Top Ten Movies Starring Frank Sinatra

Sinatra was a great singer. We all know that. He was also a very good actor, and this is my list of his greatest contributions to film.

The Top Ten

1 High Society
2 On the Town

Considered the best of three romantic comedy musicals Sinatra made with top movie dancer Gene Kelly. The first was "Anchors Aweigh" (1945) which featured Kelly's famous dance with Jerry the Mouse and Sinatra crooning Brahm's Lullaby to a young Dean Stockwell (of "Quantum Leap" fame). The second had the two playing a vaudeville duo who also played baseball in "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (1949). "On the Town" was one of the very first studio films to be shot on location in NYC. It is fast, funny and tuneful. - criddic

Good movie. When I first saw it I thought It was going ti be boring but it exceeded my expectations.

3 Anchors Aweigh
4 From Here to Eternity

This was the role that gave Frank Sinatra his legendary comeback, as Private Maggio, tormented by Ernest Borgnine's Fatso. It was a military movie based on the bestselling James Jones novel, and takes place before and during the attack on Pearl Harbor. All-star cast includes Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr and Donna Reed (who lso won an Oscar). The film was named Best Picture of the year at the Academy Awards. - criddic

Frank Sinatra+ Montgomery Clift+ Donna Reed+ Burt Lancaster= AMAZING MOVIE - beatles5

This should be number one. It goes
8. The Man with the Golden Arm
7. Anchors Aweigh
6. High Society
5. Guys and Dolls
4. On the Town
3. Ocean's 11
2. The Manchurian Candidate
1. From Here to Eternity

5 A Hole In the Head
6 The Manchurian Candidate

One of the sharpest political thrillers ever put to film. Under the direction of John Frankenheimer ("Ronin, " "Seconds"), Frank Sinatra shines as a soldier who must stop fellow veteran Laurence Harvey who may be a brain-washed assassin. "Murder She Wrote" star Angela Lansbury stuns as Harvey's domineering evil mother. Also remade in 2004 with Denzel Washington in the Sinatra role. - criddic

7 Suddenly

In one of his few appearances as a villian, Sinatra plays a cold-blooded presidential assassin with conviction. Supporting cast includes Nancy Gates, James Gleason and Sterling Hayden (who later had a role in "The Godfather"). - criddic

Good acting in a well story plot,

8 Guys and Dolls

Another musical, this time the classic about Damon Runyan gamblers and a local missionary group out to save their souls. Lively, colorful characters and some terrific songs help keep the entertainment plentiful. Sinatra didn't like that Marlon Brando was cast in the role he wanted (the lead, Sky Masterson), while he supported as neer-do-well Nathan Detroit, but he does a good job. It is a kick watching serious thesps Brando and Jean Simmons singing and dancing! - criddic

Oh, how I adore this musical. But I'd have to put it just behind his very best: High Society (why not on this list, hmm? ) Nathan Detroit addicted to gambling much to the despair of ever-patient Adelaide, still waiting to become his wife after a fourteen-year long engagement.
I love watching this on wet, cold Sunday afternoons with a blanket around me, and just melt into this wonderful story of love, friendship and loyalty. Perfect! - Britgirl

9 The Man with the Golden Arm

Finally saw this movie. Very well made and acted. Sinatra pulls out all the stops. But it is a bit puzzling at times. A couple of the main characters are never explained and you're left wondering why they did the things they did. I suppose that's a lot like real life in that sense, but with movies you usually know what's going on in people's heads for the most part, at least with the main characters.. Anyway, well worth seeing.

Mr. Sinatra was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his gut-wrenching portrayal of a drummer and card-dealer with a drug addiction. It was a provocative subject for its day and, though a bit dated in some ways, still quite potent thanks to the performances and Elmer Bernstein's terrific score. - criddic

This is a great movie, saw it many years ago and would like to see it again.

Good movie put it on utube

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10 Von Ryan's Express

One of Franks best films

1 of his best

The Newcomers

? The Devil at 4 O'Clock

The Contenders

11 The Joker is Wild

That same year, Frank was playing true-life friend comedian Joe E. Brown, who had some run-ins with the mob. When his throat is slashed, he switches from singer to comedian. Sinatra gave one of his most sympathetic performances in this movie. - criddic

I saw this film many years ago, and it had a lasting impression on me. However, I couldn't remember the title. Now that I have found it, I can try to find a copy of it, thanks to this website.

This is a terrific movie, very entertaining. Sinatra is superb. One of the very best Sinatra movies.

Best Sinatra movie if ALL time!

12 Ocean's 11

Oceans 11 is the best sinatra movie hands down forget the man with the golden arm

Great movie but I still give Man with the Golden Arm my top vote.

It's the best just because it is. Great movie!


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13 Pal Joey

Golden Globe winning musical performance by Mr. Sinatra, who plays a womanizer trying to make it big as a nightclub singer. Excellent art direction and music elevate this as one of Sinatra's finest musicals. - criddic

14 Young at Heart

Absolutely a Great Movie!

15 Some Came Running

Sinatra is a veteran and author returning home after some time, and has to deal with family issues. Shirley MacLaine is the one who really shines as the clingy. eccentric young woman who falls for him. Dean Martin is also on-hand in the first of several pairings on screen with Sinatra. The great Vincente Minnelli directed. (Not a musical. ) - criddic

This is one of my all time favorite movies. It is one of those rare movies that is better than the book.

This is his third great performance after the Manchurian Candidate, and From Here to Eternity

16 The First Deadly Sin

Admittedly not a great film, but Mr. Sinatra delivers a solid performance. He is a retiring police detective on his last case, while his wife lies dying in the hospital. Not particularly exciting, but an interesting drama based on the Lawrence Sanders novel. Roman Polanski was supposed to direct, but had fled the country and Brian G. Hutton replaced him. - criddic

17 The Pride and the Passion
18 Not As a Stranger
19 Never So Few

Steve McQueen does great in this movie! - beatles5

20 Kings Go Forth
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