Top 10 Best Malayalam Actors

Malayalam cinema, affectionately known as Mollywood, has consistently set a high bar in Indian filmmaking. It's known for its nuanced storytelling, realistic characters, and incredible acting performances. Over the years, Malayalam cinema has witnessed icons who have breathed life into these stories and etched themselves into our cinematic memory.

Scroll down to see some familiar faces, or suggest your favorite who might be missing. Let's celebrate the powerhouses of Mollywood - those who elevate every movie they're in.
The Top Ten
1 Mammootty Mammootty is an Indian film actor and producer best known for his work in the Malayalam film industry .

Mammootty, by nature, is a method actor. He proves his passion, charisma, and flexibility in films. His transformation from self into characters gives him an outstanding performance on screen. He graces us with his physical and vocal ability to create a character beyond our imagination. The gravity in his acting marks him as an entity.

Mammootty can be considered the greatest actor ever lived. He can be compared with the world's great actors. He has the capability to stand alongside them or even surpass them, as an entity.

2 Mohanlal Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair, better known as Mohanlal, is an Indian actor, producer and occasional singer best known for his work in Malayalam films .

Mohanlal is the most refined product of the Malayalam film industry. Without a doubt, he is the most terrific actor in Indian cinema. He initially entered cinema as a negative character, but his talent made him a superstar of Malayalam film, alongside Mammootty.

What do you think? Mohanlal is the world's greatest star in the entire universe, a worthy successor to the gods. Even the great, mighty actors will bow to him.

He is one of the most talented and perfectionist actors the world has ever seen. Without a doubt, he is the one and only real superstar the Malayalam film industry has ever produced. He is a 360-degree actor and the ultimate actor of the Indian film industry. The only other actor who can be compared to him is Kamal Hasan. Additionally, he is the only Malayalam film actor whom Malayalees have accepted and loved worldwide for his magical, perfect acting skills.

3 Prithviraj Prithviraj Sukumaran, credited mononymously as Prithviraj, is an Indian actor, playback singer and producer best known for his work in Malayalam films.

Oh no, what can we say about this great, multi-talented superstar? Prithviraj has abilities that other actors do not have. He has the capability to do any type of role. He will be at the top in the upcoming years. Thanks to God for giving us this star in the Malayalam industry.

Young, charming actor.
King of the Malayalam film industry.

Multi-talented actor who can carry all characters like a stylish hero, villain, ordinary man, etc.

He is the best actor of all time, better than anyone else. He is the youth icon of the Malayalam film industry and the only actor who tries to take Malayalam movies to another level.

4 Fahadh Faasil

Very natural and talented actor with huge potential. The Malayalam industry has lots of expectations for him after Mohanlal.

What amazing acting! He just gave liveliness to the Shivadas character in Bangalore Days. Loved his acting.

Currently the best actor in the industry.

5 Nivin Pauly

He's obviously a great actor, and he has the ability to make people laugh through acting, which I personally believe is a quality that an actor needs the most.

Superb actor in the Malayalam film industry who has great dedication. My favorite film of his is Action Hero Biju, and I think no other actors could make this film much better than him.

Nivin Pauly is such a natural actor. He can act both serious and comedy roles with ease. His film Hey Jude is a superb movie. His dedication level is awesome. In his new movie Kayamkulam Kochunni, he amazed the audience. He is wonderful. At his younger age, he acted in a father role, which was also amazing. He is a versatile actor, according to me. Love you, Nivin Pauly. My ambition is also to become an actor.

6 Dileep

I like Dileep as a character. He's always funny and knows when to make everyone laugh at the right time. He also knows how to say emotional things when the time is right. I like him because he's funny, just like I want to be. Good luck in your future films and roles.

Dileep Ettan is the real hero. He is the one and only actor in Malayalam who has taken on a wide variety of roles. He is loved by both the masses and family audiences.

Character is not a problem for this actor. He is ready to take on any role without any mistakes. Therefore, he is a good actor in the Malayalam film industry.

7 Dulquer Salmaan

Like father, like son. He is the most promising actor the Malayalam film industry has seen in recent times. He is just getting better with each of his films and has looks to die for. Definitely the best in the young era!

An upcoming actor who is improving day by day by choosing eccentric characters, unlike his counterparts like Nivin who play it safe. A better actor than Nivin Pauly.

Greatest actor in the Malayalam industry. Just watch Kali and Charlie to get visual proof. His expressions are really natural and don't appear faked.

8 Thilakan

To handle a father's role in Malayalam cinema, no one is as apt as Thilakan. Current mega-stars and superstars have achieved their positions in the public's mind due to this actor's efforts.

I think he is the best actor in the universe. No one can come near him. Watching his films feels incredibly real. No one will ever be able to fill his space in the film industry. We will always miss him.

Thilakan should be in the top 3. Prithviraj should rank after 10. This list lost its credibility when you placed Prithviraj and Nivin Paul in the top 5.

9 Jagathy

He is one of the brilliant actors in the Malayalam industry, and he can play any role. I really enjoy his movies.

Jagathy Sreekumar is the best actor (not hero character) in the Malayalam film industry.

Best comedian in the Malayalam film industry.

10 Kunchacko Boban

Awesome selection of films, and he performs well in every film too.

Versatile and good looks place him at the top.

He is one of the most handsome actors in the Malayalam film industry.

The Contenders
11 Sreenivasan
12 Jayasurya

He is a terrific actor. One of the best in Malayalam currently. Very natural with his acting!

He's extremely skilled and the best among the young stars of Mollywood! Future superstar...

A great actor. One among the best actors in the Malayalam industry.

13 Suresh Gopi

What? Suresh Gopi is in the 13th rank? What stupidity and nonsense is this? Suresh Gopi is one of the milestones of Malayalam cinema. When you study him, you can understand his role in Malayalam cinema. So, don't be partial to your hero. Make this list sincerely. Thank you.

Suresh Gopi is the best action king of the Malayalam film industry. No one can replace him in his role as the protector of truth and justice.

He is the god of cop roles, with perfect dialogue delivery and amazing body language.

14 Jayaram

He is a real star of the masses. Unfortunately, he hasn't received the recognition he richly deserves. Who hasn't liked his films? Almost everybody appreciates him and his acting.

He is very cheerful and spontaneous. He doesn't project himself much through the media. Perhaps that may be his weakness. He should move forward with a positive attitude and do his best. The rest will be taken care of by the masses.

In my school days, I used to watch the films of Jayaram. Jayaram's films brought me happiness during those times. If I ever make a film, it will be with him. He is the evergreen superstar of the Malayalam film industry.

15 Indrajith Sukumaran

Most talented but unlucky actor ever in Malayalam. He ranks among the superheroes after Mohanlal and should be at number 3. However, he lacks fan power and super hits, though he is highly talented. His brother Prithviraj can't stand in front of him in acting.

16 Suraj Venjaramoodu

Suraj Venjaramoodu (born 30 June 1976) is an Indian film actor and impressionist who works in the Malayalam film industry. He has acted in more than 200 films. He mainly plays comedy roles, although he has also played some character roles as well. He is a three-time recipient of the Kerala State Film Award for Best Comedian. In 2014, Suraj received the National Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in the Malayalam film Perariyathavar.

Suraj Venjaramoodu is a very good actor. All roles are performed exceptionally well.

17 Jayan

Jayan was born in Travancore on July 25th, 1938. He was one of the finest, most influential, and brave actors, an iconic leading superstar in the Malayalam film industry. He was the first action hero in South Indian cinema history. He holds the record among action heroes. He was a highly handsome and good-looking actor, as well as a highly popular stunt actor.

I am a big fan of Jayan. He was a most successful superstar in South Indian cinema and the ultimate evergreen romantic superstar. Jayan was a world-famous actor and a megastar who received many accolades and prizes. He was the first Malayalam king and a great human being, like Prem Nazir. If he were alive today, he would be 82 years old. Tribute to South Indian hero Jayan.

18 Nedumudi Venu

Venu is best known for his agile and stellar roles as a grandfather and for portraying rural characters in the 1980s.

Nedumudi Venu stands apart with his acting skills.

Kesavan Venu Gopal, better known by his screen name Nedumudi Venu, is an Indian actor from the Kerala State. He is also a screenwriter, director, and television personality. In addition, he is a talented Mridangam player. The winner of National and State Film Awards, Venu has acted in almost five hundred films primarily in Malayalam, along with some in Tamil and one in English. His career spans nearly four decades, and he is widely regarded as one of the greatest actors in Indian cinema.

Nedumudi Venu began his career in theater before transitioning to films. He was a member of Kavalam Narayana Panicker's drama troupe. He made his film debut in the 1978 film Thambu, directed by G. Aravindan. His acting prowess was subsequently showcased in Bharathan's film Aaravam, as well as Padmarajan's Oridathoru Phayalwan and Kallan Pavithran, which set a milestone for him. These roles marked the beginning of his performances as the Karanavar, or head of the family, a type of role that includes many of his most memorable performances.

The classical actor Nedumudi Venu excels in his character roles. His natural style enables him to deliver exceptional performances on screen. He has developed his own approach to executing a character and is quite versatile, comfortably taking on both family roles and leading roles in numerous films.

Major Films: Kallan Pavithran (1981), Oridathoru Phayalwan (1983), Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam (1987), Chithram (1988), His Highness Abdullah (1990), Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kalathu (1990), Sargam (1992), Manichithrathazhu (1993), Thenmavin Kombath (1994), Ishtam (2001), and so on.

19 Sathyan

I am sure that Sathyan must be credited with being the all-time best actor that Malayalam cinema has hitherto produced. In those days, he revolutionized cinema acting. Today's actors, including Mammootty and Mohanlal, have deliberately or otherwise learned many things and still have much to learn from Sathyan. I happened to watch many of his movies on the advice of a film analyst who holds a degree in filmmaking from the Pune Film Institute. The "Bhavabinaya" in Sathyan is unparalleled.

If you watch Sathyan today, in 2023, you can tell that he was a breed apart even 60 years ago. If he were the same age as Mohanlal today, his movies would be nominated for Oscars in the foreign films category!

20 Murali

He is an extraordinary performer. In Murali's place, we couldn't find out anyone so far.

Murali, also known as Bharath Murali, was an Indian actor who mainly appeared in Malayalam films and a few in Tamil, along with one in the Telugu language. A National and State Award winner, his career spanned about two and a half decades, and he acted in more than 150 films. He was also the director of the television company Malayalam Communications, which runs Malayalam TV channels Kairali TV, People TV, and WE TV. Besides acting, he was the chairman of the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy (KSNA) from 2006 until his death. He also authored five books and was a Sangeetha Nataka Academy award winner.

Murali was actively involved with Natyagriham, a drama venture started by actor Prof. Narendra Prasad. Murali won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Ravana in the Malayalam play Lanka Lakshmi. He was also associated with G. Sankara Pillai in doing theater plays. Murali started his film career playing villain roles and soon turned into a character actor. His leading role in the 1992 film Aadhaaram gave a 'break' to his career. The film was well received at the box office, and Murali ascended to the status of a star in Malayalam cinema, which he enjoyed for a couple of years during the 1990s.

The great actor Murali was known for his powerful portrayals of both positive and negative roles with his own unique perfection. His spontaneous and powerful dialogue delivery and emotional acting were his highlighting factors. He won the Indian National Film Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Appa Mestry, a communist freedom fighter and professional weaver in the 2002 film Neythukaran. He is regarded by film critics as one of the greatest actors in Indian cinema.

Major Films: Pulijanmam (2006), Neythukaaran (2001), Aadhaaram (1993), Venkalam (1993), Kaanakkinavu (1996), Thalolam (1998), Amaram (1991), Akashadoothu (1993), The King (1995), Pathram (1999), etc.

21 Unni Mukundan

He is the muscle Aliyan of the Malayalam industry. His looks and works prove that he has the thing to be in the Malayalam film industry.

22 Prem Nazir

The romantic, excellent, wonderful actor of all time in the Malayalam industry. He has not gone anywhere.

He is still like a feather in nature and a lion in his soul.

Evergreen Prem Nazir. Thank you for your contribution to the Malayalam industry.

23 Bharath Gopi

Bharath Gopi is the greatest actor Malayalam cinema has ever produced. His seniors, Prem Nazir, Madhu, Thikkurissy, and his juniors, Mammootty and Mohanlal, are all big fans of Bharath Gopi.

24 Salim Kumar

No comedian till now can beat Salim Kumar. His comedies were the best of all times, especially for trolls.

Salim Kumar is a very good actor. All roles are performed very well.

25 Innocent
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