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61 Friday the 13th

Definitely NOT! This movie shows the part in the beginning where the young, teen-aged girl gets killed! And in the first scene there's a dirty part.

62 Yogi Bear (2010)

Stop putting kids movies on here, doofus!

63 Begotten
64 Unfriended

I'm dying to see this mivie, but it may be too intense for younger viewers.

65 Closer

Disturbing movie about unhealthy relationships. The amount of foul language in this movie is disgusting.

66 Doogal

A movie than the kids of 4 to 7 years don't liked, not is scary pr disturbing but is VERY VERY VERY CRAPY MOVIE

67 Little Monsters V 1 Comment
68 Coraline

Look whoever made this list thinks kids can't handle darkness which is ridiculous because kids have suffered through stuff like parent dirvoce or one of their parents or silbings die or something like that but don't get me wrong I'm not saying we should sacr kids for life but at least teach them that the world isn't just a happy go lucky place and life isn't just fun and games and that's why I like 70s 80s and early 90s kids movies better because they went a little dark not extremely dark like 100% but aleast teach them to be brave and that fear is not healthy all the time and don't treat them like these little idiots that can't do anything or handle anything and kids movies nowadays take advantage of that and I liked coraline I thought it took a dark step for a kids movie nowadays and the animation is gorgeous and if I ever have kids I will show it to them until their like 8 or 9 or something like that and yeah like I said before don't listen to those people who think kids can't ...more

Although a kids movie it is scary! The weird button eyes and atmosphere was enough for me and it gave all 3 of my kids nightmares forever they were ages 5,6,10 so if it's not to late don't let your kids watch!

69 Foodfight!

I would argue but the innuendoes and animations should make it R - TopTenListmaker

70 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory V 3 Comments
71 Coonskin
72 The Lion King

This movie is horrible and will give children the negative, stereotypical view on wildlife (i.e. hyenas) and think that his or her aunt or uncle is some kind of evil villain. (which, to me, the movie is against family values because of this. If the villain was an unrelated or foreign rogue instead of the hero's uncle, then the story would have made more sense) The movie also promotes the bad way of society by portraying the heroes as upper class or totalitarian society, and the villains as sympathetic characters who are forced to starve and live in the movie's equivalent of an asylum. This is not a good way to teach your kids. Circle of Life? My butt.

No, it is not one of the best ever made, and there are scenes that might be too violent or upsetting for young viewers, or heck even everyone. This movie deserves to be boycotted and forgotten for the rest of history.

Oh, thank God this movie is on the list. But don't get me wrong. I love Disney movies (and that includes this one). But some moments in the film were a wee bit too intense, especially the scene where Mufasa died. (Sorry I had to bring that up). And almost every IDIOT on this earth has been constanty talking their heads off about it! I mean, on every single Top 10 or whatever number list, it has ALWAYS BEEN NUMBER 1! Even in the videos! Now for all of you Disney fans out there, who are STILL dragging on about Mufasa's death, let me give each and every one of you a little magical advice:
I know it was a sad moment, and believe me, I was just as heartbroken as you were, but you need to STOP whining, quit crying, grow up and move on! #LET-IT-GO!

There is a hidden message - Sparkjolt

V 1 Comment
73 We're the Millers

This movie is inappropriate for children.

I am 13 and I have seen this with my dad.

74 Fifty Shades of Grey
75 Death to Smoochy
76 The Hills Have Eyes

Way too disturbing for kids to watch.

77 Meet the Feebles V 1 Comment
78 Heavy Traffic
79 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut V 1 Comment
80 Marvel's The Avengers

This movie has too much action and effects. It can have a bad influence on children.

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