Top Ten Best The Avett Brothers Songs

The Top Ten
1 I and Love and You
2 Live and Die
3 January Wedding
4 If It's the Beaches
5 Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise
6 Another is Waiting
7 November Blues
8 Paranoia In B Major
9 February Seven
10 Murder in the City
The Contenders
11 Laundry Room
12 Morning Song
13 Talk On Indolence
14 The Once and Future Carpenter
15 Pretty Girl from Michigan
16 Kick Drum Heart

It should be at the top, Come On!

17 The Ballad of Love and Hate

An emotional masterpiece about the two most polarizing emotions in human history.

18 Down With the Shine
19 Ain't No Man
20 The Weight of Lies
21 Winter in My Heart
22 The Perfect Space
23 Open Ended Life
24 Ten Thousand Words
25 And It Spread
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