Top 10 Moments in Avengers: Infinity War

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1 Half of the Avengers Begin Turning to Dust

Man I've seen plenty of movies ending on a bad note for the heroes of a story but this is one hell of a way to end. It's pretty depressing.

This was such a twist that no one saw coming. In most superhero films, eventually they win by the end. Not in Infinity War though.

Oh no. Spider-Man, Black Panther, & The Guardians are gone. How are they going to fill their upcoming sequels?

My favorites : Spiderman, Doctor Strange died... very heart-breaking...

2 Thor Arrives in Wakanda

This was absolutely epic.

This was incredible

Easily the best

3 Thanos Kills Gamora

This was way too shocking, he sacrifices Gamora too acquired the Soul Stone

4 Starlord Blows Everything

Read my comments on worst things about infinity war and you'll understand.
Warning: It might be an unpopular opinion.

Remember how close they were to getting the gauntlet?

5 Spider-man Saves Doctor Strange

Don't lay eggs on me.

6 Black Widow & Okoye Battling Proxima Midnight

And scarlet witch shredding her.

They make such a terrific duo!

7 The Guardians Discover Thor

Peter: "How the hell is this dude still alive? "
Drax: "This is not a dude. You're a dude. This... this is a man."

8 Hulk vs. Thanos

Oh yeah, Smash Bro got beaten up.

9 Thanos Acquired All the Infinity Stones and Performed the Iconic Finger Snap

Thor should have gone for the arm. Boom.

Thor should've gone for the head.

10 Wakanda Battle
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11 Scarlet Witch Raises Proxima Midnight Who Gets Split in Midair by Incoming Clash
12 Vision Kills Corvus Glaive
13 Bruce Banner in Hulkbuster vs Cull Obsidian (Black Dwarf)
14 Captain Marvel Logo Scene

This actually gives so much hope and it was done so well.

I'm not gonna fight your war, I am gonna end it.

15 Rocket & Bucky Duo Scene

Let it happen

16 Iron Man Kills Ebony Maw
17 Gamora's Childhood Flashback

So you liked the scene when he murdered people?

18 Thanos Backtracks and Recreates Vision, Acquires the Stone from Him and Executes Him
19 Thanos Kills Loki

I had fallen out of my seat 10 minutes into the movie. It is worthy. Just saying.

20 Drax Becomes Invisible

Nobody commented on this? This was hilarious! Maybe not as much as Drax calling Quill a dude and declaring Thor is a man (which is ironic because he's a god,) but still.

21 Captain America Arrives

This scene made me really excited! And I loved how they played the Avengers theme in this scene!

22 Doctor Strange Faces Thanos

I've never seen the Sorcered Supreme take on someone like that, the only time I felt they had a chance against Thanos before Thor's arrival

23 Iron Man vs Thanos
24 Battle on Titan
25 New York Battle
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