like this movie. But everyone have the freedom to express their opinion. There are people who liked and hated this film. So we don't have the right to say stop hating this film and force it to shove down their throats. If you liked it, fine. If you hated it, also fine. Case closed.

Wow when I saw this movie I was amazed by it. The conflict between Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark was so gripping especially that last battle it was very emotional. Definitely the show stealers were Black Panther and Spider-Man. The airport battle was such a masterpiece. I'm putting this as the best comic book film ever made. Now I'm ready for Avengers Infinity War and it's untitled sequel.

Civil War sucked in my opinion. The Winter Soldier is still better film.

Don't get the hype around The Winter Soldier. That movie sucked and put me to sleep. Civil War is much better. But I agree that Captain America Trilogy sucked in general.

Have u ever wanted a movie that technically wasn't an Avengers film, yet the Avengers show up anyway and make the movie great? That's basically Captain America: Civil War. But, uh... Spider-Man is the reason I am voting 4 this; Spider-Man movies are my favorite and I am glad that Tom has gotten so much support from not only viewers, but from Tobey and Andrew themselves.

Good, but not best of the year good

My favorite movie. Only 28 days until it comes out on DVD! I love it. I have 2 favorite parts. First the giant Antman and where Captain America lifts up that helicopter showing his muscles. We went to the movies a month later and guessed what movie I suggested after seeing it the first time? Civil War! You must see it, Yay Cap and Boo Iron man. Seriously would you trust the government.., NO. GREAT MOVIE

I love all marvel movies. I'm a huge marvel fan and I really enjoyed the movie but... I was also kinda disappointed. My reasons why:
1. They changed the Spider-Man actor. Like I don't hate the actor they have now but I wish they sticked with the Amazing Spiderman (Andrew Garfield). And I also really loved the costume so I was really mad when they had this cartoonie costume in Civil War.
2. The fight scenes were great but it was very different. I wished they added more superheroes (like in the comics)

Overall I really loved the movie, not my favorite but also not my worse. I'm just glad they added my favorite superhero (Spooderman) and yes I did spell it like that on purpose

"Worst movie ever." How mature! Definitely not and way better than Age of Ultron by a mile!

It was great! But There are way better Marvel flicks like The Winter Soldier and Spiderman 2! It's not really my favorite film of 2016, despite how much I liked the movie, I think Kubo and the Two Strings and The Jungle Book should be higher!

I liked it to be honest! I used to declare it as a Masterpiece and the Best MCU flick! I thought it was the Best Superhero movie since the Dark Knight! Well that honor obviously goes to the Winter Soldier! Since the Nostalgia has disappeared from my brain, I noticed the Flaws of the flick and the plot which I used to think was well written but was actually cookie-cutter! It is very Emotional, It's got some cool action sequences, the villain is great, Black Panther, Giant-Man, And Robert Downey Jr's always brilliant performance are some of these pros! Now, for the cons! The special effects are beautiful, but some of them look fake, the acting isn't that great, the musical score gets better as you hear it and you have to watch some of the previous movies in order to get invested with this movie! This movie, as much as I loved it, It has a lot of build up and a lot of things that we have seen before! But it's still worth it! And still a Million times Better and ENJOYABLE than Assfleck v ...more

This movie was good but Spiderman Homecoming sucked.

It's a decent film but the actual film doesn't even come close to the way people were talking about it to me it was the 6th best film in the MCU.

Just saw it, it's awesome, better than batman v superman

When I watched it for the first time, I thought it was the best superhero movie ever. I also felt this film was awesome because 2016 was a year of disappoinments especially BvS. And at last we got a great superhero movie. But when I watched it recently again, I found there were a lot of problems with the plot and realized it was just an average action flick. To be honest, this movie is very overrated.

Oh so batman vs superman gets thrown in the gutter yet this movie's on top

Chris Evans is nothing more than a disgraced ex-Top Gear host.

How dare you hate this movie. Everyone should like this movie. It is the best movie and everybody should honour it.

Overrated movie. Civil War is pure crap.

This was a great superhero movie it was better than the trash batman v superman