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1 Logan

Not just a great superhero movie, but an excellent film in general. Though Logan is full of exciting and thrilling moments, it never fails as a touching and compelling drama. The dynamics between Logan, Laura and Charles are always gripping and very well done. The story doesn't try to be pretensious, and is very simple, which works in the film's favour. The action sequances are brutal, but very well done, and the violence is not just there for the sake of it, but has a meaning to it. It shows the consequences of Wolverine using his powers, whether for good or not. Hugh Jackman gives his best prerformances and perhaps one of the best performances in the last 10 years of cinema as a tired, weary and depressed Logan. Patrick Stewart, as usual, is fantastic, as well as Stephen Merchant, who whilst having little screen time, shines as Caliban. All the techincal aspects of the film such as cinematography, editing, sound, visual effects, CGI and music were top-notch. Logan isn't a ...more

Not only is Logan an outstanding superhero / comic book movie but also one of the best films to come out in quite some time for any genre. It's a rare thing for a newly released film to give me goosebumps but Logan managed to do it. It's seriously a phenomenal film from top to bottom. I truly love this movie. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

No competition, the upcoming films will have to do miracles, but it's impossible, this movie is the best and will be the best until the end of the year, I consider it even better than the dark knight - Ale9991

Its best marvel movie ever

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2 Star Wars: Episode VIII

May the force be with you...

I hope this one is good because the force awakens and rogue one were kind of disappointing, I wanted more but those movies are overrated - Ale9991

This movie looks great! Get ready for a big blockbuster! - micahisthebest

I love the title "the last Jedi"

3 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Great job Marvel, you've done it again! While it wasn't better than the original, you can't go wrong with seeing the sequel. Funny as hell characters, especially Star-Lord, a great story, great visuals, great everything. - DCfnaf

1 was great 2 will be amazing

This movie has witty humor and stunning visuals, but it's not as good as the first one so I'll give it a 4/5. - Cartoonfan202

Can't go wrong, I love this movie. I hope you would like it despite not being as good as the first one - Neonco31

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4 The Lego Batman Movie

I recently reviewed this movie (spoiler free) so go check it out if you want more detail as to why I loved this movie. Anyways, this should be higher. It really impressed me. Maybe put it at Number 1? It's the best Batman Movie since Dark Knight. Heartwarming storyline, developed characters, and awesome action balanced with powerful emotional moments. Not to mention, it didn't feel pandering to the youths. - DCfnaf

The reviews were right. Best Batman movie to date, lol. This was an all around great movie. Witty dialogue and humor that will appeal to kids, adults, and comic book nerds alike. Topped by another heartwarming message about family and keeping an open heart. I was smiling and laughing the whole time, opening credits (wink) to end credits. The Lego movie franchise has done it again. - eventer51314

This is the best animated movie of 2017 so far. All the other animated movies this year have either been mediocre or bad: Rock Dog, Surfs Up 2, Boss Baby, and Smurfs The Lost Village. Coco, Cars 3, and Ferdinand look really good though. - Cartoonfan202

Best Batman flick since The Dark Knight!

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5 Beauty and the Beast

This movie is great. Its on par with the original animated version. It's emotional, has great songs, and has amazing production qualities seriously look at their costumes. However, I did find the cursed furniture such as Mrs. Potts to be a little creepy, but I still like the movie. People only hate it because LeFou is gay and nostalgia for the original. This movie is way better than Blah Blah Bland! - Cartoonfan202

There is a subtle irony in your Blah Blah Bland comment. Emma Watson was originally going to be in La La Land but backed down in favour of Beast. - jezza0

The Gaston number in this version is extraordinary. I mean it made you want to join them and dance on those tables during that choreography routine.

How can Beauty and the Beast NOT be first? It's beautiful and magical and goes perfectly with the original version. The cast is brilliant!

Disney used $300,000 dollars for this movie. And on the first day, they already had paid the bills! This movie is basically spectacular! Good job, Disney.

I love the new story especially.

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6 Kong: Skull Island

Wow this is thrilling! The action was so epic and the plot is just intriguing! This is higher than my expectations. 9/10 - AlphaQ

SPOILERS: Godzilla's cameo appears in flashbacks during the 1954 attack. And Mutos have been mentioned. And the movie will be fantastic!

Yes! Kong: Skull is one heck of a movie you should see. It is not like most other over the top sci-fi action movies, this is unique in many ways - Neonco31

Guess what? This King Kong movie will knock your socks off! This one has a mix of classic rock songs, top notch special effects, and thrills all at once! Watch this 1970s style sci-fi action flick with your friends! Watch Kong go all bananas all over again!

7 Spider-Man: Homecoming

I hope it'll be the best Spider Man movie

8 Justice League

I am so excited for this epic like movie

9 Wonder Woman
10 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Oh my goodness! This is going to be the jewel of Disney this year! I can feel it. A good sequel can have many, and this could be the perfect one! - NoEntranceHere

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11 Fast 8

Did we ever need Fast 8?

It's not fast 8,it is the fate of the furious

It's called the Fate Of The Furious - ProPanda

I hate this movie, ridiculous action without sense or purpose, worst movie of the year, only kids or retarded people like this - Ale9991

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12 The Fate of the Furious

Never expected this to be so good. Awesome everything. Best film of 2017 screb. 10/10 - AlphaQ

13 Get Out

That movie was awesome!

14 Power Rangers

This movie is great! Don't listen to those always-right critics, it's funny, action-packed, amazing, and good story. I give it a 9/10. 1/10 for some unexplained flaws - Neonco31

This was epic! It's funny, Amazing and better than Momsyer Trucks. - AlphaQ

I strongly disagree with you sayings it's better than monster trucks. - Trollsfan536

15 Cars 3

I feel like the Cars trilogy is literally improving. Cars 1 is the worst Pixar movie for me (I give it a 3/5) even though Cars 2 felt the least like a Pixar movie. Right now, Cars is a duology, and one of the weakest Pixar movies of all time. Pixar is not the most inventive company of all time. But it is better than most animation studios, especially early Spark Plug Entertainment (OH, HELL NO! THIS IS CANCER! ). - The Ultimate Daredevil

This movie has fairly excited for animation again this year, as Cars 3 and Coco look and sound very good. Not all the movies this year are very exciting for me, but Cars 3 looks great, has a dark sort of theme, and has amazing animation. I'm highly excited. - NoEntranceHere

I have a good feeling this will be great - VideoGamefan5

I hope it comes out good - Neonco31

16 Despicable Me 3

Have you seen the trailers? They are good enough to show that this movie will be awesomne, and maybe even better than Despicable Me 2, Balthazar Bratt is probably the coolest villian I've ever seen in my whole life, he has the coolest weapons like that rubiks cube and that chewing gum, and Dru, Gru's long lost twin brother looks cooler than Gru himself, he's not bald or has a grey suit. And that pink diamond, it's so big, the jokes that were shown in the traailers were also awesomne, and Michael Jackson's Bad is in the movie. I know that Despicable Me 3 will be awesomne. - darthvadern


17 Thor: Ragnarok
18 My Little Pony

If I can't watch it, I'll watch it online if I can! - Neonco31

I don't know.

19 Transformers: The Last Knight

There's Something About This Movie That Catches My Interests - VideoGamefan5

20 War for the Planet of the Apes
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