Best Albums Between Iron Maiden and Judas Priest

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1 Screaming for Vengeance - Judas Priest

I think it's powerslave or british steel but I'm glad this Is first. One of the finnest albums ever.

2 Unleashed in the East - Judas Priest
3 The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

Maiden best album ever, cult classic! Pure good songs only in..

4 British Steel - Judas Priest
5 Powerslave - Iron Maiden

Best album out of both bands

Too much teknical stuff, not guite my favorite..

6 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden
7 Painkiller - Judas Priest

Screaming for Vengeance, Painkiller, and Sad Wings are all better than Maiden's entire discography.

My opinion, best heavy metal album what is ever made, really smashing skulls drummer and guitar riffs and very fantastic metal god high register voice, knife sharp voice too!

8 Piece of Mind - Iron Maiden

Only one my favorite song, still life!

9 Sad Wings of Destiny - Judas Priest
10 '98 Live Meltdown - Judas Priest
The Contenders
11 Killers - Iron Maiden
12 Defenders of the Faith - Judas Priest

Last time, I saw Judas Priest they played this entire album.

This is one best album!

13 Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden

I meant somekinda way I understand why this is so worthy

Somekinda way I understand why this is so rated

14 Stained Class - Judas Priest
15 Turbo - Judas Priest
16 Somewhere In Time - Iron Maiden

Only good hits

17 Virus - Iron Maiden
18 Brave New World - Iron Maiden
19 Hell Bent for Leather - Judas Priest
20 Virtual XI - Iron Maiden
21 Book of Souls - Iron Maiden
22 Redeemer of Souls - Judas Priest
23 Rocka Rolla - Judas Priest
24 Nostradamus - Judas Priest

Dissapointment full

25 Priest... Live! - Judas Priest
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