Top 10 Most Powerful VGHW Characters

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1 Chris Seelig

Chris is the most powerful being in the VGHW universe simply because he derived his powers from two different sources. He, of course, used Owl's keyboard for his first batch of powers and was able to finesse his way into Wexler's rebuilt power machine for his second batch of powers. He has mastered mental manipulation better than anyone else, making it Chris's most feared ability. On top of that, Chris's powers have not waned over time, making him extremely skillful in wielding his abilities. It took three powered men to overcome Chris and send him to the spirit realm.

2 The Ghost

The Ghost is number two because he has the ability to revoke powers from people, which he did to Max and Jason. It is not known if the Ghost can really wield all the abilities, but he has been seen using the red cannon before, so it's safe to say that when the Ghost revokes powers, he is giving them to himself. The Ghost also is the only entity that can transfer between reality and the spirit realm. I personally do not think that Jason actually "killed" the Ghost, but rather the Ghost retreated back to the spirit realm.

3 Owl

Owl is interesting because while he isn't the most skilled in combat, he clearly has trained himself to use his powers. He is the inventor of the computer keyboard that formed the super-trio, so it is believed that he has been the longest-tenured human with powers, allowing him to be the most well-trained. Owl is the only entity we have seen shoot the lightning cannon from his mouth.

4 Max (The Brother)

While he is reckless with his powers, Max surely is skillful. He is an expert in battle and moves very strategically. He has learned to skillfully distribute his powers among his body, seeing him use the blue cannon from his forehead as an example. He often doesn't pick the right abilities at the right time to allow for maximum effect while taking energy consumption into account, but perhaps does use them too often. Nevertheless, his powers from the keyboard and mind control ability make him a top threat.

5 Jason Wexler

In his prime, Wexler was more or less hard to stop. He was very cautious with his powers. He rarely wanted to be attached to them and only used them when he needed to. Regardless, he was very skilled with them. He didn't have the mental abilities though, which put him a step down from the likes of Chris or Max, but he had similar gut and anticipation.

6 Remy Erdman

Remy is not very experienced with his powers, as he only got to use them once before being sent to the spirit realm. When he was brought back though, he was able to get more practice. Remy has a wide range of abilities and didn't seem to be too fatigued by his excessive use of them in battle against Chris.

7 Leo Perlstein

It really isn't known how powerful Leo is. He got his powers from MiP, so it may seem odd how MiP and Leo are not together on the list. However, Leo is human, so he is able to maneuver around better while using his powers and also can teleport on command. It seems that Leo's intelligence is a perfect blend with his powers. However, MiP can really only generate a lightning cannon as its projectile ability. Without the array of powers that the others have, Leo can't really be much higher on this list.

8 Ben Samahon

At first, Ben struggled to even get his lightning cannon out. However, he did get it working eventually, and while he was part of the trio of himself, Remy, and Wexler that sent Chris to the spirit realm, he was not necessarily the head of the crew. He did struggle with his powers, so once he learns to better equip them, Ben could be more of a threat. However, like Dichter, his powers did originate from Owl's incomplete keyboard, so Ben only can wield teleportation and the lightning cannon.

9 Jason Dichter

From what we know, Dichter has not used his powers in battle yet. In fact, his only powers are teleportation and the lightning cannon since his powers came from Owl's incomplete keyboard. It's not really known how skillful Dichter would be in battle, so it's safe to place an entity with less skill and less power lower on the list.

10 MiP

MiP really only has one power, if you would even call it that. In fact, the only reason MiP is considered to be a powered being in the first place is because the ingredients that generate MiP's laser are the same process that happens in humans to generate the lightning cannon. Although, it should not go overshadowed what MiP's lasers can do. MiP was able to take down and injure Max solely off of shooting lasers. He's done wonders with his lasers. However, his tiny size makes him extremely vulnerable.

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