Top Ten Music Genres Which Work Best with Rock


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1 Blues

Better than "Here she comes agin'" ;P - Britgirl

Have I heard of Bessie Smith? What am I, a Tibetan monk?

@Britgirl, yes. Led Zeppelin is a very blues band. Jimmy Page, their guitarist, was originally a blues guitarist. he played hard rock with mixture of blues rock - zxm

Pleased you liked ol, Leon, Miss T (hey... "misty"-- apt. I really AM good;). Good ol' Louisana boy. Little hippy-dippy. But hell, if philosophy were a deal-breaker, wouldn't listen to hardly anyone I like. It's cold out, eh? Well then, guess we'll just have to keep it... in:). Ya know, T, they say men spend nine months tryin' t'get out, an' the rest of their lives tryin' t'get back in. Deep. (and profound, too;)).

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2 Punk

That's why there's a genre of music call Punk Rock because it a great combo! - Curti2594

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3 Country

Two words: The Band.

Yodeling doesn't help. Oh, I don't know though... :). - Britgirl

Ah, V: I hope I didn't offend you by asking that. I didn't mean "do you suggest any old random song" I asked because the lyrics to a few of them seem so personal... (a certain Elmore James and a Little Walter song in particular) Do you know what I mean?
Sorry if I offended you or completely misread the situation. It's not your fault I overthink things sometimes.:). - Britgirl

Elmore, Mick, Gregg, T-Bone? We likes what we likes. Wouldn't turn any of'em off the radio, but Allman Bros' hands-down best in my book. How is life now? Pensive, reflective, somewhat regretful without excessive self-flagellation (now, now), moderately self-satisfied (shush! ), optimistic, but I know better (? )... Say, doc, gonna need a couch if this is... going' anywhere. Prefer leather, with an ottoman, so my... therapist... can be... close at... hand;)).

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4 Rap

Linkin Park is a band that raps, but it is not lame rap like Drake and Lil Wayne. Linkin Park actually is a good band. - AnimeDrawer

Alone, rap sucks, but with rock music, it's actually pretty good. May I remind you that linkin park raps - AnonymousChick

@visitor - agreed! But regardless of what we think (and a few others) rap is *ahem* a popular genre. Made slightly less bad with rock.
A satisfactory compromise, yes? :). - Britgirl

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5 Ska
6 Opera

RE Avantasia - they are a very diverse band with different types of songs and not all of them are metal: some are rock/hard rock. And yes - they have some poppy songs: for this reason Avantasia are liked by non-metal fans. But the songs you checked out aren't the ones I had in mind (these aren't even among my favorite by Avantasia). - Metal_Treasure

Yes, it's called rock opera (ex. Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber). Currently a good rock opera band is Trans-Siberian Orchestra and a good metal opera band is Avantasia. - Metal_Treasure

Avantasia. Hmm... Listened to five cuts: "Sleepwalking;" "Lost In Space;" "Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose;" "Farewell;" and "The Wicked Symphony." The first is pure pop. The second is pop-rock. The third is pop-rock, and sounds remarkably like Meat Loaf. The fourth is medieval English plus rock. The last sounds like a rock movie score. I heard no metal as you define it, and nothing "operatic" or "classically influenced."

7 Cajun

A Cajun rock opera. I'd give my lucky armadillo boots to see that.

I'd gladly give you my Cajun rock opera tickets to see your lucky armadillo boots! - Britgirl

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8 Folk

Folk is a good genre. But folk rock is always better! - zxm

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9 Gospel

Melanie Safka, T., "Candles In The Rain." Little hippie-dippy come-by-ya for this ol' rebel, but gotta admit it's gorgeous.

Nice. Very very nice. Very hypnotic, happy and calming "Candles in the Rain" I like! So this is how the ol' rebel winds down, eh? Rebel? Are you sure...? ;). - Britgirl

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10 Classical

Yes, this combination exists - it's called heavy metal. Metal music is rock music inspired by classical and not by blues. I guess this is my favorite combination since metal is my favorite genre. Progressive rock is also classically inspired. - Metal_Treasure

Can just picture the Sex Pistols rendition of "Waltz Of The Flowers."

Will be a great combination. - zxm

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11 Jazz Jazz

Rock guitar riffs and jazz drumming will work good - zxm

Ever listened to King Crimson? You'll see why this genre goes well after listening to the crazy instrumentals in Starless and 21st Century Schizoid Man.

Ooh...V: "Your Mind is on Vacation" stinging lyrics (not a bad song though). I have an idea on who you have in mind, just hope it doesn't apply to me too... - Britgirl

I loved those Butterflied songs, V :) Night Child is my favourite. I seem to remember you mentioning Driftin' and Driftin' before...still love it ;) Tried to listen to "Where Did My Baby Go" with no luck. Try again later. Thank you. Always appreciated :). - Britgirl

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12 Pop

Time was, T, "pop" included stuff like "Chain of Fools," "Mustang Sally," "Take Me For A Little While," "Dock Of The Bay," "Sunshine Of Your Love," "Want To Take You Higher," "Snowbird" (so pretty), "Without You"... What the hell happened?!
Hey, when's the last time you listened to "I Put A Spell On You" (Arthur Brown)?

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13 Electronic Electronic
14 Alternative Alternative
15 Industrial
16 Heavy Metal Heavy Metal Heavy Metal music is a sub-genre of rock music that originated in the late 1960s-70s, featuring more distorted and heavier instrumental work and darker lyrical themes. Heavy Metal broke into mainstream success with bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica. more.

I don't understand this item - Heavy Metal is already rock and it's a rock subgenre: I don't see how metal could be combined with rock more than it is. Metal is rock. - Metal_Treasure

With rare exception, metal is noise.

Yes, rock and heavy metal will be a great combination. but heavy metal songs sometimes contain a lot of rock music elements. I mean, heavy metal and rock is pretty close. heavy metal is a sub-genre of rock (many say). but anyway, if its like that a song has some heavy metal elements, and some rock elements. then it could be like prog metal. then it'll sound very amazing - zxm

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