Hiroshi Kamiya


Like the upstair said, no one can describe the beauty of his voice. Not only his voice but his smile. His smile is too cure, my English is so poor, maybe I use the wrong word, but I think his fans will understand what I say. The first time, I heard his voice, I just think his voice-acting skill is excellent. The more I know about him, the more I love him. yes, is't not the like, it's love. I saw a lot of event he presented, he is so... Sorry, I cannot find a word to discribe it, it's just
Beat my heart every time. yes, I love him. although he dose not know about me. His voice is the courage support me overcome everything, every time I think about him, I cannot stop smiling, he is the most positive energy in my life. It's not only the voice-acting skill, is something amazing in his body, his character. I am so selfish, I never want anyone else love him more than me. but I still have to say, if you listen to his voice once, you will like his voice, if you see any event he presented, ...more

I like his nice voice and warm smile. He is always working hard, which gave us a lot of energy.

I like his songs, and from the animation, radio, movie, concert and event, I love his sound and smile. Though he is always work for 20 hours every day, but he never stop working when he was tired. His said: I will be voice artist forever. I really hope kamiya san can stand on the stage in front of everyone in the world, to sing his song, to show his smile to everyone and encourage them. To kamiya san, love you forever, suppose you forever!

His smile is just like the sunshine which makes people warm and happy. And his hard-work inspires us to achieve our own dreams. I firmly believe that this warm man can make people from all over the world feel happy and moved.

How hard he is to do a good job in the making! The sound of his voice always inspire me. His ability is very good!I think he is a good candidate.

The first reason is he has a graceful voice not only in singing but also in mc or in others. The second reason is he has the ability to control the whole stage and can makes the active atmosphere higher and higher. The last reason is he is very hard when he is working, he always do well in the job whether it is difficult or not, because of the views absolutely has the high popularity absolutely

He has the warmest smile in my eyes. He is a great voice actor but always working hard. He is modest and gentle. He is sunshine, giving me endless energy. I love him for no reason. I hope him stand on the stage of Olympic one day. Thanks.

I never forgot the first time I heard his voice, just like an angel. He works hard, he is warming, gentle and kind. I'm not Japanese but I love him. I love him just because he is Hiroshi Kamiya. I hope one day he stand on the stage of the Olympic. It's our best wish. Thank you.

He is my favourite voice man and singer in Japan. When I hear his voice, my world became better. When I see his smile, I think that I have seen the angle in the world. Kamiya san, if you can read these words, I want to tell you that I will learn Japanese for you, and I will go to Japan and take part in your event. My English is so bad that I hardly know what I say, anyway, I hope to see him in the Olympic. Thanks.

Hiroshi Kamiya is one of the best and most popular Seiyuus (voice actor) in Japan in recent years. I think it's neccessary to involve some voice actors like him in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic ceremony to highlight the Japanese animate industry.

He is the most one I like, His attitude towards his job always make me touched. He has the warmest smile in the world. I love him, for no special reason, just because he is Hiroshi Kamiya. Thanks!

He is so lovely and can is the most famous voice actor around the comic industry in Japan. He has warm smile and make a difference in the comic industry.

I love him for a long time, and vowed to follow his life, until I die. He is the best voice-over artists, is he gave the people the true soul. His smile is the most warm, I have seen the sun. Is the most vulnerable, his voice is in my most helpless time give me light - he was my only hope. Every time I love him, love his way of speaking, smiling expression, touched by his bow every time more than 90 degrees, touched by his own gentle, thank you, hiroshi kamiya, thank you in my most sad to give the light of my life. I love him! I will follow him forever!

He is so hardworking, warm, and lovely that it inspires me to be a good person like him. I wish more people can feel his amazing voice and kind heart, so please vote Hiroshi Kamiya!

I love his voice. No word can describe his beautiful voice. I am completely fascinated by his voice. What's more, he works long hours everyday. He is able to bring out the best voice-acting skill to every character he acts. All his songs, animations, radios, moives, concerts, events are my favorite. He is quite gentle to others, so his partners get along well with him very much. To kamiya san, thank you for the happiness you bring to me. Support you forever! I love you!

He is the most hard-working cv in the world. His smile has moved so many people. He has a lot of fans all over the world. I hope he can perform on the Olympic Game. His warm smile will move the world!

I think it is difficult to describe the feeling when I hear your voice, when I know your work hard to make the great progress in words! Your dignity always impress me, it's so cool! I will be your supporter forever (I know "forever" is not easy to say)!

He is my sunshine. When he smile, I feel the heart getting warm. And he make us growing up and love the world, bring us too many belief. In the same time, his song moved so many people, he try his best in this. In a word, wo loved he forever!

I was what you like to do, I don't know, seems to respond to come over, has been suffering from the disease Kamiya, see your smile my bad mood will run away, every day to listen to your sound sleep has become a habit, although my English is not good but still want to express my wish. I like every piece of his work. His voice, his character, his smile, his efforts to work, enthusiasm for the fans fascinated me, but he also let me very distressed, every day just five hours of sleep a night, the heavy workload, irregular work and rest, in his life the most depressed but when a car accident, coma for more than a month, woke up also worry that miss a lot of work, when he ignores the doctor advice to return to the voice actors when, we are so touched, God did not take away our archangels he is still with us, this is a such a happy thing. He will work as a life, he said, if you can, he wants to do a lifetime of voice actors, we say, will support you for a lifetime. Please take good care of ...more

Although he's not the best in singing, his performance and his smile are such warm things that I can't help smiling when I see him. He is my light.

He isn't only good seiyuu, but and actor. I think, if he will sing or act on Olympic Games, show would be wonderful and very interesting.
Also he has many fans all around the world. So, many people will watch opening of Olympic.

Hiroshi is very popular and widespread. Not only his magical voice but also his experience always raise me up, just like the sunshine in my life. He is my dreamboat!

I love his voice, because it's like sunshine, and really can warm and heal people inside

His voice, his smile, his everything cured me when I fell sad or unhappy. I really want to see him in Olympic. I think if he will attend, it wii be a successful future to match its past glory.

He is a man who wanted to be a seiyu forever. His voice make me feel happy every time. I admire his dedication and hard work. In a way, he changed my world. Even I am not a Japanese fan, I could still feel the energy in his voice. Hope his smile and energe could show everyone and make us feel powerful! Ganbade, HiroC!