Top 10 Most Divisive Movies of 2019

Movies that some people loved and some people hated.
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1 Joker

The critics and audiences seem to very divided in this film for different reasons. I'm very out of focus from the general's reaction to Joker since I have some opinions on my own that I could have a lot of disagreements with, and I think that I had plenty of issues with its depiction of mental illness that isn't fleshed out as well. I also think that Joker had issues in missing a few points in Taxi Driver, and its already a much more superior film to Joker.
I think that the critics and audiences are rigged at this point from liking and disliking a movie. The critics, on the other hand, had criticized Joker for some extremely dumb reasons. They criticized this movie for being very dark, which was purposeful for this movie because this is based on a dark character and origin story. They also criticized this film for inciting violence, in which I think that it doesn't in any sort of media. There were earlier reactions of Joker, and they seem much more lenient than later reviewers, which I think they trying to destroy this movie or something.
As for the audience, they've wanted to love this movie because the critics didn't like it as much, which I think is a very stupid way to judge a movie. Since this is a film seen by audiences who value in a lot of big blockbuster movies they're used to seeing, there is a large division that I think they highly miss the point in. I don't think that this movie isn't too deep as a social commentary than what most audiences think it is. Most of the audiences of this film hadn't seen too many movies that are better executed than Joker.
At the end of the day, this movie was a huge trainhype and a tool for some critics wanting to destroy Joker.

2 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel, in my opinion, was a pretty good movie and it was cool to see a younger Nick Fury and a semi-origin story for Carol. Some MCU fans and critics, however, might've found the movie boring and found the main heroine a generic Mary Sue. I can sort of see why but mostly disagree. The plot was lacking and the script was disorganized according to a few critics. Some also believed the hero was too big but the film was too little, as in the hero was way too overpowered but had a bad film. People who liked it found it very watchable and found it getting better as the film progressed.

3 The Lion King

The Lion King (2019) is now the 7th highest grossing film of all time, showing how many people were excited for this. There are people who thought the movie was great and was a great adaptation of the classic while others found it useless and much worse than the original due to the song changes and etc. It has a 53% on RT which shows the critics were also divided. People could've also found the film bad believing it's a shot-for-shot remake and only made to be a cash grab.

4 X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix or Dark Phoenix for short is one of the worst X-Men franchise films according to what I've heard. There are still the fans and normal moviegoers who probably enjoy the action and storyline but several people didn't enjoy it claiming it was the movie to kill the X-Men franchise and does injustice to all the ideas it represents even though it tries to be complex and challenging. Others claimed it wasn't memorable but some of the fans of the film said it was an okay film, didn't deserve all the hate, but was not the best, or even close to best, of the series.

5 Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

King of the Monsters was a highly anticipated film, especially with the beloved trailers. But if you search up the movie and look at the top ratings, you'll see it has a 41% on RT, meaning a lot of critics probably didn't like it. Some people criticize the plot, the comedy and claim that the thrill of the movie slowly erases but others still love the visuals and action. Many people might've found the movie disappointing knowing how great the trailers looked while fans of Godzilla probably loved it.

6 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

I heard mostly positive reviews for this movie. How is it divisive? Why do people find everything controversial nowadays.

7 Aladdin

Another live-action Disney remake on this list, what a surprise. I put this below the Lion King since TLK was honestly more divisive. However, a lot of people were divided on Aladdin too. Some criticized the casting of Will Smith as Genie, believing he didn't fit the role too well. In my opinion, he was alright. As for the rest, well, the fact that it's a live action remake automatically makes it divisive, even if it hasn't released. Like other live action Disney remakes, many people found this film a cash grab and had no reason to exist. While those who liked it didn't mind and found it interesting to see a live viewing of an originally animated story.

8 Frozen 2

Yeah, I know it hasn't been released yet but I needed something to fill this list with. The first Frozen film was extremely divisive. Some people literally considered it one of the worst films of all time and a bland and unoriginal fairytale while others thought it was a great winter-type movie and one of the best original Disney films of the current decade. The sequel to Frozen is obviously going to have Disney fans and critics divided considering how much the first Frozen film divided everyone. Most likely, some people will find it a great and enjoyable sequel to a good original Disney movie while some others might find it another bland fairytale adventure sequel full of unoriginal characters.

9 Alita: Battle Angel
10 Dumbo

The third live action Disney remake on this list, and probably the least known one. Some people reading this probably don't even know that this movie existed due to all the remakes Disney has been making and other films overshadowing it. This movie isn't as divisive at entries like Aladdin and Lion King but still shares some division between fans due to, yet again, having no reason to exist. The people who did enjoy it probably enjoyed the visuals and portrayal of the classic 40s tale on the big screen as live action. I don't hate the film or dislike it at all, but prefer the original like most people.

The Contenders
11 Ad Astra
12 Hellboy

I'm pretty sure most people didn't like this film but there were some who found it somewhat enjoyable. It was kind of the Batman vs. Superman in terms of superhero movie division, of the year, except a lot less popular. The choice of David Harbour to play Hellboy was a great decision considering he's a great actor but the rest of the film felt pretty rushed and had bad entertainment according to some. The people who liked it believed it there was good effort to make the film and also believed the acting was decent.

13 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

This movie honestly isn't that divisive which is why I put at #10. From what I've heard, most people consider it a fun and entertaining sequel that lives up to its original. However, there are the few that believe it doesn't live up to its original at all and could use a lot of work in terms of storyline and has unfunny attempts at entertainment/comedy. The people who liked it also consider it a great family movie for all ages and an overall fun ride to watch.

14 Toy Story 4

From what I've seen, there are people who adore this movie like the rest of the franchise like me, because of how conclusive and developed Woody has become. At the same time, some people hate it exactly for that reason as well, because they thought Woody was "out of character", which I think is bs logic

15 Rambo: Last Blood
16 Terminator: Dark Fate

This should be here reviews are mixed.

17 The Angry Birds Movie 2

Better than the first for sure.

18 Spider-Man: Far from Home

Peter Parker only cared about getting a girlfriend instead of being an actual hero in the movie and gave away a dead billionaire's glasses to a dude he knew for less than a day, Peter was not smart at all. Whatever happened to your dead uncle's words of "Great Power comes great responsibility" Pete?

19 Midsommar

After I saw Midsommar, I said to myself that Midsommar is as diverse as Hereditary. I'm not surprised.

20 Avengers: Endgame
21 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
22 Tolkien
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