Top 10 Best Movies of 2016

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1 Captain America: Civil War

How should I put it this way? It's basically an awesome superhero movie of 2016. Disney and Marvel made a 3rd Captain America movie after 2014's Winter Soldier. This time, it marks the beginning of phase 3 for the MCU franchise which leads to many other superheroes in their own films. The Avengers became divided into two teams: hand themselves over to the government or resist. Amazingly, Iron Man and Captain America lead their own team members into a combination of a bunch of action figures fighting each other which is child's play. So many shocking revelations have happened when Iron Man had a disturbing past and it all went down to Bucky Barnes who was held responsible. Spoiler alert: mad scientist assigned Steve Rogers' friend to kill Tony Stark's parents. So many battles have happened between the Avengers against enemies who threaten to destroy. It nearly shook the Avengers when too many innocent victims died and now the government blames them. Aside from all the superhero drama, ...more

I liked it to be honest! I used to declare it as a Masterpiece and the Best MCU flick! I thought it was the Best Superhero movie since the Dark Knight! Well that honor obviously goes to the Winter Soldier! Since the Nostalgia has disappeared from my brain, I noticed the Flaws of the flick and the plot which I used to think was well written but was actually cookie-cutter! It is very Emotional, It's got some cool action sequences, the villain is great, Black Panther, Giant-Man, And Robert Downey Jr's always brilliant performance are some of these pros! Now, for the cons! The special effects are beautiful, but some of them look fake, the acting isn't that great, the musical score gets better as you hear it and you have to watch some of the previous movies in order to get invested with this movie! This movie, as much as I loved it, It has a lot of build up and a lot of things that we have seen before! But it's still worth it! And still a Million times Better and ENJOYABLE than Assfleck v ...more

Civil War came out at the perfect time. Rising political tensions in the US due to the upcoming election made the "Government control vs Individual freedom to act" message all the more relevant.

Not to mention we have the great fight scenes, excellent comedy and characters, and Spider-Man finally returning to marvel. But this movie doesn't skip a beat, and features some of the most emotionally tense moments in the MCU.

To put it shortly: With all the comedy and action that the MCU is loved for, but with a relevant tense political message and emotional moments, Civil war is the sequel that Avengers deserved, and reigns as one of marvels best films.

I love all marvel movies. I'm a huge marvel fan and I really enjoyed the movie but... I was also kinda disappointed. My reasons why:
1. They changed the Spider-Man actor. Like I don't hate the actor they have now but I wish they sticked with the Amazing Spiderman (Andrew Garfield). And I also really loved the costume so I was really mad when they had this cartoonie costume in Civil War.
2. The fight scenes were great but it was very different. I wished they added more superheroes (like in the comics)

Overall I really loved the movie, not my favorite but also not my worse. I'm just glad they added my favorite superhero (Spooderman) and yes I did spell it like that on purpose

2 Deadpool

I really liked that they did the character some real justice compared to Wolverine Origins, but, being a Marvel film, they could've done a bit more with the plot instead of a simple revenge story. The movie was also shorter than I thought it would be and only had a couple major action sequences that were average quality compared to Civil War. It felt like an incomplete Deadpool experience.

Loved everything about the movie, I laughed when, instead of the traditional names at the beginning of the movie, they did stuff like "Gods perfect mistake" and "A really moody teenager" lol. Ryan Renolds was perfect for the role of Deadpool, and I can't get over his wisecracks in battle, and heck, he broke the 4th wall So. Many. Times! The jokes never get old, and considering the low budget they had, they did an amazing job, perfect mix of comedy, action/violence, and romance, it's officially my favourite movie, and I absolutly CANNOT wait till the second one. Now remember everyone, always use MAXIMUM EFFORT!

This is a revolutionary Marvel flick, and for many good reasons. For one, it did something that other Marvel treasures haven't done... be raunchy and hyper-violent. It also was really funny, and while other Marvel flicks were hilarious, they weren't as gut-bustingly funny as Deadpool. Not only that, they did justice to Deapool/Wade Wilson. You know, after that whole X-Men Origins fiasco? So, that was great, and I can't wait to see what we have in store with Logan!

Marvel movies this year, (Civil War, Dr. strange), were some of the best movies simply because of the plot and non stop action. But however inappropriate Deadpool might be, (SPOILER) this movie was about a hit-man overcoming cancer because he truly loves a prostitute. And when a movie revolves around something as pure as love being found where it's least expected, its beautiful.

3 Zootopia

Lemme begin with I did not want to see this movie. The trailers made it out to be a generic, paint by numbers, forgetful film that would have been forgotten in a month. I only saw it because it was a Tuesday( 5$ movie tickets) and my whole family went. I was shocked by how good it was. Rarely have I been so immersed in a movie, void of any thoughts of home, personal plans, or anything other than what is going on in the movie. It has some of the best character development I've seen in a while and holds as one of the strongest animated movies to date.

The ice-cream shop had me in aw and the sloth scene had me out of breath haha. It has some really cute and good voice acting paired with some extremely good animation. (mostly props and cities)

It delivers an extremely helpful message to those of the younger audience. Be whatever you want to be no matter who brings you down and you might just do something great in your life, if not, it will be a wild ride. Favourite movie of 2016 and favourite animated Disney movie.

Wow, it surprised me with how good it was! Not only does it have a unique, intriguing, and deep story that keeps it interesting even for the adults, the visuals are incredibly impressive. I was genuinely surprised by how wonderful it was!

Along with Up, Tangled, Robots, and Shrek the Third, this is one of my favorite animated movies. It was shown at several events at my school including an Honor Society party, a Self Manager Movie Day and a Christmas Celebration. It must be a pretty darn good movie to be shown at all of those school events. Oh wait... IT IS! :D This needs to be moved up to number one, but 2 is good too!

4 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Far better than Force Awakens! I mean VII was good, but it borrowed sooo much from the original trilogy it felt like a reboot rather than a sequel. This one had more interesting characters, a better story, and the visuals made it actually feel like it took place right before the original. No spoilers, but that scene with Vader at the end was terrifyingly amazing.

I know many people would not agree but I've liked this movie ( and I think it's better ) more than " Captain America: Civil war " and " Batman V Superman ". Felicity Jones was a good choice for this movie. I love her performance, it's so captivating and made the film better.

This movie was way overhyped anyone could tell you that it was just a cash cow. None of the characters are relevant and interesting. I get it's supposed to be there only to answer how they got the plans but we already know what happens basically. Completely unnecessary movie

Remember the opening crawl to the original Star Wars? Well this is the opening crawl as a movie. That may not sound amazing, but combine that with epic action scenes and awesome visuals, and you have the first ever great prequel to Star Wars.

5 Finding Dory

I grew up with Finding Nemo. I've watched it at least 20 times, and it's one of my favorite movies ever. So naturally, I went into Finding Dory with huge expectations. It didn't disappoint. The movie has the heart and wit that made the the original such a classic. There's flat out hilarious scenes, emotional scenes, and tons of well-written and well-acted dialogue to keep you completely invested along the way. Also, this is quite possibly the most beautiful movie that I have ever seen. You can truly get lost in the beautiful imagery that this movie has to offer. This movie left me completely satisfied. I left the theatre with a smile that lasted until I woke up the next morning. This is one of the greatest films that Pixar has ever made and one of the greatest sequels ever in my opinion. It'll be very interesting to see whether Zootopia or Finding Dory will take home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Only time will tell.

I don't know if it's nostalgia that makes this film top-notch in people's eyes, but once I saw the film in theaters, I found it as a good example of a film that's overrated to the maximum. It's not a bad movie, but I've been going to the theater to see Pixar films ever since they first started and I have to say that Finding Dory is one of their lower quality releases and is absolutely nothing compared to the masterpiece released last year known as Inside Out. To be honest, I think Pixar really rushed this one. Like I said, it's not a bad film at all, but I was expecting a whole lot better and I don't think Finding Nemo really needed a sequel. It's a wonderful film and was fine the way it was.

To begin, it's utterly ridiculous that this movie isn't even out yet and it's at 4th place. But this doesn't concern the movie. I'm just so confused as to why so many movies have to be resurrected in 2016. Nobody wanted this movie, and the original would have been a much better standalone movie. But of course, Disney had to cash in on the success of the old movie. I can't say I'll go in wanting to hate this but I have very low expectations.

I voted for Zootopia, but this is a close second(I adore animated movies.) I grew up with Finding Nemo, it was my first Disney film. I was very excited when I found out about Finding Dory! The animation was so gorgeous, I personally think the best animation Disney has done. The characters are all likeable, and has all the charm of the original. I've seen it 3 times in the theater so far, and if you like finding Nemo you HAVE to see this

6 La La Land

By far the best movie I've seen in years. It doesn't try to be edgy to attract more adult audiences, it just is what it is. Honestly, I think this is what Hollywood has been needing. A simple movie that showcases great acting, great story, and great music. I feel like that alone makes it more powerful than most other movies that try to make an "artistic" or "political" statement.

This movie is very, very good. I am not a fan of musicals at all but I really enjoyed this one. It blurs the lines of fantasy and reality perfectly to give a deep profound feeling to the audience. The meaning and depth of this film is perfect and it is a must watch.

How often are musicals made nowadays? How often are they made without animation or without kids as the target market? La La Land is easily one of the years best films and I expect it to sweep the music categories at the Oscars and be nominated for Best Picture.

Watched it one more time to see if the effect wore off, I still just couldn't help but love the passion that director Damien Chazelle put into this work, and I loved Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in this, I'm giving my thoughts on this in a blog post below.

7 Kubo and the Two Strings

A very strong, beautiful and mature movie which is as timely as ''Zootopia''. It calls us to embrace our flawed world, and search for all the beauty in it and not concentrate on it's negativity. It calls us to stay strong and positive during such harsh times. Beside the movie's messages, it is a highly emotional, occasionally funny, gorgeously animated masterpiece which you'd never get tired of.

First off: Not a movie for young kids. Definitely a darker, more mature animated movie compared to Zootopia or Moana or Trolls. It has beautiful animation and storytelling, an excellent cast of wonderfully portrayed characters, and one of the best scores I have ever heard for an animated movie. 10/10 Best movie I've seen in a very long time!

The animation was beautiful, the voice acting and characters were amazing, the only thing that dissapointed me was the end of the film. The beginning was intriguing, the middle to me was doing a little less better, but although, pretty close to great, but the ending...just didn't make my cut. The plot was very interesting also, but something about was bugging me, telling me it was a little cliché...overall, Laika did a fantastic job on this movie, and it definitely deserves a spot on this list!

Excellent storytelling, soundtrack, and masterful animation. Everything an animated film should have. It deserves an Oscar but of course any movie Disney churns out is gonna steal it. I still can't be mad if Zootopia wins one, though.

8 Hacksaw Ridge

I went into this movie with high expectations. I saw the trailer, was impressed, realized it would be directed by Mel Gibson, who is a phenomenal director in my opinion. This movie managed to surpass even my high expectations. I had half expected this to be more of a religious movie, like his Passion of the Christ, but this movie, while it has religious undertones, is not just a movie for Christians and religious individuals; it is a movie for everyone to see - a true spectacle. It has the most realistic depiction of war I have ever seen. In fact, I would argue that this depiction surpasses that of Saving Private Ryan, the Pacific, and even Band of Brothers. Whether this movie is better than the before-mentioned movies is up for debate, it is a masterpiece. I am surprise this movie didn't get a larger audience. It's a shame, but I suppose that's to be expected from a director who messed up. Some people just don't want to see a Mel Gibson movie, and that's unfortunate. I don't care ...more

This movie was pure greatness. Outstanding work Mel Gibson.

Absolutely loved this movie. Could not keep my eyes off the screen.. Religious belief put into perspective... I agree with aidanpscott post.. fabulous

Great epic movie, made me cry...

9 The Jungle Book

I actually like this movie. Even though it wasn't very entertaining for many people since it's just a "remake", Walt Disney (the company) put some effort into this. So the people who criticized this movie didn't realize it was just a remake.

This was very underrated, but GOD it's good. The voice acting was awesome, the visuals were very good, and it has scary moments for adults and cute animals for kids

Loved it, bringing the classic tale back. (they shouldn't have changed it so much though, gives me fear about The Lion King live action film by the same director)

Cool. It's Disney's nicely made remake of the 1967 animated version. Kids and adults would love to enjoy this awesome film.

10 Moana

Disney has done it again! This movie is masterpiece! The animation is jaw dropping, the musical numbers brought me to tears, and the characters are all great and very unique. Moana is a very welcome addition to the Disney Princess

This movie was amazing to say the least. It made me feel so many things and I was crying a lot even though it was not that sad. It just really touched a nerve for me. I would recommend this movie a hundred times to anyone.

This was definitely the best movie of 2016. It has really good animation, amazing songs, a good plot, and interesting characters.

The part where Moana's grandma died, I almost went to tears. But at least How far I'll go and Your Welcome songs are better than Frozen's Let it go

The Contenders
11 Doctor Strange

Not better than Civil War, but VERY close. I feel like, as funny as this movie was, it just had more humor than it needed, and plenty of jokes just didn't hit. I loved the visuals, however, and the action was excellent. I also loved the characters, it had me in excitement the whole time. (I almost fell down leaving the theater)

Vote for it guys! to get at least into top ten of 2016.. it was intriguing, chilling and dark yet so funny and humorous! Visual effects are literally some of the best I've seen in a long time in a action movie! Benedict completely owned the titular character! Climax could've been a lil better but on the whole it was 10/10.

Its narrative can feel a bit clunky on the pacing side of things, but Doctor Strange is a fun and exciting time at the the cinema, with some good performances, some mind blowing effects, and a decent villain.
Not Marvel's best outing, but a sufficient way to spend a Friday night.

Honestly this is by far the best superhero movie of 2016 I even like it just a little more then I did Civil War. The movie is by far well casted especially Benedict Cum berbatch as the main character hence the title was probably the best casting choice since RDJ as Ironm an. a and the overall plot of the movie was well formed probably one of the best origin's of a character overa ll. a and lastly is the special effects no doubt about it the special effects are off the chart the best, comparing to the likes of Avatar, & Inception.

12 Arrival

It really struck me in the heart and stayed with me for days. I didn't expect that at all. I thought I was watching an ordinary alien movie, yet it was from it. I realized that after I sat down with my popcorn, all pumped up as though I was about to watch Independence Day... before starting to cry like 2 minutes in. Glorious... lol Just to show how well made the movie is to accomplish that when you don't even know the characters yet.
You have this small side-story in the movie, and then you have this big reveal that changes the whole perspective of the movie. You realize that what you thought was the side-story is actually the whole point of the movie, all that truly matters in the end. The music and cinematography is gorgeous. I was in tears by the end. But is was beautiful. Denis did a fantastic job with this movie.

As close as I came to choosing La La Land, I can't think of a single movie that I have ever seen that has come anywhere close beating how mind-blown and heartbroken I was at the end of this movie. The directing, the effects, the performances (Adams was snubbed by the Oscars), and oh my lord the music! Just wow...

PS. The short story it's based on is almost as fantastic as well.

Pretentious rubbish. If you want to see a film that you can fall asleep during and not miss a thing then this is for you. It's far too long (the whole movies 'intelligent' plot could have been done in about 20mins) and why is it always America that saves the day/world, its tedious and makes America look really bigheaded. Also dislike my comment if you want, I don't mind :-).

I can't believe that Amy Adams didn't get a nomination for best actress ( she's the " soul " of this movie. The movie was nominated [ for a good reason ] and she was not even mentioned for her acting ). Of course ( as usual ) the overrated Meryl Streep was nominated as best actress for the stupid movie " Florence Foster Jenkins ". Great movie, great acting of Amy Adams, certainly worth to watch!

13 Suicide Squad

"Hi, everybody. I'm a sheltered, edgy teenage boy here. And I'm here to say that the critics are WRONG! What do they know anyway? They've only studied the art of film all their lives and I know everything about movies because I shop at Hot Topic every other week! I don't care that the movie's plot makes no sense whatsoever, the characters are all lame and one-dimensional, the script is cringeworthy, and that it looks like it was edited by a schizophrenic orangutang! All that matters to me is that I get to see a half naked Harley Quinn and superheroes doing superhero things! In fact, I wish Hollywood would make THIRTY superhero movies each year instead of their normal twenty! This genre isn't tedious, overdone, lame, lazy, or pandering AT ALL! All hail our Lord and Savior Jared Leto! "

-Pretty much every Suicide Squad fan ever

The development of this film was all over the place. From only having six weeks to write the script to having to establish an entire ensemble of new characters from the ground up, the end product of this film was just a mess. The editing was done so amateurishly, it really showed. Character development for all the characters was thrown out the window and don't even get me started with Leto's Joker. The marketing and tabloid stories about the characterization of his Joker were overhyped to death and yet we only see him in the film for only a fraction of the running time? HE'S SECOND BILLING ON THE CAST! It just comes to show you that you can't rely on star power alone to save a film.

David Ayer just took a big fat stanky poop on DC. They literally crammed 50 characters into one movie without developing any of them. Viola Davis was one of the weirdest villains in history, and not because she is a bad actor, but because this movie is so poorly written and directed. The trailer was so hype and great but the movie (which included less of the joker than all of the trailers combined! ) was a major disappointment. Will Smith and Margot Robbie were amazing as always, but they were trapped in one of the worst movies of the 21st century. P.S: what does this movie have against helicopters. They destroyed like 100 helicopters throughout the seriously man!

This film was absolutely awful. I don't know how it's number 6 on this list. If you think this movie is better than The Jungle Book or Kubo and the Two Strings, then you clearly don't know movies.

14 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I am a Harry Potter fangirl, and even have the Fantastic Beasts book that lists all of the creatures, so this was one of my most anticipated films of 2016. I got to see it a few days after my birthday in January (so the theater was almost empty, which was nice), and while not the very best Harry Potter film, I think it's the most fun I've ever had watching one. I liked seeing how magic works in America, because it was quite a bit different. The visuals, as to be expected, were phenomenal. All of the creatures are great, both in design and actions. Newt has easily become one of my favorite characters in the franchise. While it's probably not the best film from 2016, I do think it's the one I had the most fun watching.

It's the best Harry Potter Movie of all time! It had no legacy of a book to live up to, which didn't leave me disappointed and sad (Looking at you Harry Potter Movies. You made Ron a buffoon. You WILL PAY), and we saw to see some great effects coupled with a sense of humor and explore a new era of the wizarding world, and a new country. Brilliant, which is what I expected from Rowling as a screenwriter.

Greatly enjoyed this movie, and I'm not even a Harry Potter fan. It was very clever and witty, and I found myself laughing out loud VERY often. Along with that there's the intense and dark story and epic action scenes mixed with wonderful visual effects that had me just loving this movie.

DEFINITELY the best movie I have seen all year, the only thing for improvement that this movie needs (I'm probably gonna get a lot of waterfront this cause most people think that what I'm gonna say was REALLY good) the only thing this movie could have better of was special effects, that's my only complaint.

If you haven't watched this movie then I will break into your house and bug you till you do watch it!

15 Kung Fu Panda 3

At the beginning it was so-so, but once you get to the middle and end the plot gets way better and it was heart warming, funny, epic, adorable, and over all a very great movie to watch.

How is this movie even on this list? This was by far one of the worst this year, and that's saying a lot. The villain had no goal or motivation, there were clichés spewing everywhere, they rehashed the best moments in the previous movies, and it was just plain weak. This year must've sucked really badly to be THIS high on the list

Watched it with my friends. Just because it's for kids doesn't mean a bunch of 14-15 year olds can't watch it. It was pretty hilarious too and I enjoyed it 9/10

I think I'm the only person who thinks this movie is overrated! But there was nothing special about the movie really.

16 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Overwhelming and huge at the same time, it's basically a good DC Comics superhero movie. Lots of cash spent on director Zack Snyder, A-list actors, production design, cameras, film sets, screenwriters, producers, explosions, and visually stunning CGI effects. There are a few problems with it. Why does it need to be about 2 and a half hours long? It's too epic to handle while getting glued on the seat for a long time. Of course, the overall tone is too melodramatic. Did I forget to mention that immature fight scene between Batman and Superman? Yeah, they acted like a bunch of kids until they got. Between these two, I'm not going to say they deserve fight each other because they hate each other on who's the best superhero who can save the world. I'm not going to decide if Batman or Superman should be the best. They're both awesome. After all, Henry Cavill did a better Clark Kent/Superman than Brandon Routh did from that 2006 flop. Seriously, people thought Ben Affleck is not going ...more

This movie was so frustratingly bad. It was a dull, incohesive, overblown mess. The visuals looked kind of good, for a time, until it became so excessive that it hurt my eyes to look at. Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor was terrible and annoying. Doomsday looked like the cave troll from Fellowship of the Ring. There were way too many subplots in this movie and none of them were handled very well. And no, I didn't expect a "colorful and fun" Marvel-ish movie, I just expected it to be good. But it tried so hard to be dark and serious whithout having the faintest idea of what dark and serious done right actually is. Nolan's Batman trilogy was awesome and guess what, it wasn't a stupid CGI orgy like this was. Seriously does Zack Snyder not care about anything besides putting as many explosions and shockwaves and destroyed buildings in his movie as possible? Warner Bros. needs to fire the hell out of him and replace him with someone who actually knows how to make a well-constructed, ...more

DC is just a money making sham. They release a horrendous movie in theaters and then they release an "Extended edition" or "ultimate edition" a few months later that is way better (but nowhere near good) version of the theatrical release. Just like Suicide Squad which followed it, they crammed way to many characters, like Doomsday, and Lex Luthor, while orchestrating a Batman vs. Superman fight while at the same time...AND sloppily setting up a DC universe. I mean if you look at Marvel, the carefully crafted 5 to 6 origin story movies before making the avengers.

Ok I'll be honest here. I think the critics bashed this a LITTLE TOO MUCH. This movie was starting of really well. The plot was really decent and everything was going well until Batman and Superman started fighting. After that... sorry to say to the directors but you kinda messed up stuff around there. The ending was terrible and disappointing. Well I would give this about 6.5/10

17 Moonlight

I was caught by surprise how deep this film was. Not only was it good, but shows a dark reality to identity and how you display yourself in this messed up world.

Whoever didn't vote for Moonlight clearly didn't watch it...

Lol this is by far the worst top 10 of 2016 list. I've lost all faith in humanity. THIS is a masterpiece, and the best movie of 2016 in my opinion and one of the best movies of all time.

How is this not #1? So amazing

18 X-Men: Apocalypse

When I first saw the movie title and stuff, I was really gonna think it's another "Oh I'm a superhero I'm gonna save the the! " One, but it's real different.

1, Apocalypse... Damn that guy scares me than the whole of conjuring 2
2, it's an X-Men movie. I'm guessing this is why it's Not in the top ten, for kids can't stop worshipping the avengers, but really, this was my first X-Men movie ever, and I already think that they can't beat the avengers any second.
3, it's for everyone. sure, we have Zootopia and finding dory, but it's way too childish. horror movies? not for kids. This movie has the perfect balance of adultery and childishness.

This is the best movie of 2016, admit it.

Trash but better than the boring Captain America Civil War. Jean Gray channels her inner Phoenix and destroys the Apocalypse. There saved you the time and money.

Apocalypse is one of the strongest villains ever. I don't how X-Men members will defeat him without WOLVERINE. They need Wolverine, where is Logan in this movie?

Best of the year it's awesome. If you grew up with the xmen cartoon you will love it it just needed more wolverine and to have gambit. Magneto and Xavier are great the new actors were cool and mystique and psylocke are hot

19 The Secret Life of Pets

I never laughed while watching this movie. I knew what was going to happen, and the animation overshadows how bad this movie actually is. It is okay in some perspectives, but first of all: pugs do NOT look like that. Pugs are adorable dogs and do not look like they got ran over by a car and had surgery preformed by the most sleep-deprived doctor. In fact, most of the animals in this movie look like the unfortunate treatment Mel had. Our main character is a Jack Russell Terrier named Max. I like switching from the overuse of large dogs to smaller side, but I have never seen a dog more clichéd in my entire life. "Oh, I like chasing balls! Bark! Oh, and I can also sit all day and wait for my goddess Katie to come home! " I think this would've been better off as a short film rather than a full length movie explaining what our toys- PETS do at home when we're not around.

I absolutely adore the Secret Life of Pets. Oh, sure. It's a cliche. The main villain just keeps on screaming. And some characters are either a brat, a crybaby or a freak. But that's how I like my movies. It's got great animation, pleasant voice acting, and every single character is absolutely adorable. Great humour, too. I hope Sing is just as good.

I wrote a review for it, and in retrospect, this film was mediocre at best. It was funny, but there wasn't really anything very unique about it. No offense to the people who enjoyed it.

This should be WAY higher on this list because it's so funny. Like when I saw it in theaters, the start was SO funny, especially when that dog was letting the bowl blender thing rub his back

20 The Angry Birds Movie

Pretty good, but usually, Movies based on games are bad. Take a look at Warcraft and Assasains Creed for example. I don't think the upcoming Five Nights At Freddy's movie is going to be so good either...

Although it is pretty bad, don't just keep saying it's horrible. The film is alright and it has some pretty good scenes in it.

I saw this movie in the theater back in June 2016, and I found it not bad for a video game based movie. 7/10

To be honest, this movie wasn't that bad.

21 Hell or High Water

WHAT?! This was a great movie that depicted what it is to be an American living through poverty. How is a disappointing kids movie (Sloppy life of pets) higher than this?

I agree with the other complaining comment, disney produces an endless amount of movies where animals speak, insert random pc plotline, movie ends with typical goodending. It's not even art, it's just profit

Greatest movie of the year!

22 The Nice Guys

Perfect. So much fun. I can watch this movie over and over! I absolutely love this film!

Has a vibe similar to Pulp Fiction. Deserves much more recognition. Watch it.

23 Deepwater Horizon

There were a few light moments at first with the oil drill crew members. The rest of the environmental disaster film seen was depressing, brutal, and sickening.

Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. It encourages the power of the soul and the power of love. Beautiful story with very talented actors.

This was a well done movie. It presented the events of the disaster without demonizing the oil-industry.

24 Sing

Why is everyone hating it? This movie is AWESOME! The makers really did a good job on making this movie. If Garth Jennings didn't plan on making the movie, it would be a hard life for me. One of my favorites movies of... no, how about, my FAVORITE movie of all time?

When I first found out about this movie, I thought it was going to suck because it looked like a cash grab. But watching the trailer, I can see that the producers have definitely put some effort into this. This is surprisingly good.

Horrible movie! The only thing I liked in this movie was the shy elephant character. Everything else no! Oh and oh my gosh butt jokes are so old!

My favorite part was when the piglets were laughing at the washing machine.

25 Alice Through the Looking Glass

Finally- people who actually liked this movie other than me! I love the CGI effects in this movie, a little bit too much at times, but wow is it inventive. The vibrance is very deserving from the dark movie we got from the first movie, and Mia (Alice) gives a damn well good job in this movie. She carries this movie easily. Johnny Depp admittedly can get annoying at times, and the whole tart thing is kind of a let down, but to see how a small lie can grow into a giant problem is amazing. The rusting of the world as well is one of the best sequences in the movie as well.

To me this was better than Civil War. Exquisite costumes and set design, haunting music score, and an engaging and emotional story.

Doesn't hurt that Mia Wasikowska is the most beautiful young actress of our generation so it's worth seeing her screen presence. Alice is a role model to boys and girls of all cultures and ages.

Forget Captain America and Iron Man battling to become alpha male, Alice Through the Looking Glass is the movie event of the year bar none.

Why does everyone hate this movie so much!?!? It was overshadowed by Finding Dory and Zootopia, but that doesn't make it bad. The CGI was brilliant and really vibrant, it looks like they actually put in a ton of effort. Everyone did fantastic job with acting, the story was easy to follow and really fun! I recommend it

Mia Wasikowska's Alice is an inspiration to many people the world over. A head strong girl ahead of her time period, a period where women had no rights. To hell with Moonlight and it's SJW propaganda stick with Alice.

Alice is certainly more of a role model than Harley Quinn ever will be.

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